Denial Of Approval To The Institute «S.s.o.p.», Soave Is The Wind In Rome To Set Up And Activate In Rome A Dispecializzazione Course In Psychotherapy.

Original Language Title: Diniego dell'abilitazione all'Istituto «Soave sia il vento S.S.O.P.»,in Roma ad istituire e ad attivare nella sede di Roma un corso dispecializzazione in psicoterapia.

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The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT for higher education and research having regard to act February 18, 1989, n. 56, which governs the profession of psychologist and establishes requirements for the exercise of the activity of psychotherapy and, in particular art. 3 of the Act, which makes the exercise of that activity to the acquisition, then the B.A. in psychology or medicine, of a specific professional training through specialized courses at least every four years, at University or graduate schools at institutions recognized for this purpose; Visto l'art. 17, paragraph 96) (b) of the Act May 15, 1997, # 127, stipulating that by Decree of the Ministry of University and scientific and technological research is restated the discipline concerning the recognition of institutes referred to in art. 3, paragraph 1, of that law No 56 of 1989; Having regard to the December 11, 1998, Decree No. 509, with whom it was adopted a regulation laying down rules for the recognition of the institution authorized to enable specialization courses in psychotherapy in accordance with art. 17, paragraph 96, of law No. 127 of 1997 and, in particular, article. 2, paragraph 5, which provides that the applicant is prepared on the basis of the institutions ' recognition assent expressed by technical-Consultative Commission under art. 3 of that Decree No 509/1998 and by the National Committee for the evaluation of universities, as well as the art. 5, which provides for the reiteration of the petition; See in particular art. 2, paragraph 5, of that regulation, which provides that the Decree of recognition is adopted on the basis of the assent expressed by technical-Consultative Commission and the National Committee for the evaluation of the University system and the subsequent paragraph 7, which provides that the decision for refusal of recognition, suitably motivated, is prepared with the same modalities referred to in paragraph 5 invoked; Having regard to the ministerial order dated December 10, 2004, concerning "modifications and integrations Ministerial ordinances December 30, 1999 and July 16, 2004, bearing instructions for submitting enabling instances to establish and activate specialized courses in psychotherapy '; Seen the Decree on August 3, 2009, with which it was formed the Technical-Consultative Commission pursuant to art. 3 of that regulation; View the instance with which the Institute «S.S.O.P.» Soave sia il vento asked enabling to establish and activate a specialization course in psychotherapy in Rome, via split, 14, to a maximum number of eligible students in each year of the course of 20 units and, for the entire course, 80 units; Given that the competent technical-Consultative Commission at its meeting on October 8, 2014, has expressed a negative opinion on the application for recognition by detecting gaps in the material presented and in the documentation and in the show, during the hearing, prompting school theorist plant legal recognition; that this request is sorely lacking from the perspective of scientific references, dated and strongly limited, do not take into account such things as the empirical verification of psychotherapeutic intervention, the diagnosis of psychopathologies, integrating and interdisciplinary dialogue with clinical and research areas are essential for training to the profession of psychotherapist; that, finally, the school proposal seems to be more in reference to personal training experience of the applicant that the knowledge and skills necessary to practice the profession of psychotherapist; Considered that for the reasons set out above the instance of recognition of that institution cannot succeed;
Decrees: Art. 1 the instance of recognition by the Institute «S.S.O.P.» Soave sia il vento, headquartered in Rome, via split, 14, for the purposes of art. 4 of regulation adopted by Decree December 11, 1998, # 509 is denied, saw the enthusiastic advice of technical-Consultative Commission under art. 3 of the aforementioned decision. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, December 17, 2014 the Department head: Mancini