Closing Of Oncohospital S.p.a. In Extraordinary Administration.

Original Language Title: Chiusura della S.p.a. Oncohospital in amministrazione straordinaria.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of, the cooperative system and commissarial managers of the Ministry of economic development in consultation with the Director GENERAL of the TREASURY of the Ministry of economy and finance Saw the Decree-Law January 30, 1979, n. 26 laying down urgent measures for the extraordinary administration of large firms in crisis, converted with amendments by law No 95 April 3, 1979 and subsequent amendments and additions; Visto l'art. July 8, 1999, 106 of Legislative Decree No. 270 laying "Nuova disciplina dell'amministrazione straordinaria delle grandi imprese in a State of insolvency"; Visto l'art. 7 December 12, 2002, Act No. 273, containing "interventions on extraordinary administration procedures" governed by Decree-Law January 30, 1979, n. 26, converted into law April 3, 1979, # 95; Having regard to articles 4 and 16 of legislative decree March 30, 2001, # 165, which dictate the criteria for distribution of responsibilities to executive offices; Visto l'art. 498, 499, 1, paragraphs 500 and 501 of the law December 27, 2006, # 296; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of industry issued jointly with the Secretary of the Treasury on February 14, 1995 by which the company Joined nursing homes was placed under special administration and were appointed Commissioners Dr. Raffaele Santoro, the lawyer. Paul van Viet and Dr. Claudio Macchi; Having regard to the subsequent Decree of the Minister of industry, together with the Secretary of the Treasury to date in March 7, 1996 whereby the extraordinary administration procedure was extended, in accordance with art. 3 April 3, 1979, law n. 95, the Group company: Oncohospital S.r.l.; Having regard to the decrees of the Minister of productive activities on March 10, 2003 and on April 19, 2005, which, in accordance with art. 7 of the law 273/02, Commissioners were appointed liquidators of group nursing homes Riunite Srl. AVV. Antonio De Feo, Dr. Antonino Parisi and Dr. Giovanni Morzenti in replacement of Commissioners ceased from Office; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of economic development in April 4, 2007 date by which, in accordance with art. 1, paragraphs 498 and 499, of the aforementioned law 296/06, he was appointed liquidator of the companies of the group nursing homes Riunite Srl in extraordinary administration Dr. Jenna Sam; Having regard to the request on September 11, 2014, with which Commissioner Dr. Jenna Sam calls for the closure of the extraordinary administrative arrangements; Given that, the Commissioner had done so on February 19, 2014, just exposes authorization, to deposit with the clerk of the Bankruptcy Court of Bari the ending balance, settlement, with the account of management together with the report of the Monitoring Committee; Noted that following the filing obligations under art. 213 of bankruptcy law, any dispute it was proposed in accordance with the law and that therefore the above documents shall be considered adopted; Considered that the conditions for the closure of the extraordinary administration procedure in a.s. in accordance with art. January 30, 1979, 6 of Decree-Law n. 26 above;
Decrees: Art. 1 are you prepared the closing of extraordinary administration procedure of the company Oncohospital Spa, with registered office at Bari, via Alberotanza, 5-tax code # 10,935,370,154, n. REA BA 331,246.