Annulment Of The Decree Concerning The September 22, 2014 Sostituzionedel Liquidator Of «2», Residenzadella V Housing Association In Milan.

Original Language Title: Annullamento del decreto 22 settembre 2014 relativo alla sostituzionedel commissario liquidatore della «Cooperativa edilizia Residenzadella Vaiana 2», in Milano.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of, the cooperative system and commissarial managers Viewed the art. August 2, 2002, 12 of Legislative Decree n. 220; Visto l'art. 21-nonies of the law of August 1990, n. 241; Visto l'art. 1, law no 400/75 and art. 198 Royal Decree March 16, 1942, # 267; Visto l'art. 37 Royal Decree March 16, 1942, # 267; Seen the D.P.C.M. December 5, 2013, # 158, embodying the organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development, for the responsibilities of supervision of cooperative; Given the directorial Decree # 108/SAA/September 22, 2014 2014 with which Dr. Stefano Verna has been withdrawn from the Office of liquidator of the company «cooperative housing association residence of V 2» with headquarters in Milan, already dissolved pursuant to art. 2545-septiesdecies DC, for not having fulfilled the submission of reports pursuant to art. 205 L.F.; Having regard to the complaint. Stefano Verna, received on November 4, 2014 prot. # 0193902, where it was given proof of the escalation in terms of the formal notice of 16.05.2014 prot. 0081267 of the documentation requested by the supervisory authority; Found that for clerical error acts sent by Dr. Verna on June 13, 2014 have not been scanned into the acts of the appropriate Department and were not therefore assessed within the framework of the proceedings; Deemed it necessary to provide for the annulment of a measure adopted at the expense of Dr. Stefano Verna with quoted D.D. 22.09.2014, not originally on assumption of fact on the basis of which the same measure was adopted, Decrees: sole article The directorial Decree n. 108/SAA/2014 of 9/22/2014 is off. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic. Against this provision it is possible to propose administrative appeal to the regional administrative court or extraordinary appeal to the President of the Republic under the terms and conditions of the law.
Rome, December 12, 2014 General Manager: Malatsi