Identification Of Real Estate Owned By The Institute For Social Nazionaleprevidenza.

Original Language Title: Individuazione di beni immobili di proprieta' dell'Istituto nazionaleprevidenza sociale.

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The DIRECTOR Saw the September 25, 2001, Decree No. 351, containing "urgent provisions regarding privatisation and valorisation of public real estate development and real estate investment trusts", converted by law no 410 November 23, 2001 and subsequent amendments and additions; See, in particular, article. 1, paragraph 2, of that Decree-Law No 351/2001, converted by law No. 410/2001, which provides, inter alia, for the recognition of the public estate, identification, with decrees of the Director of the Agenzia del demanio, public sector bodies non-territorial estates; See, also, that art. 1, paragraph 2, of the same Decree-Law No 351/2001, confers on the State Property Agency tasked to proceed to the inclusion of such goods in special lists, without affecting the ownership of the goods; Having regard to the Legislative Decree July 30, 1999, # 300, and subsequent amendments and additions made by Legislative Decree July 3, 2003, n. 173; Having regard to the note prot. # 0017.18/08/2010.0010106, with which the National Social Security Institute has requested to identify properties of his property; Having regard to the note prot. # DT 5350-January 24, 2011, with which the Treasury Department of the Ministry of economy and finance has called on the Agency of the State to adopt the required measures in accordance with the rules referred to above; Having regard to the note prot. # 2015/2085/DGPS-SPA-FI of January 30, 2015, together with its annexes, the central management of State Real Estate Agency management of State property;
Decrees: Art. 1 are property of the National Institute for social security estates listed below: part of measure in graphic format