Pursuant To Article 3, Paragraph 1, Of November 11, 2014 Dpcm-About The Requirements For The Request For Entry On The List Deisoggetti Aggregators. (Determines # 2).

Original Language Title: Applicazione dell'articolo 3, comma 1, del DPCM 11 novembre 2014 -relativo ai requisiti per la richiesta di iscrizione nell'elenco deisoggetti aggregatori. (Determina n. 2).

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The COUNCIL Viewed the art. 9 of Decree-Law No 66 April 24, 2014; View its conversion law No. 89 of June 23, 2014; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers November 11, 2014 published in the Official Gazette No 15 of January 20, 2015; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 163/2006 and s.m. e i.; Given that ANAC's designee, pursuant to article 3, paragraph 1, of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers November 11, 2014, to define its determination the operating mode for the submission of applications for registration in the list of those aggregators;
Considers that: 1. the persons under art. 2, paragraph 1 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers November 11, 2014 planning advance request for entry on the list of those aggregators mentioned in art. 9, paragraph 2 of the Decree-Law 66/14 converted with amendments by law in the introduction, are required to submit a formal request to the national anti-corruption authority-Office UMABS, together with the excel file referred to in paragraph 3. 2. In the request it is necessary that candidates declare, pursuant to art. 47 of Decree of the President of the Republic 445 of December 28, 2000, under their own responsibility and aware of the penalties referred to in art. 76 of the aforementioned Decree of the President of the Republic 445: that they or their subjects made "central purchasing activities take place in accordance with art. 33 of legislative decree 163/06 of stability, through an organization dedicated to the development of the activity of central purchasing body, to meet all the needs for goods and services of its local authorities ";
that the information provided via excel file referred to in paragraph 3. are the true;
for city subways that they "were established under the Act April 7, 2014, # 56 and legislative decree September 17, 2010, # 156" and references to the Act of establishment;
for associations, unions, and associations of local authorities, including agreements between the same common rendered in the form of convection for the management of activities as they are made "in accordance with legislative decree August 18, 2000, n. 267 "and the references to the articles of Association. 3. The application must be accompanied with information to be included in the excel file set available on the portal http://www.anticorruzione.it/services section-Forms. The information requested relates to name and social security number of the person who carries out the activity of central purchasing body, any changes that have occurred in the years 2011, 2012, and 2013 (separately for each year); I have to also list the name and social security number and any changes that have occurred in the period 2011-2013 (separately for each year) of all individuals of which it is composed. If no changes have occurred during the reference period, the columns for the years 2011, 2012, 2013 shall be repeated with the same information. 4. The excel file, after being compiled into electronic mode in its parts (retaining the original format and constraints) must be sent, together with the letter of accreditation request, via PEC at the address protocollo@pec.anticorruzione.it. 5. paper prints of that file are not allowed or email methods other than the PEC or requests without excel attachment. 6. The term of 45 days under art. 3, paragraph 2 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers Word available to subjects candidates to send requests accompanied by annexed, shall run from the date of publication of this determination in the Official Gazette. 7. for the purposes of accreditation will be considered the data inserted in BDNCP by and under the responsibility of RUP. We encourage individuals who intend to submit an application to verify the completeness and correctness of the information submitted during registration in the registry office (AUSA) and during acquisition and improvement of IGC (ordering information), particularly those relating to notices published or invitation letters sent by the candidate during the period 2011-13 subject aggregator and/or by the entities that compose it. 8. For any information relating to the method of compiling and submission, contact ANAC-Office UMABS. Approved by the Board in the meeting of February 11, 2015.
Rome, February 11, 2015 President: Canton filed with the Secretary of the Council on February 16, 2015. Secretary: Esposito