Presidential Decree Number 128 In 2001

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 128 Tahun 2001

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Presidential Decree No. 128-2001 Text copy _?.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NUMBER 128 in 2001 on INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT of STUDY TEAM GELORA BUNG KARNO STADIUM, PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: a. that in order to better regulate the management and utilization of State-owned assets and improve sports achievements at the national level, regional and international, has been formed for the study of Institutional Management Team Gelora Bung Karno Stadium with Presidential Decree Number 23 in 2001;
.,, b. that with respect to the formation of the Cabinet of Mutual and not to the completion of the implementation tasks of the team, viewed the need to fine-tune the institutional Assessment Team management of the Bung Karno Sports Venues;
.,, Considering: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution as amended by the third change of the Constitution of 1945;
., ,2. Indonesische Comptabiliteitswet (Staatsblad 1925 Number 448 as amended by Act No. 9 of 1968 regarding changes to Chapter 7 Indonesische Comptabilitetitswet (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 53 in 1968, State Gazette Supplementary Number 2860);
., ,3. Presidential Decree number 7 in 2001 about the change of name of the Gelora Senayan Sports Rink became the Bung Karno Stadium;
.,, First: formed a team of Assessment of institutional management of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, which is next in this presidential decree called for the assessment Teams, in the order as follows: 1. The REFERRING TEAMS.,, Chair: Minister of finance;

While he was a member of the Vice Chair: Minister of State-owned enterprises and a Member State;

Members: 1. Minister of the Interior;

2. The Minister of Settlement and infrastructures of the region;

3. Minister of national education;

4. State Minister of culture and tourism;

5. The Secretary of State;

6. The head of the national land Agency;

7. The Chairman of the National Sports Committee of Indonesia;

Secretary: The Secretary Of The Agency Of The Bung Karno Sports Rink Manager.

2. The TECHNICAL TEAM,, Chairman: Director-General of the budget, the Ministry of finance;

Deputy Chairman: Secretary For Minister Of State-Owned Enterprises;

Members: 1. Director General of financial institutions, the Ministry of finance;

2. the Director-General of sports, Departe-men national education;., 3. Director-General of Infrastructure areas, the Department of settlements and Pra-sarana Regions; 4. Deputy Secretary of State field of Pem-berdayaan Resources;

5. Deputy Field study of the law of land, national land Agency;., .6. Director Of Coaching The Country's Wealth, The Directorate General Of Budget, Ministry Of Finance; Secretary: 1. Chairman of the Board of Directors Executing Gelora Bung Karno Stadium;

2. General Bureau Chief, Office of the Minister of State-owned enterprises.

Secondly: Assessment Team on duty:.,, 1. conduct studies to the status and institutional forms of the management of Bung Karno Sports Venues in accordance with prevailing legislation in the field of management of State-owned assets.
., ,2. Perform due diligence (due diligence) that includes the examination of Finance (financial audit) and the examination of the law (legal audit) against the management of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium according to applicable legislation.
., ,3. Formulating the management infrastructure and means wisdom that is in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium as national assets to improve and develop the national keolahragaan.
., ,4. Coordinate the preparation of the establishment of a functioning legal entities carry out the management of Gelora Bung Karno according the results of the study team.
.: Team, third, the study continues the execution of the task team was formed on the basis of Presidential Decree Number 23 in 2001.
.: Team, fourth, the study of the secretariat assisted by functionally carried out by the Secretariat of the body of the Bung Karno Sports Rink Manager.
.,, Fifth: Study Team in carrying out its duties can ask for input and or assistance of government agencies or other parties.
., Team Assignments, sixth: the study ends no later than on 31 December 2002 and report the results to the President.
.,, Seventh: All costs that are necessary for the implementation of the Task Team Assessment charged to the budget of the Agency Manager Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.
.,, The EIGHTH: with the introduction of this Presidential Decision, then the decision of the President of the Number 23 in 2001 stated does not apply.
., NINTH: presidential decree, it comes into force on the date specified.
.,, Set in Jakarta on 20 December 2001 the PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, MEGAWATI SUKARNOPUTRI