Agreement, In Accordance With Article 8, Paragraph 6, Of The Law June 5, 2003, # 131, Between The Government And The Regions, The Autonomous Provinces Of Trento And Bolzano Edi Local Authorities, Concerning The Minimum Deicentri Antiviolence And Shelte...

Original Language Title: Intesa, ai sensi dell'articolo 8, comma 6, della legge 5 giugno 2003,n. 131, tra il Governo e le regioni, le province autonome di Trento edi Bolzano e le autonomie locali, relativa ai requisiti minimi deiCentri antiviolenza e delle Case rifugio, previs...

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The JOINT CONFERENCE in today's meeting of November 27, 2014; Visto l'art. 8, paragraph 6, of the law June 5, 2003, # 131 which provides that, during the Joint Conference, the Government can promote the conclusion of agreements designed to facilitate the achievement of uniform positions or achieve common goals; Having regard to the note of November 20, 2014 by which the Presidency of the Council of Ministers-Department for equal opportunities, sent for the finalization of the agreement by the Joint Conference, the draft of understanding indicated in question, which was issued on November 21, 2014; Having regard to the letter of November 26, 2014 with which this Department has sent a new text of the measure in question that it was issued on the same date; Considering that, in the course of the present session of the Conference, the ANCI and UPI expressed opinion favorable to the improvement of the cartel in question, while the regions have delivered a document containing recommendations which annexed to this Act, an integral part thereof; Acquired the approval of the Government, the regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano and local autonomy;
Establishes agreement between the Government, the regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano and local authorities, pursuant to law no 131, June 5, 2003 as follows: considered: the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence adopted in Istanbul the May 11, 2011;
the law June 27, 2013, n. 77, with which Italy has ratified the Convention;
Decree-Law no August 14, 2013. 93, converted with amendments by law October 15, 2013, n. 119 establishing "urgent provisions concerning safety and to combat gender-based violence, as well as civil protection and Commissioner of the provinces ';
the art. 5 of the aforementioned decree-law providing for the adoption of a extraordinary action plan against sexual and gender-based violence» as per paragraph 2, lett. d) sets of ' increasing forms of assistance and support to women victims of violence and their children through homogeneous mode of strengthening the network of anti-violence centres territorial services and the provision of assistance to women victims of violence;
the art. 5-bis of Decree-Law No 93 of 2013 establishing equity-violence centers and homes ' refuge ';
the art. 3, paragraph 4, of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers from July 24, 2014 allocation of resources for the Fund for policies relating to the rights and equal opportunities 2013-2014 of art. 5-bis of Decree-Law No 93 of 2013, according to whom "and subsequent agreements, in accordance with art. 8, paragraph 6, of the law June 5, 2003, # 131, to enshrine in the Joint Conference by 2014, are laid down the minimum requirements that anti-violence centres and shelters also must possess in order to access the allotment of financial resources covered by the Act No 119 October 15, 2013»; Was therefore considered necessary to guarantee uniform criteria at national level, to identify the minimum requirements needed Antiviolence centres and Shelters;
It is understood: Art. 1 Definition 1. Anti-violence centres are facilities where they are accepted-free of charge-the women of all ages and their minor children who have suffered violence or who are exposed to the threat of violence, irrespective of their place of residence. 2. antiviolence centres, pursuant to the provisions of art. 5-bis, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law No. 93 of 2013, converted with amendments by law No 119 of 2013, are promoted by: a) local authorities, individual or associated;
b) associations and organizations working in the field of support and aid to women victims of violence, who have gained experience and expertise on violence against women, using a methodology of reception based on the relationship between women, with personnel specifically trained in the gender-based violence;
c) subjects of which a) and b), in concert, in agreement or consortium. 3. associations and organizations referred to in paragraph 2, point b) must: be entered to Albi/regional registers of volunteering, promotion or social cooperation or regional registers of registered non-profit organization at the internal revenue service or specially established regional bulletin boards;
have in their statutes the themes of the fight against gender-based violence, support, protection and care of women victims of violence and their children such as exclusive or priority purpose, consistent with the objectives of the Istanbul Convention, or demonstrate a consolidated and proven experience at least five years in the effort against violence to women.