Approval Of Ordinance No 8 Of February 13, 2015

Original Language Title: Approvazione dell'ordinanza n. 8 del 13 febbraio 2015

Read the untranslated law here:

The Special Commissioner pursuant to art. 1 paragraph 548 reads December 24, 2011 # 228 in relation to floods that have hit the region Tuscany and particularly from 10 to 27 November 28, 2012 November 13, 2012 and on and in the provinces of Arezzo, Grosseto, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia and Siena, announced: that with your order # 8 of February 13, 2015 has : a) approved the seventh private beneficiaries list of contributions registered movable property destroyed and damaged;
b) proceeded to the commitment and the clearance for the communes of Aulla (MS), Carrara (MS), closed (), Grosseto (GR), Lucca (LU), Massa (MS), Mulazzo (MS) and Orbetello (GR) to allow the liquidation of these contributions;
that the order is available on the official bulletin of Regione Toscana n. 7 of February 20, 2015 part one, on the website of the region of Tuscany, through the route to the voice exceptional operations and emergency (article 42 legislative decree March 14, 2013 # 33).