Changes To Regulation 1 Of October 8, 2013 On Procedure For Application Of Administrative Fines. (Measure # 28).

Original Language Title: Modifiche al regolamento n. 1 dell'8 ottobre 2013, concernente laprocedura di irrogazione delle sanzioni amministrative pecuniarie.(Provvedimento n. 28).

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The ISTITUTO PER LA VIGILANZA SULLE ASSICURAZIONI having regard to law no 576 August 12, 1982 and subsequent amendments thereto, concerning the reform of supervision of insurance; Having regard to the Decree-Law July 6, 2012, n. 95, converted with amendments by law no August 7, 2012. 135, concerning urgent provisions for review of public spending with the invariance of services to citizens, establishing the IVASS and, in particular, article. 13, paragraph 20, which provides that falls within the exclusive competence of the Directory integrated, inter alia, the adoption of regulatory measures; Having regard to Legislative Decree No 209 September 7, 2005 and subsequent amendments thereto, bearing the code of private insurance and, in particular, article. 9, paragraph 3, which provides that the ISVAP (now IVASS) governs with its rules of procedure concerning the detection of violations and the imposition of sanctions; Having regard to Regulation IVASS # 1 of October 8, 2013 concerning the procedure for application of administrative fines; Given the changes in the organisational regulations of IVASS, approved by resolution of the Board # 112 of December 9, 2014 (report # 40/2014), containing, inter alia, the allocation to the service Inspectorate competence to treat the investigation of sanctioning proceedings since it started, with effect from the entry into force of the consequent updating regulation IVASS # 1 of October 8, 2013; Given the need to adapt to these organisational changes of the Institute the mentioned regulation IVASS # 1 of October 8, 2013, limited to any investigative skills of sanctioning proceedings initiated by Service Inspectorate, already assigned respectively to service prudential (insurance and reinsurance companies) and the security service intermediaries (insurance and reinsurance intermediaries);
Adopts the following decision: Art. 1 Changes in art. 3, paragraph 2 1. In art. 3, paragraph 2 of regulation IVASS # 1 of October 8, 2013, letters), c) and d) shall be replaced as follows: "a) Service Inspectorate: ensures and alleges violations; the investigation phase of care proceedings initiated by it;
c) supervisory review Service: ensures and criticises violations regarding supervised subjects other than insurance and reinsurance intermediaries; the investigation phase of care proceedings initiated by it;
d) security service intermediaries: ensures and criticises violations relating to insurance and reinsurance intermediaries; the investigation phase of care proceedings initiated by it; "