Parliament Act No. 3 Of 3 June 2015 Amending Rule Act On Remuneration, Etc. Members Of Inatsisartut And Naalakkersuisut Etc. (Inatsisartut Sets Leave Rules, Etc.. Inatsisartut For Members, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Inatsisartutlov nr. 3 af 3. juni 2015 om ændring af landstingslov om vederlag m.v. medlemmer af Inatsisartut og Naalakkersuisut m.v. (Inatsisartut fastsætter orlovsregler mv. for Inatsisartut’s medlemmer mv.)

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Parliament Act no. 3 of 3 June 2015 amending Rule Act on remuneration, etc. Members of Inatsisartut and Naalakkersuisut etc.
(Inatsisartut sets leave rules, etc.. Inatsisartut for members, etc.)

Modified repeals, hovedlov replaces information

Change Act No. 22 of 18 December 2003 on the remuneration paid to the members of the parliament and the government, etc.

§ 1
In Rule Act no. 22 of 18 December 2003 on the fees, etc. Members of the Upper House and our government, etc., as last amended by the Greenland Parliament Act no. 2 of 15 April 2011, is amended as follows:

First § 2 pcs. 2-5 is replaced by:

"Paragraph. 2. Inatsisartut lays down rules for the granting of leave and temporary absences from Inatsisartut.
Subsection. 3. Leave with payment may be granted only if a member of Inatsisartut legally absent, or in situations which, according to rules laid down under paragraph. 2, may be treated.
Subsection. 4. If a member of Inatsisartut in extraordinary situations leave of absence without payment, receive member no remuneration and expense allowance, or provide pension and not earned by seniority salary during the leave period.
Subsection. 5. A member of the Greenland Parliament, which has been granted leave to perform a task as a member of the Government of Greenland, receive no remuneration from Inatsisartut and shall not acquire for consideration seniority Naalakkersuisut period of leave. "
Second After § 3, the following new section:

"3 a. In connection with the related parties' death or serious illness is granted free travel by the then-current rules for Greenland Government officials."
3. § 6 reads as follows:

"§ 6. For Inatsisartutformanden, Naalakkersuisutformanden and to members of Naalakkersuisut granted in addition to the consideration of § 1. 1, an annual fee equal to salary bracket 38, incl. general allowance. The fee is calculated on the basis of the AS-G field from time to time agreement on the adjustment of civil service salaries, etc.
Subsection. 2. To Inatsisartutformanden and Naalakkersuisutformanden comes with a special supplement of kr. 120,930.
Subsection. 3. The members of the Government of Greenland, not members of Inatsisartut, an allowance equivalent to the salary of members of Inatsisartut after § 1. 1.
Subsection. 4. Inatsisartutformanden, Naalakkersuisutformanden and members of Naalakkersuisut receive a fee from the 1st of the month, they are elected until the end of the month in which the task is terminated. The fees are payable monthly in advance. Adjustment of the paragraph. 1 -3 said salaries and allowances follows the development of AS - G negotiating area.
Subsection. 5. made housing available for Inatsisartutformanden Naalakkersuisutformanden. Presidents do not pay rent of the property, but are taxed on an annual rental value of kr. 48,000. Government of Greenland will hold operating costs to the homes. The for housing related expenses are not included in the calculation of taxable income.
Subsection. 6. made housing available to other members of the Greenland Government. Members pay a rent of 60% of the rent, which is calculated for the dwelling in accordance with the applicable rules for the calculation of rent for properties that Greenland Self assign as staff housing.
Subsection. 7. The difference between the paragraphs. 6 stated percentage and the full rent for the staff housing is not included in the calculation of those persons' taxable income.
Subsection. 8. Housing provided under paragraph. 5 and 6 to be vacated in connection with the termination of the duties. Costs associated with the connection and moving out of such housing is covered by the Government of Greenland.
Subsection. 9. In accordance with the remuneration period assigned temporary housing. Paid rent for the then-current rules for calculating the rent in the Greenland Home Rule udlejningsboli-costs. The home must be vacated at after consideration ceased.
Subsection. 10. For Naalakkersuisutformanden and for members of Naalakkersuisut considered sickness and absence in connection with related parties in death or serious illness as legitimate absence. In the absence are entitled to free travel by the then-current rules for Greenland Government officials.
Subsection. 11. Naalakkersuisutformanden and for members of Naalakkersuisut regarded leave in connection with pregnancy, childbirth and adoption of lawful excuse. "

§ 2
This Parliament Act shall enter into force on 1 July 2015.

Greenland, June 3, 2015

Kim Kielsen