Appointment Of A Member Of The Board Of Commissioner S.r.l. Infocontact, Under Special Administration.

Original Language Title: Nomina di un componente del collegio commissariale della S.r.l.Infocontact, in amministrazione straordinaria.

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The MINISTER of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Saw the July 8, 1999 Legislative Decree n. 270 on "new rules of the extraordinary administration of large firms in State of insolvency"; Having regard to the Decree of the Court of Lamezia Terme on October 21, 2014, which pursuant to art. 30 of legislative decree above mentioned is declared the opening of the extraordinary administrative arrangements regarding the company Infocontact S.r.l.; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of economic development on November 20, 2014 by which were appointed Commissioners of the procedure. Francesco Perrini, prof. Enrico Laghi and avv. Federico Sutti; Took note of the resignation of prof. Enrico Laghi on January 21, 2015; Was therefore considered to have to replace them. Enrico Lakes; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of economic development on April 10, 2013-"regulation on determining the requirement of professionalism and repute of the judicial administrators and overtime procedures for extraordinary administration of large firms in crisis, according to art. 39, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree No 270 July 8, 1999 "; Deemed it necessary to appoint prof. AVV. Stefano Ambrosini, fulfils the requirements set out in ministerial decree dated April 10, 2013;
Decrees: Article only In extraordinary administration procedure of Catholic education under extraordinary administrative arrangements, he is appointed S.r.l. component of the College Commissioner, replacing the prof. Enrico Laghi, prof. AVV. Stefano Ambrosini born in Turin on May 2, 1969. This order is communicated to the Court of Lamezia Terme. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, February 11, 2015 the Minister: drive