Development And Cohesion Fund-Region Of Sardinia. Mifid Cipe # 21/2014 Projects To Be Financed Under Delpunto 2.3. (Resolution 50/2014).

Original Language Title: Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione - Regione Sardegna. Attuazionedella delibera CIPE n. 21/2014 progetti da finanziare ai sensi delpunto 2.3. (Delibera n. 50/2014).

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The INTERMINISTERIAL COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC PLANNING having regard to articles 60 and 61 of the Act December 27, 2002, n. 289 (legge finanziaria 2003) and subsequent amendments, which are set up at the Ministry of economy and finance and the Ministry of productive activities, funds for underused areas, coinciding with the territory of depressed areas of law June 30, 1998, n. 208 and the Fund established by art. 19, paragraph 5, of the Legislative Decree of April 3, 1993, # 96; Visto l'art. 11 della legge 1° January 2003, # 3, which provides that every investment project public should be equipped with a unique project (CUP); Visto l'art. 1, paragraph 2, of Act July 17, 2006, n. 233, May 8, 2006, conversion of Decree Law No. 181, which transfers to the Ministry of economic development, the Department for development and cohesion policies and the responsibilities set out in art. 24, paragraph 1, point c) of legislative decree July 30, 1999, n. 300, including the management of the Fund for underused areas (FAS) referred to in art. 61; Having regard to law no August 6, 2008. 133, converting, with amendments, of Decree-Law No June 25, 2008. 112 laying down urgent measures for economic development, simplification, competitiveness, the stabilization of public finance and fiscal equalization; Visto l'art. 7, paragraphs 26 and 27 of the Decree-Law May 31, 2010, # 78, converted with amendments by law July 30, 2010, n. 122, which gives the President of the Council of Ministers the management of FAS that I myself President of the Council of Ministers or the Minister makes use, in the management of the Fund, the Department cited for development and economic cohesion of the Ministry of economic development; Having regard to act August 13, 2010, # 136, and in particular articles 3 and 6 and for the traceability of financial flows for anti-mafia, stipulate that payment instruments display the CUP where required under the aforementioned Act No. 3/2003, sanctioning the non-application of the code; Having regard to the Legislative Decree May 31, 2011, n. 88 laying down provisions for additional resources and special actions for the removal of economic and social imbalances, in art. 16 of the law May 5, 2009, # 42, and in particular art. 4 of the Legislative Decree, which provides that the FAS under art. 61 of law no 289/2002 takes the name of the Development Fund and the cohesion (FSC) and is designed to give programmatic and financial unit to the collection of additional national financing measures, which are aimed at economic and social balance between the different areas of the country; Having regard to the Decree-Law July 6, 2012, n. 95, converted with amendments into law August 7, 2012, # 135, bearing urgent provisions for review of public expenditure and in particular art. 16, paragraph 2, which restated the goals of the stability pact within the ordinary regions; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of April 23, 2014 (Official Gazette No. 122/2014), with whom it is conferred on the Minister of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with Secretary of the Board of Ministers, delegation to exercise the functions referred to in called art. 7 of the Decree-Law n. 78/2010, converted by law No. 122/2010, concerning, inter alia, policies for territorial cohesion; Having regard to resolution December 27, 2002, # 143 (Official Journal No 87/2003, errata in Official Gazette No. 140/2003), with which this Committee defines the system for the allocation of unique project (CUP), which must be requested from the responsible party as referred to in point 1.4 of the resolution itself; Having regard to resolution No. 24 September 29, 2004 (Official Gazette No. 276/2004), with which this Committee establishes that the CUP must be marked on all administrative documents, paper and computerised accounting, public investment projects, and should be used in the databases of the various systems, however interested in these projects; Having regard to the resolution of this Committee December 22, 2006, n. 174 (Official Gazette No. 95/2007), approval of the national strategic framework (NSF) 2007-2013 and the subsequent resolution December 21, 2007, n. 166 (Official Gazette No. 123/2008) on the implementation of the NSRF and the programming of the FAS, now called FSC, for the period 2007-2013; Having regard to the resolution of this Committee March 6, 2009, n. 1 (Official Gazette No. 137/2009) that, in the light of the reductions in total made in legislation redefines the FSC 2007-2013 resources available in the regions and autonomous provinces; Having regard to resolution January 11, 2011, n. 1 (Official Gazette No 80/2011) on "objectives, criteria and methods of programming resources for underused areas, selection and implementation of investments for the periods 2000-2006 and 2007-2013» which are further redefined FSC resource amounts allocated to the regions and autonomous provinces, of which the aforementioned resolution No 1/2009; Having regard to the resolution of this Committee March 23, 2012, # 41 (Official Gazette No. 138/2012) bearing the quantification of regional resources of the CSF for the period 2000-2006 available for reprogramming and defining the method of programming of such resources and those relating to the period 2007-2013; Having regard to the resolution of this Committee July 11, 2012, n. 78 (Official Gazette No. 247/2012) that defines the overall availability of FSC 2007-2013 regions remaining programmable del Mezzogiorno and its method of reprogramming; Having regard to the deliberations of this Committee August 3, 2011, # 62 (Official Gazette No. 304/2011), September 30, 2011, # 78 (Official Gazette No. 17/2012), January 20, 2012, # 7 (Official Gazette No. January 20, 2012, 95/2012), # 8 (Official Gazette No. 121/2012), April 30, 2012, # 60 (Official Gazette No. 160/2012) and August 3, 2012, n. 87 (Official Gazette No. 256/2012), with which they are willing to enforce regional share of FSC 2007-2013 assignments; Considered, in particular, that with the aforementioned resolution 62/2011 concerning the identification and allocation of resources to national and interregional and regional strategic relevance for the implementation of the national plan for the South, are among other things arranged FSC 2007-2013 resource assignments on behalf of the region of Sardinia for the financing of strategic infrastructure in the transport sector, as well as in the water sector; Having regard to its resolution August 3, 2012, # 93 (Official Gazette No. 272/2012 and corrigenda # 291/2012), with which it approved programming resources FSC 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 relating to residual region of Sardinia and also approved the restructuring, as part of that resolution No. 62/2011, financial shell of some interventions relating to the transport sector-roads ', without prejudice to the overall allocation for the region of Sardinia ordered by same resolution # 62/2011; View also the resolution February 18, 2013, n. 9 (Official Gazette No. 148/2013), approval of the master agreement ANAS schema for the year 2012, which among other things has more self-Questionings of operations financed with resolution No. 62/2011, related to the transportation sector/road '; Having regard to its resolution December 17, 2013, n. 94 (Official Gazette No. 75/2014), the extension of time limits for the intake of legally binding obligations (OGV) relating to operations financed under the FSC 2007-2013 with the aforementioned resolutions Nos. 62/2011, 78/2011, 7/2012, 8/2012, 60/2012 and 87/2012, as well as the implementing provisions for interventions for which the regions provide for the inability to meet the deadlines of engagement and confirm in each case the strategic relevance, in order to allow this Committee to take any protective measures in relation to manifested friendly ' operations; Having regard to resolution June 30, 2014, n. 21 (Official Gazette No. 220/2014), which-when taking note of the results of the survey conducted at the southern regions in implementation of the aforementioned resolution No 94/2013, with reference to OGV assumed drains on assignments ordered by this Committee, in favour of these regions, with the aforementioned resolutions # 62/2011, # 78/2011, # 7/2012, # 8/2012, # 60/2012 and # 87/2012 FSC 2007-2013 programming period-related features inter alia to subtract the availability of southern regions the total amount of 1,345.725 million euros, to be redeployed to the same regions, the extent of 85% or 1,143.866 million, from the period 2014-2020 to fund projects executable to be agreed between the regions themselves and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with OGV to be taken by December 31, 2015 (points 2.2 and 2.3). Whereas, with reference to the region of Sardinia, Reassignable amount pursuant to section 2.3 of the resolution 21/2014, net of the expected reduction of 15%, amounts to 481,638,000 euros; Having regard to the proposals # 4516 of October 20, 2014 and n. 4760 of October 29, 2014 the State Secretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with responsibility for territorial cohesion, concerning the restructuring-according to point 2.3 of the resolution # 21/2014-some strategic interventions relating to the roads» in Sardegna, already provided for by the CIPE n. 62/2011, and works relating to the policy area "health" in the same region , whose funding is FSC resources contributed by mail survey pursuant to resolution 21/2014, even-for the region Sardinia-481,638,000 euro amount to the invoked; Given that, as is clear from the briefing note prepared by the Department for economic development and cohesion annexed to that proposal # 4516/2014 and regional documentation forwarded in support of the same, the proposal for restructuring the sector ' roads ', ' for the region Sardinia, amounts as a whole at 255,050,024 euros, with anticipation: a new assignment of 11,045,001 euros to cover the cost increase, intervened in favor of 2 interventions for which the assumption of its OGV is expected before the end of 31/12/2014 and which are already funded, for 80,262,504 euros, with CIPE n. 62/2011, as reworked by subsequent resolution No 93/2012;
the construction of three strategic interventions by the region, totalling 244,005,023 euros, on which the verification unit of public investments (UVER) of DPS expressed positive feedback about the hiring of the OGV by December 31, 2015; Considered, in addition, with specific reference to ' roads ', ' that the proposal referred to in footnote No. 4516/2014 brings back some operations with the updated amounts compared to those established by this Committee in resolution # 62/2011 and in deliberations of restructuring, as arranged by the regional government backing a resolution (DGR) No. 16/1 of May 6, 2014, which are the subject of acknowledgement by this resolution; Given that-as among other things mentioned in the aforementioned DGR n. 16/1-such remodulations include, in addition to the resources already allocated by 2007-2013 period related FSC decision 62/2011, also from the FSC 2000-2006 programming economies amounting to 19 million, of which 18 million are allocated to an intervention of roads on the s.s. 131 from km 146.800 to km 209.462 (3° homogeneous batch) and 1 million to fund design an intervention in the water sector; Considered, with reference to the policy area "health", that the information note prepared by the Department for economic development and cohesion annexed to that proposal No. 4760/2014, provides funding, drains on such resources available to the region of Sardinia under point 2.3 of the resolution # 21/2014, of measures relating to the implementation or the extension of regional hospitals with a total value of 129.5 million; Considered also that the proposal for the policy area "health" also highlights the amounts updated as a result of deliberation of the Regional Committee (DGR n. 32/26 of August 7, 2014) of several interventions already funded under deliberation of this Committee # 93/2012, which therefore are the subject say acknowledging with this resolution; Given that this proposal concerning the Region Sardinia, represents a first application of as specified in paragraph 2.3 of the resolution No. 21/2014 in respect of the use of resources of the FSC withheld from availability of the regions for the period 2007-2013 and to be redeployed to the regions themselves to programming 2014-2020; Considered that the proposal for the Region Sardinia can be examined independently and preventive Committee compared to other regions, in view of the strategic importance of the proposed actions and the need to ensure timeliness and certainty with regard to the use of those resources available for some interventions with OGV to be taken by December 31, 2014; Considered that, in order to ensure a unified and coherent framework in FSC 2014-2020 resource scheduling, it is appropriate that all future regional resource proposals referred to in paragraph 2.3 of the resolution No. 21/2014 is subject to joint review by this Committee; Given the proposal carried out under the existing regulation of this Committee (article 3 of resolution April 30, 2012, # 62); View today's note. 4749-P, prepared jointly by the Department for the planning and coordination of economic policy by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of economy and finance, with observations and provisions to be transposed in the present resolution; On the proposal of the Minister of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with responsibility for policies for territorial cohesion; Takes note of the updated amounts FSC resources assigned to operations referred to under letters A and B next: a. Industry «traffic» (as per resolution of this Committee # 62/2011 and subsequent deliberations of rescheduling, n. 93/2012 and n. 9/2013, and at remodulations arranged by the region of Sardinia with its deliberation, # 16/1, referred to in the introduction)-the amounts are shown in table 1, annexed to this resolution which is an integral part.
B. Area «Health» (pursuant to resolution No. 93/2012 and subsequent remodulations arranged by the region of Sardinia with its deliberation, # 32/26 callback in the introduction)-the amounts are shown in table 2, annexed to this resolution which is an integral part.
Resolution: 1. FSC resource assignments to the Sardinian region pursuant to points 2.2 and 2.3 of the resolution # 21/2014. Pursuant to points 2.2 and 2.3 of resolution No. 21/2014, which determine the extent of the region of Sardinia Reassignable in programming resources 2014-2020-these total 481,638,000 euro net of the expected reduction of 15%-are laid out the following assignments and remodulations relating to the areas of «traffic» and the Health Department», respectively in the amount of 255,050,024 euros and 129,500,000 euros, with a total value of 384,550,024 euros. 1.1 sector related Assignments «traffic» 1.1.1 additional assignment of 11,045,001 euros Is placed in favor of following two operations for which it is provided for the taking of legally binding obligations (OGV) by December 31, 2014, already funded for a total amount of 80,262,504 euros, as from the callback table 1: amounts in euro Part of ruling graphically 1.2.1 is an assignment of a total 129,500,000 euros in favor of the following two operations for which it is intended taking their respective OGV by December 31, 2015, already funded for an amount respectively of 1,650,000 euros euro 3,850,000 as from the callback table 2: amounts in euro part of measure in graphic format 2. Remaining availability minus the assignments arranged in paragraphs 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 384,550,024 euro euro-97,087,976 1.2.1 total remaining under the above mentioned amount of 481,638,000 euros-available for subsequent assignments in favor of the region of Sardinia. 3. Final provision For matters not expressly provided for in this Act apply regulatory measures and procedures under the Fund for development and cohesion. The region conform ' acts performed by implementing programmes and, where appropriate, to the assignments referred to in this resolution.
Rome, November 10, 2014 President: Renzi Secretary: Lots Recorded the Court of Auditors on February 25, 2015 Prev acts Ministry of economy and Finance Control Office. # 401