Amendment To The Statute.

Original Language Title: Modifica allo statuto.

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The RECTOR having regard to the Statute of the University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, approved by Ministerial Decree dated October 31, 1991 (G.U.R.I. # 37 of February 14, 1992) and subsequently amended by Presidential Decree of December 22, 1997 (G.U.R.I. # 6 of January 9, 1998), by Decree of the President of February 8, 2001 (G.U.R.I. # 86 of April 12, 2001), by Decree of March 16, 2007 rector (G.U.R.I. # 77 of April 2, 2007), by Decree of the Rector of March 27, 2013 (G.U.R.I. # 78 of April 3, 2013); Having regard to the consolidated text of the laws on higher education, approved by Royal Decree of August 31, 1933, no. 1592, and subsequent amendments and integrations; Seen the law December 30, 2010, # 240, and in particular art. 2, where applicable, which provides, inter alia, amending the statutes of the University regarding university organization and governing bodies; See the resolution of the Board of Directors of the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome in September 17, 2014 by which was approved the following amendment to the statutes of the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome: "the statutes of the University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is amended by adding the following paragraph 10 in art. 1: it is forbidden to distribute, even indirectly, profits and surpluses and funds, reserves or capital during the life of the entity, in favor of administrators, members, participants, workers or employees, unless the destination or distribution is required by law, or have been made in favour of institutions which, by law, statute or regulation, are part of the same and Unitarian structure and perform the same activities or any other institutional activity directly and specifically provided by law. Any profits and surpluses are necessarily reinvested exclusively for the development of functional activity to the pursuit of the goal of social solidarity. " Seen the Rector of November 26, 2014 note # 1465 with which this change of status has been submitted to the Ministry of education, University and research in accordance with art. 6, paragraph 9, of the law # 168/1989; Saw the note of December 19, 2014 n. 31361 with which the Ministry of education, University and research has not commented on the above review of the Statute;
Decreed: it is enacted the change of statutes of University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, whose full text is annexed to this Decree as an integral part. The change of Statutes enacted by this Decree shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, February 6, 2015 Rector: Onetti Muda