Relocation Real Estate Advertising Services Department Of Schio, Vicenza At The Provincial Office-Territory.

Original Language Title: Trasferimento della sede del Reparto servizi di pubblicita'immobiliare di Schio, presso l'Ufficio provinciale di Vicenza -Territorio.

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The DIRECTOR of the Revenue Agency in consultation with the head of the Department for Justice Affairs of the Ministry of Justice having regard to act July 25, 1971, n. 545 rules containing the rules on territorial constituencies of reordering registries of the land register and related provisions; Having regard to the order of the Minister of finance April 29, 1972, published in the ordinary supplement to Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 269 of October 14, 1972 approving rules on reordering territorial constituencies of registries of land registers; Visto l'art. 64 of law June 18, 2009, n. 69, which States that the seats of the stemmed advertising real estate services sections, established in accordance with article 42, paragraph 6, of the rules of procedure by Decree of the President of the Republic March 27, 1992, # 287, may be transferred at the provincial offices responsible for competence; Having regard to the decision of the Director of the Agency of the territory May 10, 2011, published on the website of the Agenzia del territorio on May 10, 2011, in accordance with article 1, Section 361 of the Act December 24, 2007, n. 244, concerning the allocation of the functions of Registrar estate, where she was given the opportunity to identify specific organizational structures responsible for commercial real estate; Visto l'art. 23-quater of Decree-Law No July 6, 2012. 95, converted, with amendments, by law August 7, 2012, # 135, which placed, with effect from 1 St December 2012, the incorporation of the territory into the Inland Revenue; Considering that, in implementation of the aforementioned decision of the Director of the Agency May 10, 2011 territory, it was set up at the provincial offices of the Agency of the territory, now provincial offices-territory of the Inland Revenue, the Department of real estate advertising services and therefore each section detached real estate advertising is now a real estate advertising Services Department; Given that the advertising real estate Services Department of Schio is not operative in the City District Court seat; Given the opportunity, according to the needs of economy and efficiency of administrative activity, to transfer real estate advertising Services Department operates in Schio Vicenza provincial Office-territory;
Feature: Art. 1 1. With effect from February 28, 2015, the seat of Schio real estate advertising Services Department moved from the provincial Office of Vicenza-territory, on which it depends. 2. The territorial District established by the Decree of the Minister of finance April 29, 1972 for advertising real estate Services Department of Schio.