Revocation Of The Management Board Of "sa Student Societa ' Cooperativa», In Gonnesa, Placed Under Management By Commission.

Original Language Title: Revoca del consiglio di amministrazione della «SA Barita societa'cooperativa», in Gonnesa, posta in gestione commissariale.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of, the cooperative system and commissarial managers Viewed the art. August 2, 2002, 12 of Legislative Decree n. 220; Visto l'art. 2545-sexiesdecies C.C. Having regard to the Legislative Decree No. 165/2001, with particular reference to art. 4 co 2; Having regard to law No. 241/1990 and subsequent modifications and integrations; Seen the D.P.C.M. # 158 of December 5, 2013, "organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development"; Visto l'art. 2385, first subparagraph, second hypothesis c.c. It provides that in case of renunciation of Office by directors, such resignation to take effect from the moment the majority of the Board will be reconstituted following the acceptance of new directors; Having regard to the findings of the representative association's review concluded on June 5, 2014 and the subsequent investigation report of July 4, 2014, which means here, and from which they emerged at the expense of the Societa ' Cooperativa "SA STUDENT SOCIETA ' COOPERATIVA", established in Gonnesa (CA), of management irregularities, precondition for the adoption of this measure, including :-– construction to the building permit; -failure to the shareholder; -failure to appoint a new Board of Directors, noted that the cooperative has built in the town of Iglesias, 20 accommodation including n. notarized and assigned 15 n. 5 available following the resignation of four members; Since the resignation of n. 5 members with demand for repayment of the sums paid for a total of about € 370,000.00 has effectively blocked the activity of the cooperative endangering the business continuity of the institution; Taking into account that the cooperative fails to find new members from taking over the allocation of housing to members withdrawn; Given that, as a result of Executive Order No. 119 of June 22, 2012 by which the comune di Iglesias-urban planning department and planning-ordered the demolition of works performed in rim run from the building permit in subsidized housing development in Mount Cresia, n. real estate unit 13 detached houses built by cooperative; Noting that all the directors have resigned and the shareholders ' meeting held on second call on March 26, 2014 failed to elect a new Board of Directors as they were not detected individuals willing to take up the post. Having regard to the Ministerial 0223250 note sent on December 18, 2014 by which this Directorate General, pursuant to art. 7 of law no 241 August 7, 1990, notified the cooperative, launching the administrative procedure for the adoption of the measure under art. 2545-sexiesdecies given that on January 9, 2014 it is received to this Directorate-General a note by which the legal representative of the cooperative, in response to the notice of initiation of the procedure, said they agreed with the proposed action and to renounce counterclaims;
Decrees: Art. 1 it is lifted on Board of the Societa ' Cooperativa "SA STUDENT SOCIETA ' COOPERATIVA", established in Gonnesa (CA), C.F. 90002160928, established on March 14 April 1982.