Transition From State To The State Of A Property Ingabbioneta Binanuova.

Original Language Title: Passaggio dal demanio al patrimonio dello Stato di un immobile inGabbioneta Binanuova.

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By a decree dated October 13, 2014, prot. # 5298, Ministry of the environment and protection of land and sea, in conjunction with the Agenzia del demanio, recorded at the Court of Auditors on December 3, 2014, Reg. # 1, sheet No. 4352, it was placed the passage from the State to the State of a former Tollbooth plumber and relevance discovered in the municipality of N.C.T. Gabbioneta Binanuova (CR), the distinguished of the same commune to map n. 7, 1 and 2 # 17, sub particle and particle 1 and 2 # 18, sub.