Admission To The Facilities To Research First, Perl Year 2013, This Research Project-Was Ii-Aloof. (Decreton. 3109).

Original Language Title: Ammissione al fondo per le agevolazioni alla ricerca FIRST, perl'anno 2013, del progetto di ricerca CHIST-ERA II - ALOOF. (Decreton. 3109).

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The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT for higher education and research given the Decree-Law May 16, 2008, n. 85, recante: "urgent provisions for the adaptation of governance structures in accordance with art. 1, paragraphs 376 and 377, December 24, 2007, law n. 244 ", published in the Official Gazette No. 114 of May 16, 2008, converted with amendments into law July 14, 2008, # 121, published in Official Gazette No. 164 of July 15, 2008; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 98 of February 11, 2014 (Official Gazette No. 161 of July 14, 2014), bearing the new organisational regulations of the MINISTRY of EDUCATION; Visto l'art. 1, paragraph 870, December 27, 2006, law n. 296 (Finance Act 2007), establishing the estimates of expenditure of the MIUR investment fund in scientific and technological research (FIRST); Having regard to the Ministerial Decree No. 1049 of December 19, 2013, allocating resources available in the Fund for investment in scientific research and technology (FIRST), for the year 2013; Given the directorial Decree n. 435 of March 13, 2013, allocating resources of the Fund for the facilities for research, for the year 2012; Having regard to the decree-law June 22, 2012, n. 83, converted, with amendments, by law August 7, 2012, # 134, and in particular articles 60, 61, 62 and 63; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree 115/2013 concerning the terms of use and management of the Fund for investments in scientific research and technology (FIRST); Given that the Ministry of education participates in the project via CHRISTOPHER ERANET-ERA II, contract No. 287,654, presented as part of the call FP7-ICT-2011-9-12 of the 7th framework programme for research and technological development and approved by the European Commission; Given that project participants via CHRISTOPHER ERANET-ERA II, including the MINISTRY of EDUCATION, have signed a "Memorandum of understanding" with which pledged to launch a tender for the financing of research and development projects and to fund the winning projects; Having regard to the supplementary Decree No Warning. 2068 of November 5, 2013 regarding the presentation of research and development projects by International Alert launched by Italian proponents within the Eranet "THIS-was II"; Having regard to the international call published by ERANET THIS-October 24, 2013 expiring January 21, 2014 date was II, under which international ranking and then being usefully placed in eligible for financing, it was presented, among others, the project via CHRISTOPHER-AGE VOL II-ALOOF; Having regard to the request submitted by the University of Rome "La Sapienza" Computer Engineering Department, pursuant to Ministerial Decree No. 115/2013, in response to the alert national integrative prot. # 2068 of November 5, 2013, acquired the prot n. January 14, 2014 by MIUR, 62 of which proposer Italian project participant THIS-was II-ALOOF; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of March 14, 2013, n. 33: "reorganization of discipline concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and provision of information by public authorities"; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 159/2011;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. The research project THIS year was 2013, ALOOF, ban II-it is admitted to the interventions provided by the laws mentioned in the introduction, in the shape, size, mode and conditions indicated in the form attached to the present Decree (annex 1). 2. In accordance with the international project, the starting point of the project is fixed at 1 October 2014 and its duration is 36 months. 3. The project, altough not annexed to this Decree (and to the extent not in conflict with it), it is also an integral and essential part.