Presidential Instruction No. 1 Of 1980

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 1 Tahun 1980

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ips1 INSTRUCTIONS-1980 PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA number 1 in 1980 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION No. 1 of the 1980 INCOME RESTRICTIONS and the GRANTING of PERMISSION to the OPERATION of AIRCRAFT of the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: that in order to improve and cultivate the ability of industry and technology in the country, especially in the field of aircraft and helicopter industry, viewed the need to hold the ban on income and does not grant permission for the operation of aircraft of similar or have similar functions with aircraft produced domestically;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945; 2. Presidential Decree number 59/M in 1978.
INSTRUCT: To: 1. Minister of transportation;

2. The Secretary of Commerce and cooperatives;

3. the Minister of industry.

To: first: (1) prohibit the infusion and not permit imports of airplanes and helicopters that are similar and have the same function or with airplanes and helicopters has been, is being, or will be produced in the country namely the CASA C-212, BO-105, and PUMA 5-330; (2) does not permit the operation of new airplanes and helicopters that are similar and have the same function or with airplanes and helicopters above. Second: exceptions to prohibition the first just given by the President. Third: that is included as an airplane and a helicopter similar and or have the same function with the aircraft CASA C-212, and BO-105 helicopters and PUMA S-330, among others, is such that in a list attached to the Instruction of the President. FOURTH: this Presidential Instruction comes into force on the date specified.
Established in Jakarta on 29 January 1980, PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA ttd.

SUHARTO was PRESIDENT of INDONESIA INSTRUCTIONS APPENDIX numbers: 1 in 1980 date: January 29, 1980 I.    SIMILAR AIRCRAFT and or HAVE the SAME FUNCTION with the CASA C-212, among others: 1. TWIN OTTER 20PAX 2.   SKYVAN/SKYLINE (SD 3-30) 6 PAX/30 PAX 3.    BN 2 A-2 MK III TRISLANDER (UK) UP TO16 PAX 4.   Nomad (N 22 B/N 24A) 17 5 PAX.   METRO II (SWEARINGEN) 19-20 PAX 6.   BANDEIRANTE (EMBRAER) 18-21 PAX 7.   CANADAIR CL-215 15 19 8 PAX.   JETSTREAM SRS-200 (UK) 12-16 PAX 9.   METAL WATER AM-C 111 (GERMANY) 24 PAX 10.   DORNIER DO 28 SKYSERVAN 12 PAX (GERMANY) 11.   ARAVA IM 101/202 (ISRAEL) 20 PAX.   BEECHCRAFT B 99 AIREINER (USA) 15 PAX.   ISLANDER (BN-2A) 8-9 P A X 14.   MERLIN (SWEARINGEN) 6-15 PAX 15.   EMBRAER-12 X 9 PAX (BRAZIL) 16.   MITSUBISHI MU-2 JAPAN 2-12 PAX.   BFFCHCRAFTA100KINGAIR 13PAX 18.   BEECHCRAFT SUPER KING AIR 200 13 PAX.   DOMINION SKYTRADER 800 (USA) 12 PAX.   HAMILTON WESTWIND II STD (USA) 17 PAX 21.   MC KINNON C 21 G'IUIZB (GOOSL (USA) 11 22 PAX.   MOHiAWK 298 (USA) 25-28 PAX 23.   ROCHWELL 690 B TURBOCOTMANDER 7-11 PAX 24.   FIATG – 222 20PAX 25.   CESSNA CITATION I, II, III 8 – 15 PAX 26.   PIPER: CHAYENE, NAVAYO 6-8 PAX II.    HELI KOPTER SIMILAR and or HAVE the SAME FUNCTION with 105 among others: 1. BELL 206 JET RANGER 11 4 PAX/2.   BELL 222 7 PAX 3.   HUGH M S500/MD 4 PAX 4.   AGUSTA109 (119) 6-9 P A X 5.   GAZELLE SA 314 6 PAX 6.   LAMASA315B 4PAX 7.   DAUPIN SA 360 (3 g 5) 8 PAX 8.   ALOUETTE3 4PAX 9.   ASTAR 350 US/355/356 4 PAX III. A SIMILAR HELICOPTER and or HAVE the SAME FUNCTION with S-330 PUMA, among others: 1. BELL205 14PAX 2.   BELL212 14PAX 3.   BELL 212/214 B 2 PAX 4.   BELL206 13PAX 5.   SYKORSKY 76/S-78 12 PAX 6.   WESTLAND COMMANDO 28 PAX 7.   WESTLAND LYNK 10 PAX 8. WESTLAND W-30/34 18 PAX PRESIDENT REPUBLIC of INDONESIA ttd.

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