Designation, Pursuant To Legislative Decree N. 210/2001 Dellaprocedura Liquidation Of Collateral Management Service "(X-Com).

Original Language Title: Designazione, ai sensi del decreto legislativo n. 210/2001 dellaprocedura di liquidazione del «Servizio di Collateral Management»(X-COM).

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The Bank of Italy, art. 10, paragraph 2, of legislative decree April 12, 2001, # 210 ("implementing Directive 98/26/EC on definitivita's orders have been entered into a payment or securities settlement system") which provides for the designation by the Bank of Italy, in agreement with the National Commission for companies and the stock exchange ("CONSOB"), systems for the execution of transfer orders as referred to in art. 1, comma 1, letter m), number 2) of the same Decree and the withdrawal, with the same methods, for the description of the systems listed in the annex to the Decree; Having regard to the ' regulation of Collateral Management Service "(X-COM) adopted by Monte Titoli S.p.A. and approved by the Bank of Italy, in agreement with CONSOB, according to art. the Bank of Italy and CONSOB 46 Unique Measure of February 22, 2008, bearing the "discipline of the depository services, liquidation, guarantee schemes and their management companies»; Considered the next boot by Monte Titoli S.p.A., for the new settlement of X-COM; In agreement with CONSOB;
Features: it is designated the "X-COM settlement service operated by Monte Titoli S.p.A.". This decision shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the official journal.
Roma, March 2, 2015 The head of Department markets and payment systems Zautzik