Integration Of Funding From The Revolving Fund Of Memberstatein2005Asindicatedinthetableinparta, Law No 183/1987 For The Implementation Of The Planned Measures Dalpiano Cohesion Action Of The Campania Region. (Decree No 57/2014).

Original Language Title: Integrazione del finanziamento a carico del Fondo di rotazione di cuialla legge n. 183/1987 per l'attuazione degli interventi previsti dalPiano di azione coesione della regione Campania. (Decreto n.57/2014).

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The Inspector General CHIEF financial relations with the European Union having regard to law no 183, April 16, 1987 on the coordination of policies regarding membership of Italy at the European communities and the adaptation of domestic law to Community legislation; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic December 29, 1988, n. 568 and subsequent additions and modifications concerning the regulation on organization and administrative procedures of the Revolving Fund, pursuant to law no 183/1987; Having regard to Act May 17, 1999, n. 144, which, under art. 3, involved the transfer of technical and financial management tasks already entrusted to the CIPE, authorities, official for this area; Visto l'art. February 6, 1996 law 56, n. 52, concerning provisions for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from Italy's membership of the European Communities (Community law 1994); Having regard to the CIPE n. 141 of August 6, 1999, concerning the reorganization of responsibilities of CIPE, who moved to the Treasury, budget and economic planning determining, in consultation with the relevant authorities, the national quota of programmes, projects and other initiatives cofinanced by the European Union; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury, budget and economic planning of the May 15, 2000 on the allocation of quotas to national cofinancing borne of law no 183/1987 for Community policy which has set up a dedicated working group at the Department of State accounting-I.G.R.U.E.; Having regard to the CIPE January 11, 2011, n. 1 which were established guidelines and guidelines for acceleration of operations cofinanced by the structural funds 2007-2013 and the resulting possible reprogramming operational programmes; Having regard to law no 183 November 12, 2011, which, under art. 23 paragraph 4 provides that the aforesaid Revolving Fund allocates financial resources to bear, from a possible reduction in the rate of national co-financing of structural fund programmes 2007-2013, the implementation of measures of socio-economic development agreed between the Italian authorities and the European Commission as part of the process of revision of these programmes; Viewed cohesion action plan launched on November 15, 2011 and subsequent amendments and supplements, defined in agreement with the European Commission and shared with the regions and the administrations concerned, determining and implementing the strategic review of the programmes cofinanced by the structural funds 2007-2013 in order to accelerate their implementation and effectiveness; Having regard to the documents ' Initiatives of acceleration and improvement of effectiveness of interventions ', approved on February 27, 2012 and April 18, 2013 by the National Committee for the coordination and monitoring of regional policy; Having regard to the CIPE August 3, 2012, # 96, concerning the realisation of cohesion action plan as well as the informative to the CIPE 18 February (III phase CAP) and November 8, 2013 (IV phase CAP); Having regard to the CIPE October 26, 2012, n. 113 concerning the identification of the administrations responsible for the management and implementation of programs/interventions financed under cohesion action plan and its method of implementation; Having regard to the own notes # 29497 of April 6, 2012, n. 9307 of January 31, 2013, n. 84066 of October 15, 2013 and December 5, 2013 # of 100,952 relating to procedures for the use of resources allocated to the implementation of the said cohesion action plan; Given the further reduction of State financing charged to the Revolving Fund following the switch of the ESF 2007-2013 Campania regional operational programme, which has joined the cohesion action plan for the amount of € 100,000,000.00; Having regard to the note No. 27734 of July 23, 2014 by which the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs has expressed its consent to the implementation of measures aimed at the implementation of the planned measures by the Campania region action plan cohesion; Having regard to the note. 7684 of 1° August 2014 by which the Department of economic development and cohesion, on the basis of the decisions adopted by the Group cohesive action, agreed with the proposal from the Campania region for the achievement of the purposes of the said cohesion action plan; Having regard to the findings of the Working Group at the Department of State accounting-IGRUE, referred to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury May 15, 2000, at its meeting of November 17, 2014;
Decrees: 1. the resources deriving from the reduction of the State-financing charged to the Revolving Fund referred to in law no 183/1987 for the regional operational programme 2007-2013 Campania ESF who joined the cohesion action plan mentioned in the introduction, amounting to a total of € 100,000,000.00, are assigned in favour of the planned measures by the action plan cohesion for the Campania region as specified in the attached table which forms an integral part of this Decree. 2. The Revolving Fund will BREW the resources allocated to the interventions of the cohesion of the Campania region action plan, on the basis of requests made by the same region that has also the responsibility to carry out checks on the correct and regular management, as well as using resources assigned with this Decree. 3. The aforementioned region owner of lines of action of the aforementioned plan of action national monitoring system feeds cohesion QSN 2007-2013 with financial, procedural and physical implementation data. 4. this Decree shall be transmitted to the Court of Auditors for recording and subsequently published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, December 2, 2014 the Inspector General boss: DAS recorded at the Court of Auditors on December 18, 2014 supervising office acts Ministry of economy and finance, Prev. # 3975