Presidential Decree Number 19 In 1985

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 19 Tahun 1985

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Presidential Decree No. 8-2007 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE number 19 in 1985 ABOUT the PERKS of OFFICE the PROSECUTOR the PRESIDENT of INDONESIA, Considering: that the Office allowance for civil servants who served the Prosecutor as set out in Presidential Decree Number 20 in 1977 jo Presidential Decree Number 44 in 1983, viewed not comply again with the development of the State, therefore, need to be improved;
Remember: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
2. Law number 15 in 1961 about the provisions of principal State Attorney of the Republic of Indonesia (State Gazette 1961 Number 254, the extra Sheet State number 189);
3. Act No. 8 of 1974 about Staffing issues (State Gazette Number 55 in 1974, an additional Sheet State number 189);
4. Government Regulation number 7 in 1977 on the regulation of salaries of civil servants (State Gazette No. 11 in 1977, an additional Sheet country number 20, State Gazette Supplementary No. 3162), and Government Regulation No. 15 of 1985 (State Gazette Number 21 of 1985);
Article 1 (1) to the civil servant who served as the Office of the Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office allowances awarded each month. (2) the magnitude of the allowances Office referred to in subsection (1) for: a. the Attorney General is Rp. 415.000 (four hundred and fifteen thousand rupiah) a month.
b. the Young Attorney General is $380,000.-(three hundred and fourscore thousand rupiah) a month;
c. the Prosecutor who are hired according to the IV is Rp. 311.000 (tigaratus eleven thousand rupiah) a month.
d. Attorney who hired according to the III is Rp 207.000 (two hundred seven thousand rupiah) a month.
e. Attorney who hired according to the II is Rp. 138.000,-(one hundred and thirty eight thousand rupiah) a month.
Article 2 to members of the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia who was appointed District Attorney in the State Attorney's Office perks given Agency Prosecutors as referred to in article 1.

Article 3 are exempt from the duty Prosecutor as Attorney discipline punishment in order based on the Government Regulation number 30 in 1980 and the Prosecutor could not perform his duties due to other causes as well as the Prosecutor assigned to outside Agencies Kejaksanaan, are not entitled to receive benefits is the Office of the Prosecutor.

Article 4 the provisions of technical implementation of the presidential decree is further defined by the Finance Minister and the head of the State administration of civil service Bodies, either together or individually according to the respective field of duty.

Article 5 With the enactment of presidential decree, stated no longer valid: a. Presidential Decree Number 20 in 1977, about the Perks of Office of the Prosecutor.

b. Presidential Decree Number 44 in 1983, about the Perks of Office of the Prosecutor.

Article 6 this presidential decree took effect on April 1, 1985.

Established in Jakarta on March 8, 1985 PRESIDENT of INDONESIA SOEHARTO fnFooter ();