Review Of Nazionaliconcernenti December 10, 2014 Decree Laying Down Rules Support Programmes In The Olive Oil And Table Olives, As Referred To In Article 29 Of Regulation (Eu) No 1308/2013 Of December 17, 2013.

Original Language Title: Modifica del decreto 10 dicembre 2014, recante disposizioni nazionaliconcernenti i programmi di sostegno al settore dell'olio di oliva edelle olive da tavola, di cui all'articolo 29 del Regolamento (UE) n.1308/2013 del 17 dicembre 2013.

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The MINISTER of agricultural food and forestry policies, having regard to the Ministerial Decree of December 10, 2014, n. 6931 national provisions relating to programs to support the sector of olive oil and table olives, as per art. 29 Regulation (EU) no 1308/2013 of December 17, 2013; Given the demands of the olive oil sector, in which were represented the operational difficulties for submitting questions about support programmes of olive oil by January 15, 2015, as provided for by the Ministerial Decree December 10, 2014, # 6931; Considering the requests made by some regions for the postponement of the date for submitting questions about olive oil support programmes from January 15, 2015 to January 30, 2015; Recognized the need to ensure the application of the European and national legislation, in particular with regard to procedures for the submission and implementation of support programmes for the provision of Community financing; Gained the agreement of the Standing Conference for the relations between the State, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, at its meeting of December 18, 2014;
Decrees: Art. 1 Changes in art. Ministerial Decree 4 December 10, 2014, 4, 5, paragraphs # 6931 6, art. Ministerial Decree 4 December 10, 2014, n. 6931, ' 15 March ' shall be replaced by the following: «January 30».