New Ways ' And Terms For Allotment And Allocation To Entry Year 2014, Contributions Payable To Municipalities Established Following Merger Or Merger Procedures.

Original Language Title: Nuove modalita' e termini per il riparto e l'attribuzione a decorreredall'anno 2014, dei contributi spettanti ai comuni istituiti aseguito di procedure di fusione o fusione per incorporazione.

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The GROUP DIRECTOR of local finance Saw the art. 15, paragraph 3, of the consolidated text of the laws on the local authorities ' order approved by Legislative Decree August 18, 2000, n. 267 and subsequent amendments and additions, which to encourage mergers of municipalities, provides for the total period of ten years, special extraordinary contributions proportionate to a dimension of transfers that accrue to individual municipalities that blend; Visto l'art. 12, paragraph 1, of Decree-Law No March 6, 2014. 16 May 2, 2014, convertito con modificazioni dalla legge n. 68, under which the extraordinary contribution expected by the called art. 15, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree No 267 of 2000 is provided by the following year when the merger planned by regional decree establishing. For those mergers that shall run from January of the year following their establishment, the ten-year contribution shall be paid from the same year when the merger; Visto l'art. 20, paragraph 1, of Decree-Law No July 6, 2012. 95, convertito con modificazioni dalla legge August 7, 2012, # 135, as replaced by art. 1, paragraph 118-bis of the law April 7, 2014, # 56, introduced by art. 23, paragraph 1, point f-ter), of Decree-Law June 24, 2014, n. 90, converted with amendments by law no August 11, 2014. 114, which stipulates that, as from the year 2013, the extraordinary contribution to municipalities which give rise to the merger, pursuant to art. 15, paragraph 3, of the consolidating Act or the merger under art. 1, paragraph 130 of law No 56 of 2014, it is appropriate to the twenty percent of transfers to State revenue attributed to the year 2010, within the limit of the financial appropriations, to an extent not exceeding 1.5 million; Given that the next paragraph 2, of the said art. 20 of Decree-Law No 95 of 2012, provides for them, except as explicitly provided, that mergers by incorporation apply all rules of the art. 15, paragraph 3, of repeatedly invoked testo unico about sorting of local authorities; Considered that paragraph 3 of the same article. 20, stipulates that the provisions invoked paragraph 1 apply for mergers of municipalities established in the years 2012 or later; See further paragraph 4, of the said art. 20, which refers to a decree of the Ministry of the Interior, not regulate, discipline of modalities and deadlines for the attribution of contributions to State revenue to the fusion of the municipalities and the merger; Having regard to the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the June 11, 2014 by which have been established, with effect from the year 2014, the modalities and the conditions for the allocation of contributions to mergers of municipalities; Considered that following the different discipline intervened on mergers between local authorities, the Decree June 11, 2014 is passed and then it becomes necessary, applicable from the year 2014, restate the terms and conditions for the allocation of contributions to the fusion of the municipalities and mergers by incorporation; See, also, paragraph 5 of the mentioned art. 20 of Decree-Law No 95 of 2012, which stipulates that, as from the financial year 2013, shall be deleted from the regulation approved by Decree of the Minister of Interior of 1 September 2000, n. 318, concerning the criteria for allocating revenue or funds allocated to finance municipalities fusion procedures and the exercise of municipal functions, inconsistent with the provisions of paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 of that article. 20; Considering that local authorities belonging to the territories of the autonomous regions Friuli Venezia Giulia and Valle d'Aosta, and local authorities of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, is not attributed the fee referred to in these regulations as they apply to the territories in which a special scheme for the allocation of transfer payments to local authorities or even to finance these autonomous provinces; Having regard to the Legislative Decree March 30, 2001, n. 165, as amended, laying down general rules on the sort of labour employed by public administrations; Felt, therefore, that the document to be adopted in the form of Decree is a purely administrative activities whose contents have management;
Decrees: Art. 1 purpose of measure 1. This provision defines, as from the year 2014, the modalities and the conditions for the allotment and assignment of contributions payable to municipalities established by the year 2014 as a result of merger of municipalities or merger.