Regulation Of The Minister Of Forestry Number P. 39/menhut-Ii/2011 2011

Original Language Title: Peraturan Menteri Kehutanan Nomor P.39/Menhut-II/2011 Tahun 2011

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BN 248-2011 fnHeader (); The text is not in the original format.
Back NEWS REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 248, 2011 REGULATIONS MINISTER of FORESTRY of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA NUMBER P. 39/Menhut-II/2011 ABOUT the ORGANIZATION and the WORK of FORESTRY RESEARCH HALL of MANADO by the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY the MINISTER of FORESTRY of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA, Considering: that in order to improve organizational performance Research of forestry Hall, need to establish the Organization and the work of Forestry Research Hall of Manado with regulation of the Minister of forestry.
Remember: 1. Regulations of the President of Republic of Indonesia Number 47 in 2009 about the formation and organization of the Ministries;
2. Regulations of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2010 about the position, duties, functions And Ministries Organization, duties and functions of the Echelon I Ministries;
3. Regulation of the State Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform Number PER/18/URM.PAN/11/2008 about the Technical Implementing Organization Guidelines on Environmental departments and Non Government agencies Department;
4. Regulation of the Minister of forestry Number p. 40/Menhut-II/2010 about the Organization and the work of the Ministry of forestry (Republic Indonesia in 2010 Number 405).
Notice: the approval of the Minister for Administrative Reform and the bureaucratic State apparatus according the letter number: B/806/m. PAN – RB/3/2011 on March 17, 2011.

CHAPTER I the POSITION, duties and FUNCTION of article 1 (1) Forestry Research Hall Manado is implementing technical unit in the research of forestry under and are accountable to the head of the Agency for Forestry Research and development.
(2) Forestry Research Manado Hall led by a head.
Article 2 Forestry Research Hall Manado has the task of carrying out research in the field of conservation and rehabilitation, improvement of forest productivity, environmental forestry and processing of forest products, as well as climate change and forestry policy appropriate legislation.

Article 3 in carrying out the tasks referred to in article 2, the Forestry Research Hall Manado organizes functions: a. the preparation of plans, programmes and budgets;

b. implementation of the research and the research cooperation;

c. Ministry of data and information, science and technology research results;

d. management of the facilities and infrastructure of the research scope of the Hall;

e. forest management research that is the responsibility of the Hall;

f. monitoring, evaluation and reporting of research; and g. the execution of the Affairs of the household and the porch.

CHAPTER II ORGANIZATION article 4 (1) Forestry Research Manado Hall consists of: a. The Subsections;

b. Program and Evaluation Section;

c. Section means of research;

d. Section Data, information and cooperation; and e. the functional Position of the group.
(2) chart of the organizational structure of Forestry Research Hall of Manado as contained in the annex to this regulation.
Article 5 The Subsections have a job doing the staffing, financial affairs, kerumahtanggaan and correspondence.

Article 6 Programmes and Evaluation Section has the task of doing the preparation material preparation of plans, programs, and budgets, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting the implementation of plans, programs and budgets.

Article 7 of section a means of research have a job doing research facilities and infrastructure management including the forest research and lab management, library, and administrative support of the filing and the implementation of the protection of research results.

Article 8 Section Data, information and cooperation have a job doing data management and information research results, data and information dissemination of research results, and the preparation and execution of the research cooperation as well as the monitoring and evaluation of research cooperation.

CHAPTER III FUNCTIONAL OFFICE GROUP article 9 Term Functional Group has the task of conducting the activity in accordance with the functional position of each based on legislation.

Article 10 (1) a functional Office Group consists of Functional Office researcher, Office of functional Machinists litkayasa and functional position of the other are divided into different groups of Office in accordance with the functional areas of expertise.
(2) each Office of functional group as mentioned in subsection (1) is coordinated by an energy functional defined by the head of the Agency for Forestry Research and development. (3) the amount of functional power referred to in subsection (1) is determined based on the needs and workload.
(4) the type and level of functional Office as referred to in subsection (1) is subject to compliance with the legislation.
CHAPTER IV the LAYOUT of WORK article 11 in carrying out the task, the head of the Hall, the head of the Subsections, the Head Office of the Group Chairman and Sexy Functionally obligated to apply the principle of coordination, integration, and synchronization in both the environmental unit of their respective organizations as well as with other agencies outside the Hall in accordance with the field of duty.

Article 12 the head of Hall, head of the Subsection, Section on environment supervision obligatory Hall against the implementation of a task to a subordinate and in case of discrepancy between the implementation of a mandatory task of taking the necessary steps with based on legislation.

Article 13 the head of Hall, head of section, head of Subsection of the neighborhood and the porch is responsible to lead and coordinate their respective subordinates as well as provides guidance and instructions for the execution of the duties of subordinates.

Head of subsection of clause 14, the head of the Section, and the Chairman of the Group's Functional Position in the environment following the mandatory Hall and comply with the directives and are accountable to their respective superiors and delivering periodic reports on time.

Article 15 Head Subsections, head of Section, and the Chairman of the Group's Functional Position in the environment report to the head of Hall Hall.

Article 16 each report received by the head of the porch, mandatory processed and used as a basis for preparing the report further and in order to provide direction to subordinates.
Chapter V ESELONISASI article 17 (1) the head of the Hall is the Office of structural Echelon III a.

(2) the head of the Subsection and Section is the structural position of Echelon IV a.

CHAPTER VI and WORKING AREA of article 18 (1) Forestry Research Hall located in Manado, Manado in North Sulawesi Province.
(2) the region of Forestry Research Hall Manado is a province of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo province and North Maluku province.
CHAPTER VII PROVISIONS COVER article 19 with the introduction of these regulations, then the regulation of the Minister of forestry Number p. 36/Menhut-II/2006 about the Organization and the work of Forestry Research, Hall revoked and declared inapplicable.

Article 20 regulation of the Minister of forestry began to take effect on the date of promulgation.

So everyone knows, this Minister of forestry Regulation enacted by its placement in the news of the Republic of Indonesia.

Established in Jakarta on 20 April 2011, INDONESIAN MINISTRY of FORESTRY ZULKIFLI HASAN Enacted in Jakarta on April 25, 2011 MINISTER of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS Republic of INDONESIA, PATRIALIS AKBAR fnFooter ();