Certification With Respect To The Request By The Public Tax Contribution For Trade Union Leave Of Absence Granted To Employees.

Original Language Title: Certificazione relativa alla richiesta del contributo erariale perl'aspettativa sindacale concessa al personale dipendente.

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The GROUP DIRECTOR of local finance Saw the art. November 25, 1996, 1-bis of Decree-Law n. 599, converted, with amendments, by law January 24, 1997, # 5, which included the allocation to the provinces, municipalities, mountain communities, as well as at I.P.A. B (now Going as a result of reorganization which is governed by Legislative Decree May 4, 2001, n. 207), a fiscal Council contribution corresponding to the expenditure incurred by the institutions themselves to the staff that she was granted leave for Trade Union reasons; Having regard to law no April 7, 2014. 56 containing "provisions on city subways, the provinces, the unions and mergers of municipalities"; Having regard to the Sicilian regional law March 24, 2014, # 8 on the "establishment of free municipal consortia and metropolitan cities"; Considered that the city subways and free municipal Consortia must be considered between assignees of monetary contribution referred to in that article. 1-bis of Decree-Law No. 599 of 1996; Considered the Trade Union expectations discipline laid down by the national collective labour agreement of the region and local authorities sector personnel; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic August 31, 1972, # 670, and subsequent amendments; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of December 28, 1989, n. 431, and subsequent amendments; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of January 2, 1997, # 9; Having regard to the Legislative Decree March 14, 2011, n. 23, and the Decree May 6, 2011, # 68, on fiscal federalism; Having regard to the document approved by the joint technical Commission for the implementation of fiscal federalism (Copaff) at its meeting of February 22, 2012 which shows that the expectation is identified as non-fiscalized transfer Trade Union; Having regard to the provisions relating to dematerialization of administrative procedures of public administration involving, among other things, the digitization of documents, computerization of the processes of acquisition of acts and the simplification of such acquisition processes; Considered the need to redefine the model of certification and methods of transmission that the institutions concerned are required to fill out to request a contribution increase predicted for the year 2015; Having regard to the Legislative Decree March 30, 2001, n. 165, as amended, laying down general rules on the sort of labour employed by public administrations; Felt, therefore, that the document to be adopted in the form of the decree in question is the approval of a certificate template, the contents of which have purely management;
Decrees: Art. 1 expenditure eligible for reimbursement the expression "Trade Union grounds" used by the legislature shall be reported to the Trade Union detachment "Institute", so only the entities mentioned in art. 2, who supported, in the year 2014, burden on the staff he was granted a posting to trade unions, are entitled to the transmission of the model.