Interpretation On Mandatory Reporting, The Meaning Of Art. 5 Of Law No 146 Of 1990, As Amended. (Resolution 15/26).

Original Language Title: Interpretazione sull'obbligo di comunicazione dei dati, ai sensidell'art. 5 della legge n. 146 del 1990, e successive modificazioni.(Delibera n. 15/26).

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The COMMISSION Said that 1. Article 5 of law No. 146 of 1990, as amended, provides that contracting authorities or undertakings supplying services referred to in article 1 shall be required to disclose the number of workers who participated in the strike, its duration and the extent of deductions in accordance with the rules in force; 2. the guarantee fee, by resolution of January 21, 1993, has already had occasion to state that the timely dissemination of these data-allowing the user to make reliable predictions regarding the impact on eventual strikes later proclaimed by the same Union-represents an indispensable integration of communications to users who have kept the administrations or enterprises supplying essential public services under article 2, paragraph 6, of law No 146 of 1990, as amended; 3. with this resolution, the Commission had established that the burden had to be acquitted under article 5 by forwarding data relating to national and local strikes, broadcasters and major newspapers, as well as to the authority itself;
Considering that 1. the dissemination of data referred to in article 5 by using the most modern technological resources would allow an immediate information on the actual performance of the collective conflict, allowing the audience to reach and impact considerations of abstentions in relation to the subject proclamante; 2. such methods would enhance transparency, also helping to ensure the total accessibility on the same work of administrations or enterprises supplying essential public services, the more necessary when the prejudices arising from the conflict will reverberate on the subjects users of public services, completely unrelated to the conflict dynamics; Seen thus, the need to implement the flows of institutional communication, through the use of information technology, so that users can access, with the utmost quickness, such information deemed useful; Expresses the following warning: under article 5 of law No. 146 of 1990, as amended, administrations or businesses supplying services referred to in article 1 of the above Act, are required during each strike, to publish promptly through inclusion on its institutional website, numerical data relating to staff adheres to the strike in terms of percentage of the staff on duty;
the performance of that burden absorbs any further fulfilment of communication, already provided for by the Commission by resolution of January 21, 1993;
It is understood any other reporting obligation established by law; Does the publication of this resolution in the official journal of the Italian Republic and the Commission's website, as well as the transmission to the Department of public administration at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Rome, February 2, 2015 President: Alesse