Admission Of The Research Project Incubators To Finance The Fund'sassets For Facilitating Research. (Decree # 3114).

Original Language Title: Ammissione del progetto di ricerca INCUBATORS al finanziamento delFondo per le agevolazione alla ricerca. (Decreto n. 3114).

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The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT for higher education and research given the Decree-Law May 16, 2008, n. 85, recante: "urgent provisions for the adaptation of governance structures in accordance with art. 1, paragraphs 376 and 377, December 24, 2007, law n. 244 ", published in the Official Gazette No. 114 of May 16, 2008, converted with amendments into law July 14, 2008, # 121 published in the Official Journal No. 164 of July 15, 2008; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 98 of February 11, 2014 (Official Gazette No. 161 of July 14, 2014) bearing the new organisational regulations of the MINISTRY of EDUCATION; Visto l'art. 30 of Decree-Law n. 5 of February 9, 2012 passed into law No 35 of the modification of legislative decree April 4, 2012 July 27, 1999 # 297, under which, for selected projects within the framework of European or international programs, it's due to be evaluated ex ante scientific or technical opinion on admission to financing by the Committee referred to in art. 7, paragraph 2, of legislative decree July 27, 1999, n. 297, and subsequent amendments; Having regard to articles 60, 61, 62 and 63 of Decree Law No 83 of June 22, 2012 converted with amendments by law No. 134 of August 7, 2012; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of February 19, 2013, n. 115, that art. 6, paragraph 1 provides, from the Ministry, the issuing of alerts with which defines the methods and the deadline for submission of projects, issues identified, as well as its limits and cost; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of March 14, 2013, n. 33: "reorganization of discipline concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and provision of information by public authorities"; View the joint programming initiative urban europe, launched to address transnational issues related to the recent and rapid urbanization, such as pollution, congestion, security and social cohesion to which Italy has joined through the Memorandum of understanding dated July 16, 2013; Given the transnational call launched by J.P.I. Urban Europe in June 18, 2013 date for the funding of research projects in the topics: 1-Governing urban complexity;
2-vulnerability, adaptability and recovery capacity of urban areas, articulated in the two phases of the project idea, or the preliminary proposal, to submit by September 18, 2013 and subsequent full proposal by January 21, 2014; Having regard to the supplementary national Alert # 1457 of July 26, 2013 which defines the subject, the activities and the nature of the eligible costs, forms and intensity of incentives as well as modalities for submission of funding applications for applicants; Having regard to the final decision of the Governing board of J.P.I. urban europe, communicated on May 6, 2014, with which it was formalized the ranking of proposals submitted and, in particular, the positive evaluation expressed in respect of the project "Incubators of Public Spaces (Incubators)," with the goal of creating a web platform to support the e-participation and multi-scaled urban governance — self-organization processes for the development of social and environmental sustainability; Since the project's group in Incubators include proponents of Italy: Politecnico di Torino, instance Protocol No 170 of January 22, 2014;
Comune di Torino, instance Protocol 189 of January 23, 2014; Given that the funding agencies of the participating countries, including, for Italy, the M.I.U.R., have decided to support the joint programming of research for the development of emerging technologies, called Urban Europe, whose ultimate goal is to facilitate the governance of urban complexity and designing beautiful and economically sustainable city, where citizens can live under better conditions; Having regard to the supplementary national Alert # 1457 of July 26, 2013 which defines the subject, the activities and the nature of the eligible costs, forms and intensity of incentives, as well as modalities for submission of funding applications for applicants; Considering that for this initiative, the Ministry of education has made available a total amount of € 500,000.00, in the form of contribution in spending, at £ 700,000.00 of F.I.R.S.T. and resources, in the form of subsidized credit, applicable for F.a.r.o. resources; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of December 19, 2013, n. 1049/ric. that defines the distribution of resources available in the Fund for investment in scientific research and technology (FIRST), for the year 2013 for the contribution in March 13, 2013, expense and Ministerial Decree No. 435/ric. that defines the allocation of available resources at the bottom for the facilities to research (for F.a.r.o.), for the year 2012 for the contribution in the form of subsidized credit;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. The international cooperation project INCUBATORS is admitted to facilities provided, in accordance with the regulations mentioned in the introduction, in the shape, size, mode and conditions indicated in the form attached to the present Decree (annex 1), which forms an integral part of it. 2. In accordance with the international project, the starting point of the project is set at May 5, 2014 and its duration is 36 months.