Government Regulation Number 20 Of 2004

Original Language Title: Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 20 Tahun 2004

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PP 20-2004 Text copy _?.
Back COUNTRY SHEET Republic of INDONESIA No. 74, 2004POLITIK. The GOVERNMENT. Pemeritah Center. The Local Government. The Ministry Of State. Institutions. Minister. STATE BUDGET. Work Plan. (Additional explanation in the State Gazette Number 4405)
REGULATION of the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA NUMBER 20 in 2004 ABOUT the GOVERNMENT'S WORK PLAN the President of the Republic of Indonesia Considering: a., that the conduct of the Government implemented in order to achieve the goal of a country as mandated in the preamble of the Constitution of 1945;
., , b.  that the conduct of the Government, in order to set the budget of the State Expenditures and Income each year by law, as a form of State financial management;
., , c.  that determination in order to budget revenue and Expenditure of the State referred to in subparagraph b, compiled the draft budget of the State Expenditures and Revenues based on the Government's work plan as set out in article 12 paragraph (2) of Act No. 17 of 2003 about the finances of the State;
., , d.  that there is no legislation that can be used as a basis for preparing the Government's work plan referred to in subparagraph c;
., , e.  that based on considerations as referred to in the letter d needs to be assigned Government regulations about the Government's work plan;

Remember:.,, 1. Article 5 paragraph (2) of the 1945 Constitution as amended by the fourth Change the Constitution of 1945;
., , 2.  Act No. 17 of 2003 about State Finances (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 47 in 2003, an additional State Gazette Number 4286);
Decide: define: Government regulations About the Government's work plan.

CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1 In this Government Regulation is:.,, 1. Ministries is an organization in the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, led by the Minister to perform the duties of governance in a particular field.
., , 2.  The Institute is a nongovernmental organization of the Ministry of State and other agencies the budget users formed to carry out specific tasks based on the 1945 Constitution or other legislation.
., , 3.  The program is a form of policy instruments that contain one or more activities that are executed by government agencies/institutions or society that is dikordinasikan by government agencies to achieve the goals and objectives as well as to obtain the allocation of budgets.
., , 4.  The activity is part of the program which was carried out by one or several work units as part of the achievement of measurable goals on a program and consists of a set of actions the deployment resources either in the form of personnel (human resources), the capital goods including appliances and technology, funds, or a combination of some or all of the resource type as input (input) to produce output (output) in the form of goods/services.
., , 5.  The output (output) is goods or services generated by the activities undertaken to support the achievement of the goals and objectives of the programs and policies.
., , 6.  The results (outcomes) are all things that reflect the proper functioning of the outputs of activities in a single programme.
., , 7.  The Government's work plan, hereinafter called RKP, is doku-men national planning for a period of 1 (one) year.
., , 8.  Work plan Ministries/Agencies, hereinafter called Renja-KL, is the planning document Ministries/agencies to for a period of 1 (one) year.
., , 9.  Work plan and budget Ministries/Agencies, hereinafter called the RKA-KL, is the planning document and peng-budget that contains the programs and activities of a State Ministry/Institution which is the elaboration of a plan of work and strategic plan for Government Ministries/institutions concerned in one financial year and the budget necessary for me-laksanakannya.
., 10.  Local government work plan, hereinafter referred to RKPD, is the regional planning document provincial, district, and city for a period of 1 (one) year.
., 11.  Work plan of the working units of the device Area, hereinafter called Renja-SEGWAY, is a planning document for Device Work Units from 1 (one) year.
., 12.  The national medium term development plan, the next in-call RPJM national, is the national planning document for the period of 5 (five) years.
., 13.  Strategic plan for Ministries/institutions, the next in-call Renstra-KL, is the planning document Ministries/institutions for a period of 5 (five) years.
., 14.  Budget revenue and Expenditure of the State, which is hereinafter referred to as NATIONAL BUDGET, the annual financial plan is the Government of a country that was approved by the House of representatives (DPR).
., 15. The planning Minister is the Minister responsible in the field of national development planning.
., 16.  The Ministry is Planning Ministries/institutions led by the responsible ministers in the field of national development planning.
., 17.  The Finance Minister is the Minister responsible for finance in the country.
., 19.  The Ministry of Finance is the Ministries led by the responsible ministers in the field of finances of the State.
CHAPTER II Article DRAFTING points 2.,, (1) RKP is the elaboration of the draft National, RPJM contains macroeconomic framework including fiscal and monetary policy direction, priorities, work plan development and funding, whether carried out directly by the Government, which is encouraging community participation.
.,, (2) the preparation of the work plan and the funding referred to in subsection (1), use the Renja-TOS and the draft RKPD province, district, and city as material input.
.,, (3) further Provisions concerning the format and procedures for preparing the RKP is governed by the Minister of planning.
Section 3.,, (1) Renja-TOS prepared based on KL-Renstra and refers to national development priorities and indicative pagu and contains the policies, programs and development activity both carried out directly by the Government, which is encouraging community participation.
.,, (2) the programs and activities referred to in subsection (1), drawn up with the performance-based approach, the medium-term expenditure framework and integrated budgeting.
.,, (3) Program as referred to in subsection (1), consisting of activities such as:.,, a. regulatory framework aims to facilitate, encourage and organize development activities carried out by the community; and/or, b.  the framework of the public service and government investment aims to provide public goods and services that are needed in society.
.,, (4) further Provisions regarding the approach referred to in paragraph (2), organized its own within government regulations regarding the preparation of the work plan and budget Ministries/agencies.
Section 4.,, (1) Ministries/institutions that function set up and/or carry out direct services to the community, devise a minimum service standards coordinate with the Ministry of planning, Ministry of finance, and Ministry of State/related agencies.
.,, (2) a standard minimum service referred to in subsection (1), in-use as material input in crafting RKP.
Article 5, (1) RKPD is the elaboration of the medium term development plan area and refers to the draft framework, the RKP economic areas, the regional development priorities, work plan and the funding issue, both of which are implemented directly by the regional Governments and is encouraging community participation.
.,, (2) the preparation of the work plan and the funding referred to in subsection (1), use the Renja-SEGWAY as material input.
Section 6.,, (1) the planning Ministry carry out deliberations regarding planning of buildings to align between Renja-TOS and between dekonsentrasi activities and pembantuan tasks that are listed in the draft with Renja-KL RKPD.
.,, (2) Deliberations development planning referred to in subsection (1), arranged by the Minister further planning and Interior Minister either singly or together in accordance with the respective authority.
.,, (3) the results of the deliberation of planning development referred to in subsection (1), is used to update the design of RKP.
Chapter 7.,, (1) the design of the RKP are discussed in Cabinet to set into RKP with Presidential Decree no later than mid-May.
., RKP, (2) was used as a discussion of public policy and budget priorities in the DPR.
.,, (3) in the case specified RKP referred to in subsection (1), in contrast with the results of the deliberations of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES with RKP referred to in subsection (2), then the Government is using the results of the deliberations of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES by RKP.
CHAPTER III EVALUATION of PROGRAMS and ACTIVITIES, article 8, (1) the results of development programs should support the achievement of synergistically national development targets set out in the National RPJM.
.,, (2) the output of each of the activities in a single programme should support the achievement of synergistically the expected results of the program in question.
Article 9.,, (1) the Minister/leadership of the Institution is responsible in terms of policy over the achievement of the performance of the Ministries/agencies.
.,, (2) the head of a unit of Work as a power user conditioned budget responsibility for the achievement of the performance in the form of goods and/or services from activities carried out work units concerned.

.,, (3) Ministries/institutions make tri-wulanan performance report, and the implementation of the annual work plan and budget that contains descriptions of activities and outputs performance indicators of each program.
.,, (4) a report referred to in subsection (3), submitted to the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of Planning at least 14 (fourteen) days after the end of the quarter concerned.
.,, (5) performance reports being input and consideration for the analysis and evaluation of the proposed budget for the next year proposed by Ministries/institutions concerned.
Section 10.,, (1) Ministries/institutions conducting the performance evaluation program at least 1 (one) time within 5 (five) years based on the target and/or performance standards that have been set.
.,, (2) changes to program Ministries/institutions based upon the proposal of the Minister/Leader of the institution, after the evaluation referred to in paragraph (1), and subject to approval from the Minister of planning after coordinating with the Minister of finance.
CHAPTER IV TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS article 11 Any provision regulating Renja-TOS is declared to remain valid, as long as not contrary to and/or have not provided for in this Regulation.

Chapter V CLOSING PROVISIONS article 12 this Regulation comes into force from the date of promulgation.

In order to make everyone aware of it, ordered the enactment of this Regulation with its placement in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia.

.,, Set in Jakarta on August 5, 2004 the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnoputri Enacted in Jakarta on August 5, 2004 the Secretary of State of the Republic of Indonesia, Bambang Kesowo