Parliament Act No. 6 Of 6 June 2016 Amending The Parliament Act On Vocational Training And Courses In Vocational (Legal To Offer Other Training And Qualifying Courses, Exemption Clause Regarding Apprenticeship, Per

Original Language Title: Inatsisartutlov nr. 6 af 6. juni 2016 om ændring af Inatsisartutlov om erhvervsuddannelser og kurser på erhvervsuddannelsesområdet (hjemmel til at udbyde andre uddannelser og kompetencegivende forløb, dispensationsmulighed vedrørende lærlingekontrakt, pr

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Parliament Act no. 6 of 6 June 2016 amending the Parliament Act on vocational training and courses in vocational
(legal to offer other training and qualifying courses, exemption clause concerning the apprenticeship contract, clarification of provisions relating to school practice, statutes, etc. and repealing Rule Act on Oqaatsinik Pikkorissarfik)

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Parliament Act no. 14 of 6 November 1997 on Oqaatsinik Pikkorissarfik

§ 1
In Parliament Act no. 10 of 19 May 2010 on vocational training and courses in vocational training, as amended by the Greenland Parliament Act no. 3 of 4 June 2012, is amended as follows:
1. In § 5 the following paragraph. 5 and paragraph. 6:

"Paragraph. 5. Industry and business schools for the Greenland Government's approval, as part of a training offer Recognized ErhvervsUddannelsesintroduktions subjects and settlement of related samples.
PCS. 6. Industry and business schools for the Greenland Government's approval to offer higher education in the area of ​​the school will cover if similar programs are not offered by other educational institutions in Greenland. "
Second § 25 paragraph. 2, 3. section. replaced by the following:
"Practical Training may wholly or partly take place in the school practice, see. § 10 paragraph. 4, unless the student has rejected a directed offer of internship, including in a city other than where the student residence. "
Third In § 25 paragraph. 2 the following Item 4 .:

"The Government may, on application, grant exemptions from the requirement in the third section. If exceptional social conditions documented by declaration to that effect from the social services, not attributable to the pupil, means that the student can not receive the assigned internship. "
fourth § 34 paragraph. 1 is replaced by:

"Each branch school, see. § 31 paragraph. 1, managed by a board of 5-7 members appointed by social organizations under rules laid down for each institution statute. Industry The school's teachers and technical and administrative staff appointed to the board with a non-voting representative. However appointed to the Board with a representative of the staff at each place of study, the interbranch school has more than one place of study. A board member may not be appointed for more than two boards. In the event of the merger, see. § 33, the combined schools of the board continue a transition period of up to one year after the decision on the merger is taken, and a new board for the amalgamated school appointed pursuant. 1st clause. During the transition period the merged schools' board of drafting a new statute and rules of procedure for the combined school. "
Fifth In § 34 paragraph. 2 the following 3rd, 4th and 5th section .:

"The Board shall, within one year before the expiry of the Board term orientation to Naalakkersuisut about how many members the board is desired to consist of, and what the social organizations must be designating eligible in the next Board term. The Government may, within a period of 3 months after receipt of the Board's orientation comment on the desire. Does the Board wish need to change business school's statute, the board no later than 6 months before the end of the Board's term of office to submit a proposal to the Greenland Government's approval. "
6th § 46 shall read:

"§ 46. It is a condition for implementing a vocational training that between pupil and one or more undertakings is an apprenticeship or a training.

PCS. 2. apprenticeship contract or training agreement must include all of the program internship and schooling, including a possible apprenticeship. The Government may, on application from industry and business school grant exemptions from school with the necessary school training facilities, and can prove that the student can complete failure internship parts as school training. Students without training agreement on schooling, including school practice, are considered as students in vocational education who do not receive a salary from the employer.

PCS. 3. Are more companies party to the agreement, the contract shall specify which school and internships each company is a party.

PCS. 4. A company may by agreement commit to having a part of student training complete in another company or in school.

PCS. 5. The Minister approved vocational education that does not require apprenticeship or a training and school training scheme is not subject to paragraph. 1-4 ".
7th § 61 paragraph. 1 is replaced by:

"Within an amount set out in the Finance may receive grants to cover travel and subsistence expenses in connection with courses in vocational training."

§ 2
The Greenland Parliament Act shall enter into force on 1 August 2016.
PCS. 2. At the same time Rule Act no. 14 of 6 November 1997 on Oqaatsinik Pikkorissarfik.
PCS. 3. A board at the time of its entry into force has less than 1 year to the end of the term of office must submit the in § 1, no. 4, said orientation as soon as possible.

Greenland, June 6, 2016

Kim Kielsen

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