Criteria For Assessing The Properties Of The Water Mineralinaturali.

Original Language Title: Criteri di valutazione delle caratteristiche delle acque mineralinaturali.

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HEALTH MINISTER Saw the legislative decree October 8, 2011, n. 176, containing provisions for implementing directive 2009/54/EC concerning the use and marketing of natural mineral waters; See in particular paragraph 1 of art. 3 of said decree October 8, 2011, n. 176, which foresees, for the determination of criteria for evaluation of the characteristics of natural mineral waters, the adoption of a decree of the Minister of health; Having regard to the order of the Minister of health November 12, 1992, # 542 and subsequent amendments on the regulation laying down the criteria for the evaluation of the characteristics of natural mineral waters; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of health December 29, 2003 laying down rules for the implementation of Directive 2003/40/EC on the evaluation criteria of the characteristics of natural mineral waters of Ministerial Decree November 12, 1992, # 542, as subsequently amended, as well as to the conditions of use of the treatments of natural mineral waters and spring waters; Acquired the opinions of III Section of the Superior Council of health expressed in meetings of March 19, 2013 and November 13, 2013; Successfully carried out the procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical standards and regulations laid down in Directive 98/34/EC, and subsequent amendments, notification 2013/0268/I, and noted that the European Commission, at the conclusion of consultations in writing, acknowledged that the draft technical regulation notified do not intend to introduce any obstacle to the free movement of goods; Acquired the opinion of III Section of the Superior Council of health expressed at its meeting of January 13, 2015;
Decrees: Art. 1 evaluation criteria for geological and hydrogeological characteristics of natural mineral waters 1. In support of applications for recognition of natural mineral waters must be produced a hydrogeological report time to illustrate all aspects that characterize the aquifer. 2. the report should refer to existing official cartography and should include: a) definition of the geographical and hydrogeological basin with geological and hydrogeological and geological and hydrogeological profiles have significant minimum scale 1:25,000;
b) definition of the local aquifer recharge termopluviometrico regime, with the monthly averages of temperature and precipitation cumulated heights, referring to the last ten years;
c) permeability of hydrogeological complexes in card minimum scale 1:25,000;
d) pumping tests;
and the local hydrogeological charging);
f) preliminary draft of the intake structure;
g) hydrogeological budget, radio-attinologia δO18, δD, Tritium), evaluation of the hydraulic characteristics of the flap, flap and mineralization study chemical and physico-chemical changes in the four seasons for at least twelve months;
h) minimum scale 1:5,000 topographical plan, extended, depending on the nature and location of the land, for at least 5 sq km around the intake structure, with verbosity geology and its paper and representative geological and hydrogeological sections; any chance of groundwater pollution risk areas with reports and other collectings granted;
the protection and preservation of the area) definition of catchment area;
l) detailed plan, with contour lines, of environment tapping, with minimum scale paper 1:1,000 and geological sections of which are the criteria adopted for the protection of the groundwater intake and from possible external contaminants;
m) demonstrating the non-interference of other flaps on the flap mineral, the report must be supplemented with hydrogeological documentation, chemistry, physico-chemical and isotopic (δO18, δD, Tritium) on samples taken in the conditions of natural seasonal variability. 3. The origin from the same aquifer more intake works or water points should be demonstrated with exhaustive documentation hydrogeological, chemical, physico-chemical and isotope. 4. In the case of requests for recognition as natural mineral water, spring water or groundwater collected in the same mining concession in which arise one or more recognized mineral waters, the documentation listed above should be complemented with data about: a) for waters for which applying for recognition and for all those already recognized within the same concession analysis of physico-chemical parameters (temperature, pH, Eh, conductivity), analysis of major chemical constituents (Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cl, SO4, HCO3), possibly minor chemical constituents analysis that the applicant considers to be of that particular water, isotopic analyses (δO18, δD, Tritium). Sampling must be made on a monthly basis and simultaneously or at least within 1-3 days for all waters;
b) monitoring of main climatic parameters (precipitation and air temperature) within the framework of the concession for a full hydrological cycle (1 year); monthly cumulated precipitations «sampling» and execution of isotopic analyses (δO18, δD, Tritium) to be made on a monthly basis for a geological cycle (1 year).