Determination Of Standard Unit Cost Studentiin Training Course, According To Art. Legislative Decree 8 March 29, 2012, # 49. (Decree # 893).

Original Language Title: Determinazione del costo standard unitario di formazione per studentiin corso, ai sensi dell'art. 8 del decreto legislativo 29 marzo 2012,n. 49. (Decreto n. 893).

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The Minister of education of University RESEARCH in consultation with the Minister of economy and finance having regard to Act May 9, 1989, # 168, as amended; Having regard to the Decree-Law May 16, 2008, n. 85, converted, with amendments, by law no July 14, 2008 121 on the establishment of the Ministry of education, University and research; Having regard to law no December 30, 2010 240, as amended, laying down rules for the organisation of universities, academic staff and recruitment, as well as delegates to the Government to boost the quality and efficiency of the University system», and in particular art. 5: a. Paragraph 1, lett. a) and paragraph 3, letter a, which provides for the "introduction of a system of accreditation. undergraduate courses ... based on the use of specific indicators ex ante defined by ANVUR for checking if you have suitable educational requirements of structural, organisational, Universities, teachers ' qualification and research activities as well as financial sustainability ';
B. Paragraph 1, lett. b, and paragraph 4, lett. f, which provides for the "introduction of standard cost per unit training for current student, calculated according to indices commensurate with different types of courses of study and different economic environments, territorial infrastructure in which it operates and the University, which connect the allocation of a percentage of the ordinary financing fund is not allocated pursuant to art. November 10, 2008, 2 of Decree-Law n. 180, converted, with amendments, by law January 9, 2009, # 1 '; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of January 27, 2012, n. 19, in implementation of delegation as referred to in point A above); Having regard to the Legislative Decree March 29, 2012, n. 49 giving implementation, inter alia, the delegation referred to above point B, and in particular art. 8 paragraph 2, which States that "the determination of the standard cost per student is defined by a decree of the Minister for education, University and research, in consultation with the Ministry of economy and finance, after consulting the ANVUR, ... considering the cost elements relating to: a didactic and research activities), in terms of staffing researcher and teacher for training the student;
educational services, organizational and instrumental b), including the provision of technical and administrative staff, appropriate training support services enforcing student;
c) infrastructures, operation and management of educational facilities, research and service of different disciplines;
d) additional cost elements aimed at qualifying the reference standards and commensurate with the type of disciplinary fields; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree July 21, 2011, n. 313-emoluments payable to holders of contracts for teaching activities where it is expected that for each hour of teaching the maximum amount due is equal to 100 euros, for each hour of teaching, net burdens of administration; Considered that the definition of the standard cost relative to the cost items referred to in art. a) and b) should have as reference indicators for the accreditation of study programmes; as regards the cost items referred to in letter c) and d) you should refer only to the overall standard of University; Given that, even in relation to the analysis of the characteristics of different courses of study and with particular reference to the different weight of credits in terms of average number of hours of teaching and lab hours front self-study hours, it is necessary to classify the degree courses having homogeneous characteristics in subject areas; Whereas in order to allow students to have an adequate level of services in terms of teaching instructional reference and administrative services, and instrumental, due to resource efficiency criteria and homogeneous quantitative standards to equal ' subject area, it is necessary to define a reference for students subject area; Given that the standard cost per unit training for current student referred to in this Decree represents a benchmark that, compared to the cost elements used, does not incorporate all costs incurred by the University but only those which according to a uniform nationwide approach can be traced to arbitrary standards; Taking into account the analysis of the 2010-2012 period data obtained from banks balance sheets and related ministerial students, staff of the University; Given that these standards are aimed at achieving a fair valuation of current students taking into account economic and territorial context in which it is located the University and to define an objective criterion for the allocation of a percentage of the quota of the ordinary financing fund not conferred with purpose Prize; Having regard to the opinion of the ANVUR on October 17, 2014;
Decrees: Art. 1 definition of current student 1. For the purposes of this Decree, the concept of a current student is referred to the condition of a person enrolled within the normal course of study. For this purpose are considered exclusively students enrolled at the University from a number of years complessivinon higher than the normal duration of the course attended. 2. part-time students are considered in relation to more normal their path and with a weight of 0.5.