Fund For The Development And Cohesion (Fsc) 2007-2013-Allarealizzazione Resource Allocation To Fund Initiatives Related To Expo 2015. (Resolution 49/2014).

Original Language Title: Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione (FSC) 2007-2013 - Assegnazione dirisorse per il finanziamento di iniziative connesse allarealizzazione di Expo 2015. (Delibera n. 49/2014).

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The INTERMINISTERIAL COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC PLANNING having regard to articles 60 and 61 of the Act December 27, 2002, n. 289 (legge finanziaria 2003) and subsequent amendments, which are set up at the Ministry of economy and finance and the Ministry of productive activities, funds for underused areas, coinciding with the territory of depressed areas of law June 30, 1998, n. 208 and the Fund established by art. 19, paragraph 5, of the Legislative Decree of April 3, 1993, # 96; Visto l'art. 1, paragraph 2, of Act July 17, 2006, n. 233, May 8, 2006, conversion of Decree Law No. 181, which transfers to the Ministry of economic development functions under art. 24, paragraph 1, point c) of legislative decree July 30, 1999, n. 300, including the management of the Fund for underused areas (FAS) referred to in art. 61; Having regard to law no August 6, 2008. 133, which he converted, with amendments, Decree-Law June 25, 2008, n. 112 laying down urgent measures for economic development, simplification, competitiveness, the stabilization of public finance and fiscal equalization; Having regard to Act May 5, 2009, # 42, bearing delegation to the Government on fiscal federalism, in art. 119 of the Constitution and, in particular, article. 16 that, in connection with the intervention referred to in art. 119 of the Constitution, aimed at promoting economic development, social cohesion and solidarity, to remove economic and social imbalances and to facilitate the effective exercise of human rights, provides for implementation through special actions organized in multiannual plans funded organic; Visto l'art. 7, paragraphs 26 and 27 of the Act July 30, 2010, n. 122, which it attributed to the President of the Council of Ministers the management of FAS, predicting that even the President of the Council of Ministers or the Minister makes use, in the management of the Fund, the Department cited for development and economic cohesion of the Ministry of economic development; Having regard to the Legislative Decree May 31, 2011, n. 88 laying down provisions for additional resources and special actions for the removal of economic and social imbalances, issued pursuant to art. 16 callback enabling Act No 42/2009, and in particular art. 4 of the same Decree, which provides that the FAS under art. 61 of law no 289/2002 takes the name of the Development Fund and the cohesion (FSC) and is designed to give programmatic and financial unit to the collection of additional national financing measures, which are aimed at economic and social balance between the different areas of the country; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of April 23, 2014 (Official Journal No 122 of May 28, 2014), with whom it was granted to the State Secretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, delegation to exercise the functions referred to in called art. 7 of law No 122/2010 relating, inter alia, the management of the Fund for development and cohesion (FSC); Having regard to its resolutions of August 3, 2011, # 62 (Official Gazette No. 304/2011), September 30, 2011, n. 78 (Official Gazette No. 17/2012) and January 20, 2012, # 7 (Official Gazette No. 95/2012), which were placed FSC 2007-2013, resource assignments for strategic interventions, respectively in the areas of infrastructure and innovation, research and competitiveness; Having regard to its resolution April 30, 2012, # 60 (Official Gazette No. 160/2012), FSC resource assignment 2007-2013 in favor of regional strategic interventions in the Mezzogiorno concerning those environmental sectors of water purification and reclamation of landfills, which provides, inter alia, the date of June 30, 2013 deadline for taking of legally binding obligations (OGV); View its resolution August 3, 2012, n. 87 (Official Gazette No. 256/2012), the residual resources of regional programming FSC 2007-2013 environmental sector for the maintenance of the territory, which in paragraph 4 establishes the date of December 31, 2013 deadline for taking of OGV recipient authorities of assignments; View the subsequent resolution March 8, 2013, n. 14 (Official Gazette No. 140/2013), which in paragraph 2 extends, inter alia, the extension of the deadline to December 31, 2013 taking legally binding obligations even resolutions Nos. 62, 78/2011 and # 7/2012 above, non stick so after already foreseen by resolution # 87/2012 (non-routine maintenance of the territory); Having regard to its resolution December 17, 2013, n. 94 (Official Gazette No 75/2014) concerning the FSC 2007-2013 and in particular the extension to June 30, 2014 deadline for taking legally binding obligations with reference to southern regions assignments ordered by this Committee with resolutions n. 62/2011, n. 78/2011, n. 7/2012, n. 60/2012 and n. 87/2012; Having regard to its resolution June 30, 2014, # 21 (Official Gazette No 256/2014), which took note of the results of the survey carried out by the Department for economic development and cohesion (DPS) at the southern regions in the implementation of that resolution No. 94/2013, with reference to OGV assumed drains on assignments ordered by this Committee, in favour of these regions, and placed, in the subject of losing financing resources, new assignments, resulting in a waste of resources to program availability amounted to 182.625 million; Having regard to the note. 2209, June 17, 2014, transmitted by the Secretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers delegated to territorial cohesion and the attached information note prepared by the Department for economic development and cohesion on the allocation of resources amounting to 21.3 million, paid by the FSC 2007-2013, to finance initiatives, edited by Central and regional administrations , in relation with the realisation of Expo 2015; Given that during the preparatory meeting of June 25 u.s. the Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea presented a request for financing a specific initiative of competence within the resources to be assigned with this proposal, request later formalized by note # 1393 of June 30, 2014; Considered also that the aforementioned proposal by the State Secretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers concerning the allocation of 21.3 million for the funding of initiatives in relation to the realisation of Expo 2015 was examined by this Committee at its meeting of June 30, 2014 and it postponed for successive glossary; Having regard to the note # 4461 of 16 October the State Secretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with responsibility for territorial cohesion with which it was transmitted, for the inclusion in the agenda of this Committee, the proposal has been updated with attached the note prepared by the Department for economic development and cohesion redrafted taking into account the investigations undertaken in line with the findings in its meeting of 30 June u.s.; Considered that the proposed updated submitted to today's examination Committee is accompanied by the business detailed listing of proposed projects, capture to the present session of the Committee and shall take account of the request of the Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea, providing also that Central Government should ensure the coordination of their projects to allow a considerable reduction of the amounts initially foreseen for actions; Considered also that Expo 2015 represents a great opportunity to usher in a new era of growth for Italy from its agri-food sector, in a dimension that goes through the enhancement of the centrality of the territory and its relationship with the culture and quality of life; Considered therefore that the contribution of resources for territorial cohesion is designed to pursue development objectives within the framework of international attention paid to the event, having the proposal for participation in the implementation of the initiative # 24 of Agenda Italy ' From Expo to Territories», through projects to promote the area, headed by different administrations, related to a single theme; Given that the themes touched by initiatives relate to the territories, the museums and the civilization of the Board, school, promotional tours, the protection of biodiversity and the production of quality Italian foods, nutrition and sport, support actions and communication campaigns; Given the proposal carried out under the existing regulation of this Committee (article 3 of resolution April 30, 2012, # 62); Having regard to the present note. 4749-P, prepared jointly by the Department for the planning and coordination of economic policy by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of economy and finance, with observations and provisions to be transposed in the present resolution; On the proposal of the competent Minister of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with responsibility for territorial cohesion;
Resolution: drains on my residual 2007-2013 FSC pursuant to resolution 21/2014, 21.3 million euros are allocated for the funding of initiatives in relation to the realisation of Expo 2015, aimed at promoting territorial cohesion. Funded initiatives contribute to the realization of the initiative # 24 of Agenda Italy ' from Expo to territories», through the following projects to promote the area, headed by different administrations: 1. «Expo in the territories. " Administration: Department for economic development and cohesion (DPS). FSC financing amounting to 7.5 million, which will be operated direct transfers to the regions and autonomous Provinces (300,000 euros to 25 sites identified: 2 sites in each of the 4 southern regions convergence and in Lombardia; 1 site, in each of the other regions) for the development and growth of the territories based on the exploitation of their resources;
2. «the territories in Expo». Administration: Ministry of agriculture and forestry (MPAAF). FSC financing amounting to 6.3 million euros (300,000 euros for each region and autonomous province), to allow those Administrations to increase the spaces and communication tools developed, managed and coordinated by Italy Pavilion;
3. «Italian museums for Expo: the civilization of the table ". Administration: Ministry of heritage and cultural activities and tourism (MIBACT). Funding amounting to 1.35 million for the opening of places of culture of MIBAC pushy in the territory identified by each region for the initiative "from the Expo to the territories ', organization and implementation in each region at least one event related to the theme of food and its cultural components that combines the cultures of food practice from artistic beauties of the area, the design and implementation of a multimedia product that demonstrates our country through the telling of the landscape , of architectural, archaeological, artistic and folk traditions of film and entertainment with insights on contemporary art and architecture; the creation of a geo-portal dedicated to food, interoperable with other databases of geoportals and MiBACT, through the collaboration of the University of gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo);
4. «La scuola italiana for EXPO». Administration: Ministry of education, University and research (MIUR). FSC financing amounting to 1.35 million for national secondary school system's participation in the project «Expo and the territories ';
5. "Expo 2015 and the Italian territories». Administration: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). FSC funding amounted to 0.3 million for initiatives deemed useful to spread the «routes» identified at the widest global audience of potential visitors of the territories, with the involvement of professionals and the provision of its institutional network by the Ministry proponent;
6. "the protection of biodiversity quality productions of Italian foods." Administration: Ministry of environment and protection of land and sea (MATTM). FSC funding equal to 1 million euros for preparation of specific paths in national parks and marine protected areas and insistent on the territories identified by each region for the initiative "from the Expo to the territories ';
7. nutrition and sports, a team game. " Administration: cones, in collaboration with the Sports Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and with ANCI. FSC funding amounted to 1.8 million aimed at developing an integrated project of nature «educational» to make information and promotion on the theme "sport and food» and reconnect the value of physical activity and sports with some of the main themes of Expo 2015. To accompany and reinforce the development of such projects are also financed the following actions and technical assistance: 8. «support actions for the implementation of the framework programme ". Administration: Department for economic development and cohesion (DPS). FSC funding amounted to 1.2 million euros to support functional measures and actions to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the interventions mentioned above, which will be the subject of special agreement on framework programme (APQ). To this end, the DPS can avail of the National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development within A-address S.p. INVITALIA provided by DPS and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in accordance with the system actions referred to in paragraph 12 of resolution # 62/2011 callback in the introduction;
9. "coordination and execution of a campaign of territorial animation and communication '. Administration: PCM. FSC funding equal to 0.5 million for the overall coordination of inter-institutional Table in order to ensure greater effectiveness of administrative action, under the direction of the Presidency of the Council, taking into account the plurality of the institutions involved. The proposal also to achieve a territorial animation and communication campaign to be carried out in the territories through a series of meetings, seminars and conventions which, with key players involved in individual regions (municipalities, Regional education offices and local schools, associations representing production segments concerned, the Chamber system etc.). Implementing modalities. The implementation of the initiatives will take place through the conclusion of appropriate agreements of interregional framework programme, aimed at defining the precise content of the initiatives of title, the mutual commitments, the timing and the specific responsibility for the implementation. Where this is applicable depending on the nature of the project, prevenderanno program agreements on transfer of resources by Central Government authorities to the regions concerned. Resources will be transferred to the administrations of reference in two tranches, each of 50 percent: the first, as an advance, upon request; the second, following certification by the applicant of having supported a charge of at least 75 per cent of the amount corresponding to the first dimension.
Rome, November 10, 2014 President: Renzi Secretary: Lots Recorded the Court of Auditors on February 19, 2015 control Office acts Ministry of economy and finance, # 368