Determination, For The Year 2015, Of The Contribution Due From Insurance In Fact Being The Consap S.p.a.-Autonomous Management Of The Guarantee Fund For Victims Of The Hunt.

Original Language Title: Determinazione, per l'anno 2015, del contributo dovuto dalle impresedi assicurazione alla CONSAP S.p.A. - Gestione autonoma del Fondo digaranzia per le vittime della caccia.

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The MINISTER of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Saw the Legislative Decree September 7, 2005, # 209, bearing the "code of private insurance»; See, art. 303 of this code, and in particular paragraph 2, under which the Minister of productive activities (now economic development) discipline, by regulation, conditions and modes of administration, reporting and intervention of the guarantee fund for victims of the hunt; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of economic development April 28, 2008, n. 98 concerning the regulation on the conditions and method of administration, reporting and intervention of the guarantee fund for victims of road and the guarantee fund for the victims of the shooting, as well as the composition of its committees, under articles 285 and Decree 303 September 7, 2005, # 209; Visto l'art. 31 of that regulation, according to which by 31 December of each year the Minister of economic development determines by Decree, taking into account the results of the exercise are determined in the statement of the previous year's management, the extent of the contribution that firms are required to pay the following year to the Fund. Having regard to the report of the independent management of the guarantee fund for victims of hunting» exercising 2013, transmitted by the Chairman of the CONSAP, with note No 0121891/14 of May 15, 2014, which represents an opportunity to maintain for the year 2015 the contribution rate in the same measure of 5% at the time determined for the year 2014, equal to the maximum legislatively envisaged; Having regard to the decision of 24 December 2, 2014, n. IVASS-Istituto per la vigilanza sulle assicurazioni-concerning the determination of the rate for the calculation of operating costs to be inferred from the insurance premiums collected in the year 2015; Seen, therefore, an opportunity to confirm for 2015 the contribution rate to the extent of 5%, equivalent to the maximum expected, established for the previous financial year legislatively;
Decrees: Art. 1 the contribution that undertakings authorised to provide compulsory insurance for civil liability towards third parties deriving from the exercise of the activity of hunting, by weaponry and tools useful to the activity itself, are required to pay for the year 2015 to CONSAP-Dealership public insurance services S.p.A. -Autonomous management of "guarantee fund for victims of hunting» is determined in the amount of 5% of premium income in the same period, net of the deduction for management expenses established by decision IVASS mentioned in the introduction.