Amendment Of Law 3213/2003 "declaration And Audit Of The Assets Of Members Of Parliament, Public...

Original Language Title: Amendment of law 3213/2003 “Declaration and audit of the assets of members of parliament, public...

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Article 1 1. The estimates of µ article 21 of Law 3023/2002 (1st 146) Commission expands µ µ µ with the participation of a teacher of Economic legal µ µ University of Athens and e-States Professor t µ or µ µ annex financial University No.1 µ µ defined Athens µ e including their deputies in accordance with the provisions in force and participate in this µ µ µ o-loklirwsews up those proposed project then µ µ µ, in accordance with the µ µ atikws payments to the already-existing ones for this hip, provisions that follow.
The Commission's aim with this special µ synthesis sho-Yes the recheck or initial control of says s assets years 1974 through 2012 of alive µ policies including found (parliamentary and from outside Parliament) that were or are placed, by the year 1974 until 2012 Premiers, archi-goi issues µ µ political parties represented in the National Parliament, Ministers wor- , Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Government, as well as spouses and minor children.

2. recheck or initial control of dilw-ings assets by the Committee established by article 21 of Law 3023/2002 (Α΄ 147) µ, beyond finding the true purpose of these µ content, comparative analysis of generally economic legal status µ-ing the foregoing persons, as well as spouses and minors, two (2) years ago, throughout the period of ownership of the property and for two (2) years after µ, for any reason, termination of membership, as well as calibration, if during the above period µ, the acquisition of new or enhance existing assets including µ of the above persons, self-kaiologeitai from the height of all kinds of income, coupled with the µ µ what their living costs.

3. The Chairman and the members of the Committee enjoy µ µ ¢-mind in carrying out their duties place-educative, administrative and operational independence and not-p µ µ bound only by law the µ and their conscience.

4. The Commission shall be convened µ e President's decision. Within one (1) month from µ µ-of this article, shall be forwarded to this list of controlled persons involved µ and every other element that may assist µ the Commission's work. The in-season drafted µ µ e tion session of President of Vou-bi.

5. To fulfil its mission, the Commis-sion µ may entrust the performance of accounting or financial reality µ kono-µ µ rather expertise or other control acts to auditors and special science µ o-Ness, who examine detailed µ detail the submitted declarations of assets and accompanying documents and prepare a detailed report submitted to the Committee for aiding the Proje-Wu.

6. By decision of the President of the House specifically for the task of testing the assets of the above-mentioned persons by the Commission of article 21 of Law 3023/2002 (Α΄ 147) µ e when Fri. 1 of this expanded a composition and µ µ only speci-fied the µ of Auditors and special scientific experts µ, the conditions and procedure for certain µ, and any other relevant issues µ s.

7. In testing conducted by the Commission, Ms.-bid and for conducting audit Act µ s that are carried out at the behest of sworn auditor gktes, µ not apply the provisions for the banking, financial and tax secrecy atistiriako µ.

8. The Commission and the Auditors probai-mind in all appropriate and necessary, for the epitey-GREEK PARLIAMENT EXTRACT Cfi. From the official tisRIE΄ µ a Practical, 27 March 2012, no. Meeting plenary session of µ, in which Diekp. passed the following statement µ law th: amendment of law No. 3213/2003 Declaration and control of assets of members, public officers, µ SME owners and other categories of persons "and other provisions start of purpose of re-screening, µ I µ law action. Applications lodged relate in particular to: (a)) to request information from any authority, Agency or body of the µ µ osi public-or private sector µ, µ prohibited informed consent or the consent of checking µ, which have a-ntistoichws, the obligation to provide the required information and µ items found in their universal and guarantees-b) to order the production of documents and setting µ calling µ witnesses , which are considering in µ-to µ (e) the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code Diko-# µ. During the audit, the Committee, by its Chairman, µ may invite the µ controlled subjects to give clarifications or to produce evidence of Council µ µ µ r information documents effectively information within explicit time limits not-in µ-limit of twenty (20) days, which µ µ µ can be extended by decision of the President, for isochronous interval µ s.

9. Whoever e µ µ e hamper any way the ELE-gktiko project and, in particular, refuses to provide information to the Commission what punished µ µ e at least imprisonment-to the six (6) months µ.

10. the cost of the operation of the Committee's heavy-trol µ Budget whatever the House.

11. By decision of the President of the Chamber of deputies that µ o-µ shall the Journal of Government, regulatory issues µ µ is recalled every a on the subject of µ, in e-process control, as well as the Organization and functioning of the Committee on re-testing of declarations of peri-oysiakis status of the above persons.

12. a) the Commission's audit is completed within one (1) year of the publication ofthis µ.
b) After the end of the inspection drawn up analytical report which is attached as annex a. µ any auditor report. The Commission report, the annex µ µ s a µ presented immediately to the speaker of the House and published, µ µ e care of Perfor-

broadcasting, at least two daily newspapers, the µ µ wide circulation newspapers. If it is determined a need for investigating fundamental issues µ I µ e fall within the tax jurisdiction µ or other authority, the report shall be sent to such authority.
c) in particular, where the performed check reveals unjustified acquisition or enhancement to traditional elements of seizing them-controlled biochemical µ person, his/her spouse or minor child, ordered, from the Directorate General of tax audits of Ypoyr-Economic geioy µ interests, at the expense of checking order, µ up to administrative or criminal courts, freezing bank accounts commitment µ µ s and porting, municipalities µ EV-importance of such asset or cost funding agency µ µ µ sum of equal value with the property benefit
that unduly received or applied himself, his spouse or minor child of and drawn-out nursing report, which is sent to the Commissioner General of the State in the Court of Auditors. If criminal liability case arises, the report shall be sent to the competent µ for the criminal prosecution body. The cost of financing number µ µ sum is made in favour of the µ-wheat from the µ t µ or µ Officer (a) the Court of Auditors, in accordance with the µ µ.

Article 2 paragraph 2 of article 2 of law No. 3213/2003, anti-becomes as follows: ' 2. a. declarations of assets of persons mentioned in para. 1 of the previous article shall be in allowing a µ a special form, which under-implemented in electronic processing by independent qualified µ database, which is installed for that purpose.
After computer processing, you must prominently retail units-total assets and their value per asset class, and, in particular: (a)) the total value of the property, as determined in accordance with µ µ µ d the system of objective µ e-WINS values and where this is not the case, even the identify µ-mated the value and date of acquisition that TS-any listed in the title , b) the total amount in euros (€) of each deposit maintained form µ-kept out at banks, the µ ieytiria µ edapa other or foreign credit institutions µ g), the total value of µ, µ µ µ units or shares in the µ edapa and Allo-allowance # persons µ, µ scheme and other chrew-characteristics of securities of any kind, the µ µ d shares common IR-falaiwn any kind and derivative financial atooiko-µ µ products of any kind , and opoioydi in General-when another financial instrument, they assume µ µ d) total a-xia of waterway and air transport means µ µ, of each vehicle use µ. For the assets of cases II, III and IV indicate the value and Tim-nologia acquisition.
b. The content of the special form µ the says s, µ regard how detailed quote of the assets to persons referred to in those cases be investigated and v, para. 1 of the previous article µ µ affiliation is determined by decision of the President of the Chamber of Deputies. The corresponding content estimated µ of the special form of declarations, other insiders, fixed µ e joint decision of the Ministers of Economy, Administrative Reform µ µ and electronics (22620)-CAL Governance and justice, transparency and If-thrwpinwn Rights issues µ. '

Article 3 paragraph 3 of article 2 of law No. 3213/2003, as replaced by article 56 µ Fri. 1 of law No. 1137/2007 shall be replaced as follows: "declarations of assets of lead-s set out in article 1(2). 1 a-nartwntai on the website of the House r µ µ µ responsibility to the Chairman of the Committee established by article 21 of Law 3023/2002 (Α΄ 147), as applicable, which specifies the form µ, the type, the public information publication, µ Tim-clinical duration of suspension and any other necessary FS-3 µ pictures. The µ publication to Public Information µ Cup-ing of statements of assets that are under-appellants persons designated in article 1 para. 1 permitted provided that public µ available e-text µ ntire Hainaut. In any case, is not e-pitrepti the selective public disclosure µ µ names urban elements. Any infringement of this provision what punishes µ-Tai beyond imprisonment provided added µ of article 7 para. 2 six (6) months and µ µ µ d-funded rural penalty of 5,000 until 100,000 euro µ. '

Article 4 in article 2 of law No. 3213/2003 added direc-ing 5 as follows: 2 ' 5. (a)) to ensure transparency in the public life and µ in view of the importance of relevant Council µ µ µ-HNS parency of everyone in social and economic life of the country economic µ and to facilitate monitoring of their Declaration, the indebted to Declaration of assets. 1 article 1 when submitting or µ µ a deadline in this, as well as their spouses and a µ-both for minor children: AA) may be assembled nypoballoyn special declaration of the following content: µ ' µ Warped century explicitly and irrevocably in favor of Hell-ing Public µ Saint by any contract or µ µ µ counterweight individual right s µ th on any immovable or movable things or any financial µ µ sum or intangible title or any IMP-oydipote other asset as endeikti-Kos reported and considered in paragraph 1(a) of article 2 of law No. 3213/2003 if for any women's lobby-gt recording rights this in µ-SA submitted or µ synypoballo µ ' statement information th at-resistance in articles 1 and 2 of law No. 3213/2003 PA-raleifthei. The resigning µ th this applies to all such assets either th µ are located in Greece or abroad, even where the µ ones right µ ATA are exercised by a third party, authorized-µ or µ to exercise in the name of µ or µ µ in the name directly. The

th is µ resignation as transfer of µ statement above rights issues µ µ µ to the public and diepe-Tai by Greek law. I, also, special and irrevocable authorization and an authorization to the Minister Economic interests of Greek Public µ µ o-Croatia, omission or inaccurate or per-lithoys statement and specifically for asset-how tentatively referred to and considered by the PA-ragrafo 1A of article 2 of law No. 3213/2003 which contains-Tai abroad, to carry out all the necessary , when the Greek and foreign law, formalities, IP-rigrafes and procedures for transfer of seizing them µ-siakou this item in Public public µ.
I ask each and of all credit and financial institutions a-todotika µ µ ATA of any foreign country to make writing th µ if µ AI-presumably as a main or principal or charismatic µ on delegate or bi-kaioychos signature on bank account what be-µ µ form or any investment accounts µ opoiasdi µ-when everything kind and irrespective of subsequent designations µ reference conditions (including µ µ µ include a view of any financial atooi-µ µ kono align product) or as a representative or on failure to master or µ-attorney or beneficiary signature
corresponding account number µ # legal person or other µ o-ntotitas, which account number µ to kept in the aforementioned institution µ a. If so please report to my experience writing µ the height of Accoun-concerned theory µ and move this over the last five years by µ µ and the day of receipt of this request dispensing µ µ d-th and th grant µ µ µ copy of between relevant Council let µ µ and related bases with those oth-all documents and items.
Please notify and copies be sent exclusively own µ µ e th expenditure volume-r µ a CN in the above address my µ and the Greek Parliament, Constitution Square µ, 10021, Lessons, as well as the Minister of Economic interests of µ Elli-General Public µ Republic based in Athens.
Furthermore, I irrevocably to President of EH-pitropis control of Economic policies µ µ µ s-Ko and Candidate Members and the Minister eco-# legal Greek µ µ Public democracy mandate and Informa-rexoysiotita as a µ both jointly or separately-osdipote of them, when appropriate, transmit µ in only a and µ µ µ everything for th this application in International Banking Association for credit and financial-institution * µ µ where addressed and is µ States as well as individual expression of µ in any other financial-related or financial µ µ µ d Africa institution of any country, as well as to receive any relevant apanti-or document.
I declare expressly that µ is warped by each right µ s and generally protect that µ th provides any law-µ ND as for the confidentiality of relevant data, as well as from any clause of confidentiality and that µ e warped-µ century from every claim µ th against each credit-education or financial institution families µ µ for the actions that will make an audible distortion µ µ µ e the above request µ s µ. ' AB) in case you do not join the accord-ro under item (AA)) Special statement, required to provide a specific and irrevocable authorization and Informa-rexoysiotita, µ bolaiografiko µ e Council document that-ntassetai of charge, µ which will empower the President of the Committee of Economic interests-µ litikwn µ µ Ko and Candidate Members and the h-poyrgo Financial interests of Greek Public µ µ, as EI-their own attorneys, a disabled persons jointly or µ Abov-in , to request and receive information on behalf of µ-their µ and on behalf of their for each µ property-red element, which belongs to the property or when you use either this is in Greece either in Allo-limited, yet the µ and if any rights the ATA are exercised a µ-INCE Thirdly, authorized µ or µ to exercise in the name of µ or µ s in the name the , by foreign public authorities, µ-ground tram system, credit institutions and financial institutions µ µ, µ legal or natural legal persons. To request from each and from all credit and financial institutions * µ µ ATA of any foreign country to notify them in writing if the indebted referred to as gentlemen or on a µ-blades gentlemen or delegates or beneficiaries signature on bank account what any form µ µ or µ-West investment account what any form µ and irrespective of subsequent designation µ-nomenclature (µ µ µ view including include any financial engineering µ µ a legal product) or as ex-proswpoi or µ e on main or delegates or beneficiaries of signature corresponding account number µ I µ-ing legal person or other entity who examine-in µ please kept in the aforementioned institution µ a. In the case of Ms.-reference tafatikis to request in writing the amount of the relevant accounts µ and the last movement-Let's five years µ µ up the day of receipt of requests directors for µ-and to ask the Administration copies of µ µ between parties relative complement µ µ and related databases with those of other documents and data.
At the same time parties indicate clearly that reform from every parai-right µ s and general protection under any law as to th µ confidentiality of relevant data, as well as from any clause e µ PI-steytikotitas and that they waive any α-paitisi with each credit institution or financial institution supervisory atodoti-µ µ for the actions that will make the agent in a µ µ µ configuration with this command and delegate.

3 (b)) the acquisition by the Greek Public public kyrioti's µ-Tash or other rights issues µ in upper-µ parai view completed µ e Act of acceptance of the y-

poyrgoy Economic and µ µ µ public publication of this Act in Journal Journal Gazette µ, without s-require any other wording or representation, other than the registration of the surrender and the Act of h-poyrgoy µ in public books, where this is required. As for the guilt right µ ATA announcement is required on the debtor.
(c)) the above Act of the Minister and the relevant public publications µ µ conducted within three months after the µ µ day during which we disclose a µ-proven encouraged the Minister µ e any way paralei-fthenta assets or where the Ypoyr-Prime Minister informed µ µ µ a proven informed otherwise on failure. Notification or information the Minister µ for new omissions runs new Tue µ month pre-thes µ. The µ out performing acts of h-poyrgoy did not remove their validity, but constitutes misconduct, whether this is due to willful misconduct or gross negligence µ s. The Act of acceptance by the Minister when it comes to guilty right µ, for which no effect-if the principle of specification, µ can be and before that information updating and µ and uncertain requirements ments or set of requirements, so the acquisition of e-nochikoy µ rights will be under the aire-moratorium of existence and of determining the amount of µ s-paitisewn.
d) credit institutions the µ edapis µ or alie-broadcasting, where µ is warped subjects have any deposits-authorities of any form µ, µ soon or you will be informed by the Greek µ Public µ public whereas the Declaration of paraitoy-µ µ include not be found these deposits or all these deposits, would recognize as a beneficiary of failures to the Greek Public deposits authentic µ , e-since this has make the corresponding Act apodo-parency, consistently to µ µ not the Bank aporri-vis in the upper holder Greek Public µ o-wheat, any law and if the said Lo-garias µ s.
For the transfer of rights above µ µ µ the public schemes not due tax, duty or levy in favour of the µ St., # legal persons public µ µ law or the-poioydipote third and all acts or registrations are made free of charge from the µ officials.
e) If for any # µ or µ dramatic economic reason does not allow transfer of µ within the above pre-thes µ, Economic Minister µ µ e legal practice of katalo-agraphshallstamp in favour of the public in µ µ µ-controlled funding amount estimated assures equal value with the µ µ declared asset.
The value of the asset for the purposes of the above cost is determined by the number µ Colleges chartered µ µ Estimated subscriber base within a time limit of one month µ µ from the Minister's request to this end Economic µ. The a-nwterw Act of the Minister of Economic interests is a µ µ immediately enforceable against the debtor and the collection of kata-logisthentos amount is made in accordance with the µ µ code provisions for recovery Published Public Revenue µ (KEDE).
(f)) The State must notify µ as µ-ro when possible for failing the paraitithenta, who within a time limit of two months µ µ of the notice may, µ only if that proves legal µ I µ the origins and that µ the submission or submission of inaccurate or incomplete declaration is not due to malice, to bring an action before the competent Courts µ Bal for the suspension or cancellation of the relevant transfer of µ µ µ of the public , or of the Act cost competition to the detriment of µ amount equal to the value of µ the declared assets. The suspension is allowed only if there is a µ-baros fatal risk CN material damage of PA-raitithentos. Hearing cancellation request or the com-anasto µ competent court determines within three µ-Kinshasa from filing of the application. Adjournment of debate is not allowed but one and only µ µ dikasi-µ o within (3) three months of µ µ therefore the beam-bi.
g) specific statements of persons referred in the cases to be investigated and v of Fri. 1 of pre-goy µ proposed article written in the form IP-riecho µ µ of which shall be determined by decision of the chairmanship of the House. The corresponding content estimated accompanying µ-that of a special declaration for other obligated persons defined µ e common Economic Ministers ' decision I µ-mentary, Administrative Reform and E µ inter-government and justice, transparency and Human-Rights issues µ rules.
the) for the purposes of applying this law µ µ th, when Parekh-tapered the current # legislation, µ µ interrupted any camera-Te professional confidentiality, including µ µ µ including EC law of µ µ era secrecy obligation th any public-private µ officer or employee, if in the event this is deemed necessary by tion by the article 7 of law No. 3213/2003 Commission, while it is weak and not PA-ragoyn µ s legal consequences of any contract or act Council µ µ I µ µ s obligations era secrecy or (e) any confidentiality vis-à-vis the µ debtor, relating to µ the declared assets. Any-GF natural or legal person Council µ µ disputes either in-should in accordance with article 21 of Law 3023/2002 Commission-reference or any other Nos µ authority, that beholden to a declaration of assets, when this law µ, did not include specific µ preprinted asset in this or the Apocalypse that asset is stated the law µ µ I µ sourced , apallas-setai from any criminal, administrative, tax, or a-tive responsibilities vis-à-vis the debtor, related with the µ, µ, declared or asset. In case, µ, not as converged or no criminal straight-NI µ of the asset in question, eh-has the right of µ eyreti µ and analo-gws apply articles 1086 and 1087 A.k..»

Article 5

After the last (third) sentence of para. 4 Arti-article 3 of law No. 3216/2003, as had amended article µ 4 of 3411/n. 2005 and replaced with µ Arti-article 9 para. 4 of law No. 3692/2011, added the fourth and fifth paragraphs of µ subparagraphs as follows: "If appropriate implement the case µ I of Fri. 5 of article 2 shall comprise relevant exhibition-, which is sent to the Minister Economic µ.
If it is determined a need for investigating fundamental issues µ I µ e fall within the responsibility of µ the Committee referred to in article 7 of law 3691/2008 or fiscal or other authority, the ve-position is sent and this principle. "

4 Article 6 at the end of the article 3 of law No. 3213/2003 added a new paragraph 7 as follows: "7. µ referred to in article 5 of law 3691/2008 persons have an obligation to inform without delay inform µ µ µ the relevant committees of this article when delivered-that or have serious indications or suspicions that a DIA-done, or has been committed or attempted to commit any breach of the obligations involved resulting µ controlled by this law or µ delegated this y-poyrgikes decisions. "

Article 7 article 6 of law No. 3213/2003 added new despite-grafoi 4 and 5 as follows: 4. A third party who knowingly of the µ does in y-you must submit an inaccurate return, and especially in omitting assets Declaration what µ µ e fylaki considered-at least six months and µ µ µ funded fine.

5. Natural persons and employees of legal persons of µ # article 5 of law 3691/2008 that parabia-live the obligation of Fri. 7 laid down in article 3 of this what µ µ µ e punished imprisonment up to two years. "

Article 8 the case II of Fri. 3 article 9 of law No. 3213/2003 is hereby replaced by the following: ' b. assets not reported in the case of any of the offences of µ paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 6, and if it is not preceded by e-pharmaceutical application of µ Fri. Article 2(5), µ µ bound with the conviction, unless the perpetrator apodeikny-if the law µ I µ where they originated and that µ the submission or the y-you must submit inaccurate or incomplete declaration is not due to willful misconduct. "

Article 9 1. Item 7 article 1 of law No. 3213/2003 anti-becomes as follows: "the regions, antiperiferei-arches, the Presidents of the Regional Council the General Councils µ GRA µ µ µ agencies including secretariat administration and the head caretaker shoulder µ µ units of regions ' co-financing rate.

2. At the end of the last paragraph of item XV of paragraph 1 of article 1 of law No. 3213/2003, as ING µ e proste-on Fri. 1 of article 33 of law No. 3868/2010 (first 129) added the words ".... as well as University-in µ cash clinics. "

3. Item XVI of Fri. 1 of article 1 of law No. 3213/2003 is replaced by the following: "XVI. Member States and µ µ µ official shoulder-head units of µ Settings regulator of energy and Competition Committee µ. '

Article 10 1. At the beginning of subparagraph 1(c) of the first paragraph of article 2 of law No. 3213/2003 shall be added as follows: "after the initial statement in their annual statement declaring parties only µ µ changes epil-d. in their financial situation during the period µ s concerning the Declaration."

2. In article 2 of law No. 3213/2003 added new, Te-paragraph agreement was extended last time as follows: ' deficiencies or inaccuracies the Declaration ofeilo-ing in a slightly negligence, µ µ µ may be paid (a)-ince the debtor µ itws aythor and all traffic to the detriment of any Nos authority ' µ.

5 Article 11 of this law power µ th beginning of publication in the Journal µ µ Journal Gazette.