Hours Of Extraordinary Administration Procedure And Appoint The Board Commissioner Of Ilvaform Spa In Milan.

Original Language Title: Apertura della procedura di amministrazione straordinaria e nominadel collegio commissariale della Ilvaform Spa, in Milano.

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The MINISTER of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Saw the December 23, 2003, Decree No. 347 concerning "urgent measures for the industrial restructuring of large enterprises in a State of insolvency", converted with amendments by law No 39 February 18, 2004, and subsequent amendments and additions (Decree-Law No 347/03); Having regard to the Decree-Law No 1 January 5, 2015, bearing urgent provisions for the exercise of national strategic interest companies in crisis and for the development of the town and the area of Taranto»; Having regard to Legislative Decree No 270 July 8, 1999; Having regard to its Decree dated January 21, 2015 whereby «Ilva SpA ' and ' admitted to extraordinary administration procedure and appointed extraordinary Commissioners Dr. Piero Gnudi, the lawyer. Corrado Carrubba and prof. Enrico Lakes; Having regard to its Decree dated February 19, 2015 by which he is appointed the Monitoring Committee in the procedure described above; Having regard to the request on February 16, 2015, by which extraordinary Commissioners require, in accordance with art. 3, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law No. 347/03, admission to special administration of the company «Ilvaform», indirectly controlled by «ILVA SpA», via «Ilva Commerciale Srl»; Noted that, as shown in the above instance and attached documentation, the conditions under art. 3, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law n. 347/03, also with regard to the situation of the insolvency of the firm, for the purpose of extending the extraordinary administration procedure; Visto l'art. 85 of said Decree No. 270/99, which provides that the extraordinary administration procedure of the Group's companies are responsible for the same organs appointed for the mother; Consequently deemed it necessary to provide for the admission to extraordinary administration procedure and the preposition to the same organs already nominated for the «ILVA SpA ", Decrees: Art. 1 the company «Ilvaform», P.I. 12772960154, based in Milan, is admitted to extraordinary administration procedure, according to art. 3, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law No 347/03.