Alternative Bilateral Solidarity Fund For Crafts. (Decree 86986).

Original Language Title: Fondo di solidarieta' bilaterale alternativo per l'artigianato.(Decreto 86986).

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The MINISTER of labour and Social Affairs in consultation with the Minister of economy and finance Saw the art. 3, paragraphs 4 to 13 of June 28, 2012, # 92, inasmuch as it provides that, for those areas not covered by legislation on wage integration, constitute, after concluding collective agreements and collective agreements, including trade union organizations and entrepreneurial risks and comparatively more nationally representative, bilateral solidarity funds with the purpose of ensuring workers protection in constant employment in case of reduction or suspension working activity for causes provided by law on integration or ordinary extraordinary wage; Visto l'art. 3, paragraph 14, of the same law June 28, 2012, # 92, inasmuch as it provides that, as an alternative to the model provided by paragraphs 4 to 13 of the same article, in reference to the areas referred to in paragraph 4, in which bilateralita's systems are operating consolidated, these unions and regulatory sources and establishing business may adapt respects bilateral funds or funds referred to in art. 118 of December 23, 2000, law No 388 to the purposes pursued by paragraphs 4 to 13; Visto l'art. 3, paragraph 15, of the law June 28, 2012, # 92; Visto l'art. 3, paragraph 16, of law June 28, 2012, # 92; Visto l'art. 3 January 14, 1994, law # 20; Having regard to the agreements between confederations of November 30, 2012, October 31, 2013 November 29, 2013 and by which, in implementation of the provisions under art. 3, paragraph 14, of the aforementioned Act No 92 of 2012, the signatory parties have agreed to set up an association called "alternative bilateral solidarity fund for crafts" and amend the articles of Association to the purposes pursued by paragraphs 4 to 13 of article above mentioned; Having regard to the memorandum of association referred to in chapter III of title II of the civil code, named "bilateral solidarity fund for crafts" of March 26, 2014, rep. 79424; Given the purpose pursued by the funds referred to in paragraph 14, aimed at achieving or integrate the system, universal key, protection of income in constant employment relationship and in case of its termination; Considered the need felt by the social partners to take measures to ensure the craft sector, income protection to workers in the sector, in constant employment relationship, in the event of a reduction or suspension of work activities, taking into account the specific characteristics and needs of this sector, in accordance with paragraph 14 of article. 3; Considered the further need to ensure workers the protections provided for in paragraph 14 of the same art. 3 in accordance with paragraph 15 of the same art. 3; Look, at its meeting of May 29, 2014 organizations identified in the signatory parties of the aforementioned agreements between confederations of November 30, 2012, October 31, 2013 and November 29, 2013; Considered, therefore, dictate, pursuant to paragraph 16 of article. 3 of law No 92/2012 provisions to determine requirements of honourability and professionalism of the persons responsible for the management of funds; criteria and requirements for accounting of the funds. methods aimed at strengthening the control function on their proper management and monitoring of the progress of performance, including through the establishment of standards and uniform parameters;
Decrees: Art. 1 General provisions 1. Bilateral solidarity fund for crafts and is run by the executive bodies of the Fund under Title II, chapters I to VI, the Statute of bilateral solidarity fund for crafts, hereinafter referred to as the FSBA. 2. the members of the organs referred to in the preceding paragraph shall comply with the requirements of professionalism and repute ' identified by this Decree.