Ratification Of The Act Of Legislative Content "general Population And Housing Census".

Original Language Title: Ratification of the Act of Legislative Content “General Population and Housing Census”.

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Article first Ratified and has the force of law from µ µ public following its publication in the Official Journal of µ Gazette from May 9, 2011 Practice # µ µ legislative Content view ' Apogra-cribe Population Conducting µ – Housing Agency», published in µ µ µ e No 1782/2003 what the Sheet 106 µ Journal Gazette Newspaper (issue I), which reads as follows: "ACT LEGISLATIVE CONTENT Census Population number µ – Houses the President of HELLENIC REPUBLIC having regard to : 1. paragraph 1 of article 44 of the Constitution, µ 2. extremely urgent, unpredictable and epitakti-tion is need to carry out the General Census Plithy-µ – Housing Agency in 2011, which is not in µ µ d period from 30.3.2011 to 13.4.2011, as it was set with the µ 1524/C5-473/14.2.2011 joint ypoyr-official decision (B 422), because of the involved referred µ 9/2011 practice Vii Climate audit Council akioy µ-nedrioy reasons ,

3. the fact that the above Act of the Seventh Clinical akioy µ of the Court revoked the 584/µ 2011 Court decision, µ published on 11.3.2011, 4. the need for the General Population Census µ-Houses in short period µ µ µ after conducting a census of buildings (from 1.2.2011 until 28.2.2011), so the elements of µ s-pografis buildings axiopoiisi µ á as comparable census data µ µ s a µ-population census-Ms-rehabilitating social housing, 5. the 52/2011 Data protection authority decision-µ, 6. the proposal of the Council of Ministers µ.

S p a s t o f g h µ e: Article 1 1. The General Population Census µ-Homes from the Hellenic statistical authority (El. STAT.) to be held from 10.5.2011 to 24.5.2011, µ µ µ e the date reference date of May 9th 2011 items.

2. for the purpose of the General inventory, the ve-dose decisions and circulars of the President of EL. STAT., the Working Party µ, µ Project group in EL. STATS. and the other institutions of the inventory, the APO-damage compensation paid µ in every kind of organs of the inventory and conducting sample labour force survey coverage µ, µ have been applied the provisions of 1524/C5-473/14-2-2011 joint decision of the Ministers of Interior-tural and behavioural, decentralisation and e-governance, economic, financial, External µ, µ s National Defence and Protec-tion of Citizen ' Proclamation of General Inventories of buildings and Population number µ – Housing during the years 2010-2011 "(II, 425), which ratified the µ-roussa Act # µ µ Content, most notably when µ f-Ross that is not contrary to the provisions thereof.

3. Acts, regulations and individual help sections that µ-ing and issued by the designated a µ on joint ministerial decision bodies in view of Apogra-µ * Population-Houses that were to take place the period from µ 30.3.2011 – 13.4.2011, KY-rwnontai and are considered valid.

VOULI TON ELLINON EXTRACT Cfi. From the official µ a transcript of ROST΄, 14 July 2011, no. Meeting plenary session of µ, in which Diekp. passed the following draft laws µ th: Ratification Act # µ µ legislative Content view "Census Population number µ – Homes» Article 2 Subject of µ under article 1 General Population Census number µ – Houses are the following elements-files, as they specialize in µ prosartw into this Practice, as Annex µ, Inventory Sheets – Household Residence (form p-1.1) and Individual Inventory µ (form w-1.2), Centralized State-Housing households – grafentwn – Permanently controlled Spaces and collective µ Seats µ (form k-1) , Del-CADE Inventory Collective Accommodation µ (form p-2.1) and the Census People th µ µ Collective Accommodation (EDI-Po p-2.2) and Guest Status including People µ µ s (fre-ntypo BC), which are integral t µ or µ of this Act: a. Census data space: 0. Geographical identification number µ µ agglomerations and postal-address of residence 1 µ. Type of dwelling Characteristics normal residence 2. Housing situation 3. Type of building where the dwelling is located 4. Construction period Comforts normal residence or otherwise permanently-proposed area 5 µ. Total area of dwelling (µ 2) 6. No 2377/90 µ µ normal number see kitchen notes outside 7. Kitchen 8. Water supply 9. Bath or shower 10. Toilet or WC 11. Heating µ marking 12. Insulation of residence 13 household Amenities. Main use µ µ informed energy source employed 14. No 2377/90 µ car number and parking places at the disposal of the undertaking µ household 15. Internet connection 16. Recycling household waste 17 issues µ µ. Ownership of the dwelling (proprietary, µ e e-noikio etc.) b. Elements and relations of µ µ µ name Names household the household members and relations µ s-µ geneias µ or between them the c. Inventory Sheet People µ th 1. Surname only µ µ and s apografo µ µ d employer, only the father or spouse, only a mother µ µ 2. Sex 3. The µ µ date of birth 4. Relationship µ e a. household household member AA. Present or temporarily absent BB. Dianyktereyse Monday 05.09.2011 in the µ µ permanent residence or elsewhere b. Temporary guest worker's µ (persons who dianykte µ-an embargo in this House on Monday 9/5/2011 and if this has been determined or will determined in permanent µ µ the home) c. Temporary guest worker's µ (persons who not diany µ-ktereyse in this House on Monday 9/5/2011 and this has not been determined and will not be determined in the permanent residence µ µ) 5. Marital status 6. Geographic identification number µ or µ country settlements Exo-µ µ terikoy of permanent residence of his mother apogra µ-BR µ confiscations at birth 7. Citizenship 8. Public municipal µ section (former Municipalities µ nd or Community) in public registers µ whose party is µ egge apografo-µ µ married 9. Geographic identification number µ µ µ previous merger settlements e-Justice by residence in Greece µ and the date of µ µ reins frame-

ING (if the actual installation took their last-µ taioys µ 12 months, otherwise you will be prompted only year µ) in the place of permanent residence µ µ 10. Previous information by µ µ residence in foreign country, µ µ e-Po installation date in Greece (though the actual installation took µ µ in the past 12 months, diff-observe µ is prompted only a year), the country added by µ µ previous residence and main reason for establishment in El-LADA 11. Education level 12. Degree (educational institution µ a, school, t µ or µ-s, country) 13. Main occupation of apografo µ µ group proposed a week from 3 to 9 May 2011 14. Description of economic activity during the µ-to µ or of undertaking work week group a µ-INCE 3 to May 9, 2011 or the last time their-Ed the µ apografo party 15. Description of profession system 16 µ. Employment status 17. Working hours (usual hours per week µ s-da, working hours per week from Group 3 µ – 9 May 2011, why µ µ including reduced employment the week-µ group from 3 to 9 May 2011) 18. Geographic identification number of place of work µ (Hou-in µ or foreign country) 19. No 2377/90 µ µ s the number of persons working at the store a µ or undertaking work or last job 20. Main source of livelihood 21. No 1782/2003 number of live born children µ (µ only for female).
D. Inventory Bulletin Collective Accommodation µ: 1. Geographical identification number µ µ d-other collective mains 2. Kind of collective accommodation µ 3 System. Title or designation of natural µ or µ legal lead-Noh or the µ or of the undertaking in which a registrant-Kei.
E. Individual Inventory Sheet µ µ d Other Collective th-Tosh for people who take µ µ d paid "Apogra Bulletin-cribe People th µ µ Collective Accommodation (Form p-2.2), in question 5 µ ' marital status ' we will ask-ing your answer for cases 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Article 3 1. After the end of the General Population Census number µ – Houses and taking into account the information obtained from the Census of buildings, El. STATS. prepares database µ, which is-Tai from all µ variables collected per APO-µ µ grafo Eno person o. base data that lead to the identification of persons involved µ µ apografo (as surname the name µ µ µ d only a father or spouse, only µ µ s ite-RAS, µ µ date of birth, street and number residence µ) 2 observed in El. STATS. µ e safe way, separately, and are deleted at the latest three (3) years following the µ µ µ e-Roma census reference date. The payment µ µ a inventory sheets destroyed also the argote-ro µ within the above time-µ.

2. On the basis of census data published in the Statistical Population Register created µ µ µ e number for the sole purpose of conducting samples was research population µ µ, residences and buildings and household research unit µ or µ persons. It includes µ µ rate includes everything-non of all involved persons µ µ apografo, who is not allowed to exceed 40%. With presidential by-tag µ µ a issued a proposal of the Minister of Economic-financial defined the µ µ µ public method of creation Records-th, the procedures and the way information of EDF µ µ-blitwn, administration and other sources that will use the µ-rewarding the El. STATS., maintenance time, that does not exceed µ time of the next census, quo µ and the organisational and technical security measures µ in accordance with the µ µ µ followed practices internationally.

Article 4 For the purpose of carrying out the Population Census number General µ – residences and buildings of 2011 application µ apply in other respects, the provisions of texts including µ # µ law (Legislative Decree 271/1956, n. 2392/1996, Decree 168/2008, n. 3832/2010, whatever-that apply) and the # POS protection legislation µ-mentary µ, if data do not conflict with the provisions of this Act # legislative Content µ µ.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Article 5 the validity hereof, which shall be ratified # µ µ µ professions in accordance with the conditions in paragraph 1 µ Arti-article 44 of the Constitution, µ begins of µ its publication in Official Journal Gazette µ.

Athens, May 9, 2011, the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC KAROLOS GR. PAPOULIAS pm GEORGE a. PAPANDREOU MEMBERS of the YPOYRGIKOY COUNCIL John Ragoussis, George Papaconstantinou, µ: Charles Droutsas, Evangelos Venizelos, Konsta-Dina Birr local µ, Anna By µ antopoyloy, Lucia – Thar-sitsa Katseli, Andreas Loverdos, Constantine Skandalidis, Christos Papoutsis, Paul Geroyla-Nos, John By antidis, µ µ µ Charala posh Us poykis, Maria – Eliza Xenogiannakopoulou, Panagiotis Mpa-glitis, Nikolaos Sifunakis, Bright Born µ uring, Gi-wrgios Koutrou µ anis , Civilian Chytiris µ ' Remote.

Article second law power µ th this beginning of publication in the Journal µ µ Journal Gazette.