National Co-Financing Of Some Italian Market Support Measures In The Poultrymeat Sector, As Referred To In Regulation Ec No 1071/2014, Under Law No 183/1987. (Order No 54/2014).

Original Language Title: Cofinanziamento nazionale di alcune misure di sostegno del mercatoitaliano nel settore del pollame, di cui al Regolamento UE n.1071/2014, ai sensi della legge n. 183/1987. (Decreto n. 54/2014).

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The Inspector General CHIEF financial relations with the European Union having regard to law no 183, April 16, 1987 on the coordination of policies regarding membership of Italy at the European communities and the adaptation of domestic law to Community legislation; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic December 29, 1988, n. 568 and subsequent additions and modifications concerning the regulation on organization and administrative procedures of the Revolving Fund, pursuant to law No. 183/1987 and in particular the Decree of the Minister of finance April 2, 2007, concerning the review of payment procedures; Having regard to law No 52 February 6, 1996 concerning measures to meet the obligations resulting from Italy's membership of the European Communities (Community law 1994); Having regard to Act May 17, 1999, n. 144, which, under art. 3, involved the transfer of technical and financial management tasks already entrusted to the CIPE, authorities, official for this area; Having regard to the CIPE n. 141/99 of August 6, 1999, concerning the reorganization of responsibilities of CIPE, which devolves to the Treasury, budget and economic planning-in agreement with the competent authorities-the determination of national quota of programmes, projects and other initiatives cofinanced by the European Union; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury, budget and economic planning May 15, 2000 on the allocation of quotas to national cofinancing borne of law no 183/1987 for Community policy which, in order to ensure the agreement referred to above CIPE n. 141/99, established an ad hoc working group at the Department of State accounting-I.G.R.U.E.; Having regard to the CIPE n. 89/2000 of August 4, 2000 on comprehensive guidelines for the intervention of the Revolving Fund for the implementation of Community policies, as referred to in law no 183/1987, in favour of programmes, projects and actions-financing with the European Union; Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) no 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 17, 2013 establishing a common organisation of the markets in agricultural products, and in particular art. 220; Having regard to Council Regulation (EU) No. 1071/2014 of October 10, 2014, exceptional support measures in the eggs and poultrymeat sectors in Italy; Considered that in the period between 14 August and September 5, 2013 he detected, Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions, the presence of a high pathogenicity avian influenza, following which it has been necessary sanitary measures aimed at curbing the spread of the epidemic; Considering that, as a result of this epidemic, the Italian Government asked the Commission enabling exceptional market support measures for eggs and poultry, as well as provided for by specific Community legislation; Given that implementation of the Regulation (EU) no 1071/2014 of October 10, 2014, you must indemnify the producers who have suffered damage as a result of health restrictions put in place during the reporting period indicated; Given that the mentioned Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013, art. the 50% cofinancing has 220 between EU and Member State of market support measures; Having regard to the note from the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies # 5970 of October 21, 2014, is estimated at € 17,529,264.64 the aggregate amount that Italy can allocate to the implementation of such measures; Considered that in view of the resources made available by the European Commission according to the aforementioned Regulation (EU) no 1071/2014 the Commission, amounting to 8,764,632.32 euros, equal to 50 per cent of the total expenditure, care must be taken to ensure that the relevant national public resources, amounting to 8,764,632.32 euros, too; Having regard to the findings of the Working Group at the Department of State accounting-I.G.R.U.E., referred to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury May 15, 2000, at its meeting of November 17, 2014: Decrees: 1. The national public co-financing for the implementation of certain measures of support of the Italian market for poultrymeat is 8,764,632.32 euros the Revolving Fund referred to in law no 183/1987. 2. Disbursements, based on co-financing referred to in paragraph 1 are carried out in accordance with the terms provided by law, on the basis of requests made by AGEA. 3. the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, the AGEA and regional paying agencies shall carry out all the controls about the occurrence, even on the part of beneficiaries, of the conditions and legal requirements that justify the disbursements referred to in point 2, as well as competence and ensure that community and national funding are used within the deadlines and in compliance with community and national legislation in force. 4. the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies announces the Revolving Fund resource reductions made by the European Commission, in order to adapt the corresponding share borne by the Revolving Fund. 5. In the event of a refund, for any reason, the European Commission, the said community resource Ministry and AGEA are also activated for returning to the Revolving Fund, referred to in point 1, the corresponding shares of national cofinancing already dispensed. 6. At the end of the intervention the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies shall forward to the State General Accounting Department-I.G.R.U.E. a progress report on the implementation of the same, with evidence of the amounts recognized by the European Commission and any amounts to be decommitted under the authorisation of expenditure from the Revolving Fund, referred to in point 1 of this Decree. 7. this Decree shall be transmitted to the Court of Auditors for recording and subsequently published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Rome, December 2, 2014 the Inspector General boss: Das recorded at the Court of Auditors on December 22, 2014 supervising office acts Ministry of economy and finance, Prev. # 4018