Confirmation Of The Recognition Of The Scientific Character Of The Institution With Legal Personality Istitutooncologico Veneto, Dirittopubblico, In Padua, For The Discipline Of «Oncology».

Original Language Title: Conferma del riconoscimento del carattere scientifico dell'IstitutoOncologico Veneto, ente con personalita' giuridica di dirittopubblico, in Padova, per la disciplina di «oncologia».

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HEALTH MINISTER Saw the legislative decree October 16, 2003, n. 288 concerning the reorganization of institutions of hospitalisation and scientific care (IRCCS), as amended by Decree-Law No 158 September 13, 2012, converted, with amendments, by law November 8, 2012, # 189; Visto l'art. 13, paragraph 3, of said Decree laying down the requirements for the recognition of the scientific character of IRCCS; See, in particular, article. 15, paragraph 1, of the aforementioned legislative decree October 16, 2003, n. 288, and subsequent amendments and integrations that provides that every two years the Foundation IRCCS, hospitalization and care scientific institutes and private ones send to the Ministry of health updated data about the possession of the requirements laid down in art. 13 of the Decree, as well as the necessary documentation for the confirmation, as determined by Decree of the Minister of health March 14, 2013 and that based on the existence of the above requirements, the Minister of health, in agreement with the President of the region concerned, confirm or revoke the recognition; Having regard to the Decree of December 11, 2009 of the Deputy Minister for labour, health and Social Affairs adopted in agreement with the President of the Veneto region with which it has been confirmed the scientific character of the «Istituto oncologico veneto», having its registered office in Padua, via Gattamelata # 64, discipline «Oncology»; Having regard to the note of the January 14, 2013, by which the «Istituto oncologico veneto» sent this Ministry the documents necessary for the confirmation of the recognition as Istituto di ricovero e cura a carattere scientifico discipline «Oncology»; View the delibera di giunta n. 525 of April 15, 2014, with which the Veneto region has recognized the consistency of the scientific confirmation of the recognition of the instance with its own health planning in relation to the aforesaid; Having regard to the note prot. # 77468 of September 27, 2013, by which the General Inspectorate for social expenditure of the Ministry of economy and Finance announced to have no comments to make regarding the confirmation proceedings of scientific recognition of the IRCCS; Having regard to the report on the site-visit carried out at the aforementioned Institute on September 15, 2014 Evaluation Commission experts appointed by Decree of the General Director pro tempore of the Directorate-General for research and innovation in health of May 19, 2014; Verified the existence of the requirements under art. 13, subsection 3, letter a) to h) of Legislative Decree No 288, as amended October 16, 2003; Having regard to the note of December 24, 2014 by which the President of the Veneto region has expressed its formal agreement with a view to the adoption of the decision confirming the recognition of the institution concerned;
Decrees: 1. It is confirmed the recognition of scientific character of the «Istituto oncologico veneto», a body with legal personality under public law, with offices in Padua to Gattamelata Street # 64 (Headquarters) and via Giustiniani n. 1, for the category of «Oncology». 2. approval is subject to review, in accordance with art. October 16, 2003, 15 of Legislative Decree n. 288, as amended and supplemented, upon submitting the updated data about the qualifications and the necessary documentation for the confirmation.
Rome, February 5, 2015 the Minister: Lara