Presidential Decree Number 64 (2002)

Original Language Title: Keputusan Presiden Nomor 64 Tahun 2002

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Presidential Decree No. 64-2002 Text copy _?.
Back of the INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NUMBER 64 in 2002 ABOUT the MONEY the AD HOC JUDGES HONOR for the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: that, in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of Ad Hoc Judges who handle the matter/commercial disputes and human rights at the Court of first instance, appeal, or cassation level, viewed the need to regulate the granting of honorary money for Ad Hoc Judges appointed to deal with the matter/dispute with Presidential Decree;
.,, Considering: 1. Article 4 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of 1945;
., ,2. Act No. 14 of 1970 on the provisions of principal Power of Justice (State Gazette Number 74 in 1970, an additional State Gazette Number 2951) as amended by Act No. 35 of 1999 (State Gazette Number 147 in 1999, an additional Sheet country number 3879);
., ,3. Act No. 8 of 1974 about Staffing issues (State Gazette Number 55 in 1974, an additional Sheet country number 3041) as amended by Act No. 43 of 1999 (the 1999 State Gazette Number 169, additional State Gazette Number 3890);
., ,4. Act No. 14 of 1985 on the Supreme Court (State Gazette Number 73 in 1985, additional State Gazette Number 3316);
., ,5. Act No. 2 of 1986 on Public Justice (State Gazette Number 20 in 1986, an additional Sheet country number 3327);
., ,6. Act No. 4 of 1998 concerning the determination of the Replacement Government Regulations Act No. 1 of 1998 about changes to the law on Bankruptcy becomes law (State Gazette Number 135 in 1998, an additional State Gazette Number 3778);
., ,7. Law number 26 of 2000 on Human Rights Court (State Gazette Number 208 in 2000, an additional State Gazette Number 4026);
Article 1 In this presidential decree is a Judge Ad Hoc is a person appointed from outside the judge's career that meets the requirements of professional, dedicated, and high integrity, living up to the ideals of State law and the welfare state the core of Justice for examine and resolve a matter/commercial disputes, human rights violations, and other disputes/specified by the Act.

Article 2 (1) to the Ad Hoc Judges given money.
.,, (2) Honorary Money referred to in subsection (1) includes the income tax in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.
Article 3 the magnitude of money honor for a judge Ad Hoc is as listed in the annex to the decision of the President.

Article 4 Money honor for Ad Hoc Judges who deal with human rights matters given calculated from the month in question deal with the matter.

Article 5, (1) in the case of judge Ad Hoc residing outside the jurisdiction of the courts adjudicate matters requires that the judge concerned travel agency, given the cost of transportation and accommodation.
.,, (2) the magnitude of the costs of transport and accommodation as referred to in subsection (1) is in accordance with the provisions applicable for the travel Office of civil servant of Group IV.
Article 6 Ad Hoc Judges who have been appointed and carry out the task of defending before the enactment of this Presidential Decision, given the honors of money in accordance with the presidential decree.

Article 7 Assembly of the judge and the clerk/clerk of the Surrogate Court hear the matter on the Ad Hoc Human Rights Courts and Commerce given the operational cost of completion of the magnitude set by the Minister of Finance upon proposal of the Minister of Justice and human rights.

Article 8 the provisions of the technical implementation of this presidential decree further regulated, by the Minister of Justice and human rights and the Minister of finance, either collectively or individually appropriate field of duty respectively.

Article 9 this presidential decree took effect on the date set.

.,, Set in Jakarta on August 31, 2002 the PRESIDENT of the Republic of INDONESIA, MEGAWATI SUKARNOPUTRI