Program For Recruiting Young Scientists «Rita Lam ". (Decree No. 975).

Original Language Title: Programma per il reclutamento di giovani ricercatori «Rita LeviMontalcini».(Decreto n. 975).

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The Minister for education, University and research Seen chapter 1694 of the estimate of the expense of this Ministry for the financial year 2014 intended for the operation of universities and Interuniversity Consortium; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree No. 815 of November 4, 2014 concerning the criteria for the allocation of the ordinary Financing Fund of the universities for the year 2014, registered at the Court of Auditors on December 4, 2014, 5343 sheet; See in particular art. 6 of the aforementioned ministerial decree # 815 of November 4, 2014 by which target €5,000,000 for the continuation of the program called "program for young researchers" Rita Levi Montalcini "» for young Italian and foreign scholars and experts, holding a PhD or equivalent to not more than 6 years and engaged permanently abroad in educational or research activities for at least three years , aimed at creating independently proposed research programmes at universities, through the conclusion of contracts in accordance with art. 24, paragraph 3, point b), December 30, 2010, law No. 240, based on criteria and conditions established by Decree of the Minister; Given that the term ' permanently ' refers to an active commitment, possibly at least 30 months of continuous; Having regard to act December 30, 2010, # 240, laying down rules for the organisation of universities, academic staff and recruitment, as well as delegates to the Government to boost the quality and efficiency of the University System; Visto l'art. 24, paragraph 2, letter b) and paragraph 3 (b)) of that law No. 240 of 2010, which provides for the possibility to conclude contracts of employment three-year non-renewable term, with holders of the PhD degree or equivalent qualification, or for the sectors concerned, the diploma of medical specialization that have benefited, for a minimum of three years, not necessarily consecutive , research grants in accordance with art. 51, paragraph 6, of law December 27, 1997, # 449, as subsequently amended, or postdoctoral fellowships in accordance with art. 4 November 30, 1989, law n. 398 — of similar contracts, checks, or bags in universities abroad. Visto l'art. 24, paragraph 8 of the same law # 240 of 2010, which provides that the emoluments due to the contracts referred to in paragraph 3, point b) of the same article is equal to the initial treatment of full-time researcher raised up to a maximum of 30 per cent; Visto l'art. 24, paragraph 5, of the same law # 240 of 2010, according to which, ' in the context of the resources available for programming, in the third year of the contract referred to in paragraph 3, point b), the University assesses the holder of the contract itself, which has achieved scientific qualification under art. 16, for the purposes of the call in the role of Associate Professor, pursuant to art. 18, paragraph 1, point e). If successful, the holder of the contract on the expiry of the same, it is centered in the role of associate professors. The assessment is carried out in conformity with internationally recognised quality standards identified with appropriate university regulations under the criteria laid down by Decree of the Minister '; Visto l'art. 29, paragraph 7 of the same law n. 240 of 2010, which, by changing the art. 1, paragraph 9, of Act No. 230 of 2005, gives the Minister for education, University and research, the ability to identify, in consultation with the national agency of evaluation of universities and research and the National University Council, highly qualified, research programmes funded by the EU or by the Ministry of education, University and research, whose winners can be direct call recipients to cover places of associate and full Professor and researcher from the University; Having regard to the opinions of the national agency of evaluation of universities and research, and of the National University Council, limited to provisions relating to the recruitment of young researchers ' program for young researchers "Rita Levi Montalcini"» implementation of that art. 29, paragraph 7, of law No. 240 of 2010; Considered the need to dictate provisions regarding mode of submission of applications, the selection of proposals and the allocation of resources in accordance with art. 6 of that Decree # 815 of November 4, 2014;
Decrees: Art. 1 the program for recruiting young researchers term contracts under art. 6 D.M. # 815 of November 4, 2014, is aimed at students of all nationalities, in possession of a PhD or equivalent obtained after October 31, 2008 and that is continuously and firmly committed abroad by at least three years in teaching or research at qualified academic institutions or research. Services provided abroad on account of scholarships or loans obtained in Italy are not eligible for the ripening of the three years of educational or research activities carried out abroad. During the three-year period of service abroad, scholars must not have held any position (fixed-term researchers who carried out extended periods of research and/or teaching abroad, postdocs, researchers, graduate students also enrolled in doctoral courses in joint supervision with foreign universities and research centers, scholarship holders) at academic institutions and not, in the territory of the Italian State. Scholars must have obtained a PhD or equivalent degree by October 31, 2011, so that in the three years are included educational activities and/or non-post-doctoral research aimed at obtaining the only PhD or equivalent degree.