Presidential Instruction No. 13, 1983

Original Language Title: Instruksi Presiden Nomor 13 Tahun 1983

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ips13-1983 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION number 13 in 1983 ABOUT SCHEDULING BACK development projects which PEMBIAYAANNYA USE FOREIGN COUNTRIES or FOREIGN COMMERCIAL CREDIT PRESIDENT REPUBLIC of INDONESIA Considering: a. that as one of the measures for safeguarding the implementation of the development in the long run to overcome the consequences caused by the onset of the recession of the world economy, is seen necessary to do scheduling back development projects which pembiayaannya use foreign countries or foreign commercial credit;
b. that for the purposes of the letter a, the perceived need to take immediate steps to do scheduling back development projects which pembiayaannya use foreign countries or foreign commercial credit;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. The statutes of the MPR Number II/MPR/1983;
3. Presidential Decree number 10 1960 jo presidential decree number 17 in 1983;
4. Presidential Decree Number 45/M in 1983;
5. Presidential Instruction No. 12 in 1983.
INSTRUCT: To: 1. The fourth development Cabinet Minister;
2. Leaders of Non Governmental Departments;
3. The leadership of the Government-owned banks;
4. The leadership of the State-owned enterprises;

To: first: Perform scheduling kernbali development projects in their respective environments who pembiayaannya to use foreign countries or foreign commercial credit with considering Scheduling Implementation Instructions to Back the sebagainiana projects in the appendix to these instructions.

Second: In rnelaksanakan such provision at FIRST, that dictum held consultations with and following the directives Coordinating Minister for Economics, finance, industry and development supervision.

Third: Talks about scheduling back with The contractors and negotiations on the issue of financing with financial institutions for projects of existing konttraknya, Governing the procurement Team coordinated by goods/Equipment the Government formed on the basis of presidential decree Nomior 10 1980 jo number 17 in 1983.

FOURTH: special about scheduling back Aromatic Plaju projects South Sumatra, South Sumatra's Musi Refinery Alumina Bintan and Olefin Aceta as the presidential instruction No. 12 in 1983, its implementation is customized with the provisions in these instructions.

Five: Complete implementation of scheduling a return referred to in these instructions no later than at the end of July 1983.

SIXTH: this instruction entered into force on the date specified and to be carried out carefully and responsibly.

Established in Jakarta, on 19 May 1983.