Forced Liquidation Of Societa ' Cooperativa ' Ojfnoblog Societa ' Cooperativa Sociale», In Udine.

Original Language Title: Liquidazione coatta amministrativa della societa' cooperativa «StradeParallele Societa' Cooperativa Sociale», in Pradamano.

Read the untranslated law here:

With resolution No. 2471 of December 18, 2014 the regional government ordered the forced liquidation, in accordance with art. 2545-l c.c., of the cooperative "parallel roads Societa ' Cooperativa Sociale" established in Pradamano, C.F. 02715770307, incorporated on October 15, 2012 for notarial notary dott. Aeral Dav of Udine and appointed liquidator Dr. Luca Campestrini, with studio in Udine, Via Cernazai # 2.
Against this provision it is possible to appeal to the competent regional administrative tribunal within 60 days of the full knowledge of that measure or extraordinary appeal to the President of the Republic within 120 days of the full knowledge of the same Act if the conditions of the law.