Confirmation Of The Company «Sgs» Italy S.p.a., Milan, Pressionetrasportabili Vessel Qualeorganismo Notified Certification Pursuant To Legislative Decree June 12, 2012, # 78.

Original Language Title: Conferma della societa' «SGS Italia S.p.a.», in Milano, qualeorganismo notificato per la certificazione dei recipienti a pressionetrasportabili ai sensi del decreto legislativo 12 giugno 2012, n. 78.

Read the untranslated law here:

By Decree of the head of Department for transport, General Affairs and personnel navigation on December 22, 2014, company «SGS» Italy S.p.a. with registered office in Milan, via g. Garrett # 1/A, was confirmed as notified body for the certification of conformity of transportable pressure equipment directive 2010/35/EU transposed by Legislative Decree June 12, 2012 , n. 78 in conformity with the essential safety requirements, in accordance with the evaluation procedures referred to in Directive 2008/68/EC transposed by Legislative Decree January 27, 2010, n. 35, for products and procedures mentioned below: products: pressure vessels including gas cartridges, their valves and other accessories;
Tanks, battery vehicles/wagons, multiple-element gas containers (MEGCS), their valves and other accessories.
Procedure: assessment of conformity;
Extraordinary inspection;
Intermediate inspection;
Periodic inspection;
Reassessment of conformity.
This designation has validity until December 16, 2018.