Ratification Of The Act Of Legislative Content "measures For The Immediate Restoration Of Damages...

Original Language Title: Ratification of the Act of Legislative Content “Measures for the immediate restoration of damages...

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Article Only Ratified and has the force of law from the public µ µ µ Newspaper following its publication in the Government Gazette by 15th March 2012 Act # µ µ legislative Content view "taking direct measures µ µ µ immediate restoration of damage viruses proklithi-even from the events of 12 February 2012 at the Centre of Athens" which published in µ. 59 Sheet of Journal Journal Gazette µ (Vol I) which reads as follows: "ACT LEGISLATIVE CONTENT Taking direct measures µ µ FF restoration of damage-µ viruses caused by the events of 12 Fe-broyarioy 2012 in the center of Athens.

The President of the HELLENIC REPUBLIC having regard to: 1. paragraph 1 of article 44 of the Constitution, µ 2. the extraordinary case of extremely urgent and unforeseen need for the restoration of plaster-transport damage µ viruses caused businesses and con-to µ of the Centre of Athens from the extensive a µ e-peisodia of 12 February 2012 as a result of the-what diasaleytike the public order and µ has paralysed commercial life e µ Athens Center ,

3. the proposal of the Council of Ministers amending µ µ e agree: Article 1 Beneficiaries 1. The provisions of this Act may CAA µ-emerge after their request for professional practitioners and µ-businesses, whose damaged properties µ ranging from episodes of 12 February 2012 (beneficiaries).
Beneficiaries may be µ or µ isthwtes owners of these properties or any act done µ I µ using this setting. If there are several beneficiaries of same and-will, the application referred to in the subsequent paragraph µ information despite-submit one of them, who shall be deemed to be acting as a representative of the other. In each IP-riptwsi, applications submitted per property and per beneficiary and not compensate µ viruses below also paid per property and not a-being a beneficiary.

2. An application, drawn up when the model a µ I attached in annex a to this, µ y-pechei and the article 8 Declaration law 1599/1986 and submitted by the beneficiary in the Athenians µ Municipalities by 31 March 2012. The application may on µ-ing to the submission and during the autopsy carried out by a µ provided in paragraph 4 Coop-health significance. The commercial and industrial µ µ mechanical Epi µ Commerce Courses-Lakes region, the Municipality of Athens and the 10,000th µ teams have a beatiful-ORMs applications to interested µ.

3. the application is notifiable if the property insurance coverage exists for risks instead of-ING with the µ µ damage he/she caused.

4. The damage economies µ caused to property during episodes of 12 February 2012 detected µ e autopsies which conduct Tri-armed crews of µ µ th Municipalities of Athens. For prevention-GREEK PARLIAMENT EXTRACT Cfi. From the official µ s minutes of La –, 20 September µ December 2012, no. Meeting plenary session of µ, in which Diekp. passed the following draft laws µ th: ratification of Act No. µ µ Content view legislative "taking direct measures µ µ µ immediate restoration of damage viruses caused by the events of 12 February 2012 at the center of Athens ' stop losses µ µ take into account virus and autopsies carried out until the date of µ µ µ of publication hereof.

5. The Municipalities µ µ r 3166 Announces every appropriate means, and in any case µ µ e posting on his website, the speci-koteri region in which will performed autopsies of the workshops of each day µ. When paragraph 2 µ request may submit workshops and Ms-the duration of the autopsy and µ operations professional-sayings near the property where he conducted the autopsy.
The teams are required to provide an attestation to the filing of the application.

6. At autopsies recorded the damage to real estate savings µ of the beneficiaries and, in particular, the µ a Simpl-display and the extent of these when µ a Model Ii which pre-sartatai in Annex a to this µ. The autopsies µ can be accompanied by photographic apoty-pwseis.

7. At the conclusion of the autopsy report is drawn up and a copy thereof issued to the interested µ.

8. Allow cross-checking that periecho-ing on autopsies of crews µ e information content-µ to the autopsies of the fire service, I-in particular to determine the relationship of virus recorded µ µ e episodes of 12 February 2012.

9. damage is not compensated µ a found in camera-what property when performing an autopsy in µ µ µ e with the above, if the damage was not caused µ directly from episodes of 12 February 2012.

Article 2 µ µ damage assessment Valuation viruses in real estate 1. The calculation of the level of µ damage limit for compensation-µ µ µ is made on the basis of conditional single what µ route per type of working. What µ route drawn up by the Municipality the Athenians and µ is based in detail what the Infrastructure Ministry invoices µ µ s, transport and networks.

2. The determination of compensation µ µ damage done by Penta-µ µ * Commission, whose members are as follows: a h-pallilos µ µ e degree of what Director of Municipality of Athens, th f µ-Nash official of the Attica region, a ypalli-Los of the Treasury of the State and one-proswpos of commercial and industrial µ µ mechanical Epi eliti µ-Rio Athens (Athens) and µ commercial Club a-thinwn. The µ States defined, respectively, by the Municipalities µ Áñ-HO, the Prefect of Attica, the Economic Minister and the Chairmen µ of Acci and commercial e-µ Athens Club. Subject to the PA-ragrafoy 3, the Commission is chaired by the clerk of the Municipality µ th.

3. By decision of the Regional Council of the region of Attica µ, µ that taken after eisi-move of Economic legal Commission µ µ can be placed

credits to the total sum of ten million µ µ y-million (10,000,000) euro for damages hereunder µ beneficiaries, the properties of which have suffered damage µ stemming hyper-go the fifteen thousand (15,000) euros. When it comes to damage economies that µ exceeds fifteen XI-liades (15,000) euros, the Commission is chaired by c-pallilos in the region of Attica, which in this case is the extent µ what Director. The Commission may request that µ and extras for the certification of such damage µ viruses.

4. To damage µ injured parties paid as low-loss compensation the amount of µ thousand (1,000) euros.

Article 3 Compensation µ viruses 1. By a decision of the Minister of Economic legal µ speci-fied resources and µ s account of whom you Ms.-tablithoyn the compensation µ viruses to fifteen thousand (15,000) 500 µ µ, in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 2, as well as the time-limits and the procedure µ u-tabolis, under the conditions laid down in this article.
The procedure for the payment of compensation payouts of µ exceeding fifteen thousand (15,000) Euro iDEN-dered µ µ referred decision proposed in paragraph 3 of the preceding article proposed Regional Council µ µ boyli-th. Payment of compensation advisors as µ granted under this article is made at the request of the beneficiaries-Hou and provided a surrender from any Office-against the Greek Public µ µ paid damages, inasmuch as relevant-using µ µ e informed of the events of 12 February 2012. In case of multiple recipients, resignation submitted by the representative of these binding unofficial document aytodi µ-kaiws and other beneficiaries.

2. Compensation for damages indemnities µ µ limits up to five thousand (5,000) 500 paid one-off, within 15 µ µ µ of determining what the compensation paid, µ and damage economies that µ h-perbainoyn the five thousand (5,000) 500 kataballo-ing in installments. The first instalment of the compensation payable to µ, amounting to five thousand (5,000) euros, paid in µ t µ-period.

Article 4 Approval restoration 1. Damage recovery operations sustained virus µ property of beneficiaries during the episodes of 12 Fe-broyarioy 2012, regardless of financial valuation the DTI µ µ-ing damage µ, µ shall be adopted in accordance with the µ µ defined in this article.

2. If for the restoration work required only small µ µ µ wide license, the interested subjects before µ itheyo µ-ing of t µ or µ a Dangerous Construction service of the municipality of µ µ th Athenians attestation stating that the building is not damaged the interests of µ organisms. Such confirmation may be completed µ restoration work.

3. If the repair works required construction permit dose-ve µ, for the authorization of these of filed complete dossier in line with µ µ µ the text e-DCH # µ law.

4. the audit of beneficiaries carry personal-µ µ is switched within exclusive µ a period of eight (8) working days if-SI the µ µ s days of their submission to the offices of the y-Th piresias µ µ th Municipalities of Athens.
If deficiencies in the folder, these opinions available in µ-three (3) working the µ µ s days from the submission of the dossier and the above period of µ eight (8) working days, the µ µ s begins when µ the deficiencies. If the above period of eight working days if µ-SI µ µ s the parties objecting, the authorisation shall be deemed granted.

2 5. If for granting building approval required assessment µ of µ µ responsible Council Board of the Ministry of citizenship-the Tourism and µ µ or µ and the Architektoni-tional Council of the General Secretariat µ µ Line Agencies including Dioiki µ-ing Attikis, the above exclusive period one µ µ orize-Tai quarterly. The above Council councils deciding timeframe µ µ a fifteen (15) days upon arrival µ folder to them. If the time limit for objecting µ a, the above approvals are considered to have para-schethei. Does not require approval of the dossier from wastewater-with governing bodies, which have not formed # µ µ µ s as within the time-limits laid down µ µ e PA-ron article.

6. a prerequisite for the application of cross-µ procedure laid down in paragraphs 2 to 4 sho-Yes to drafted the autopsy report that problepe-Tai in article 1. This report looked aytepag-geltws Engineering Services µ.

Article 5 insurance contributions, payment of debts of beneficiaries to insurers With a decision of the Minister of labour and social security arrangements worked out: µ 1. insurance contributions by beneficiaries for Tim-µ s stereo period up to one (1) year in proportion to the damage-µ viruses that they have undergone, 2. the origins of µ s due debts of di-kaioychwn to insurers or providing facilities for servicing already regulate currency µ µ debt data of beneficiaries to insurance fo-stakeholders.

Article 6 Repairs common areas 1. By decision of the Mayor of Athens, µ which Bunny's reven-delivered notwithstanding the text of provisions, µ-escaping the conclusion µ µ e direct award contract for the supply of products, µ services or implementation-projects in public areas who suffered losses during the economies µ episodes of 12 Fe-broyarioy 2012, and µ up to the amount of sixty players w-illustrations (60,000) euros for each µ a , µ µ µ include the µ f-mind including v.a.t. for µ a period of six (6) months of the µ µ publication hereof.

2. The repair of the Municipalities of the Athens koinochri µ-damaged sites in µ-limits during the episodes of 12 February 2012 financial funded µ, up to the amount of five hundred µ µ IRIA (5,000,000) 500, from the Green point article µ 4 n. 3889/2010.

3. Allow the damaged areas µ when economies episodes of 12 February 2012 to episkeya-tered and restored in a State different from the one they had before the episodes, since the

relevant changes have resulted in µ s improve the functionality and security of sites this setting and are equivalent and consistent quality WMA µ µ µ e the overall design of the space.

Article 7 Other facilities beneficiaries 1. Allow µ a period of one (1) year a-INCE public publication of this, µ t µ µ the systematic payment of all debts to the Municipality the Athenians of µ under paragraph 1 of article 1 beneficiaries in line with µ µ article 170 of n. 3463/2006, without restricting µ what paragraph 5 of the same article.
For the adjustment of debts apply µ µ apply accordingly the provisions of indent v of paragraph 3 of article 58-throu 12 of law 3074/2002.

2. By decision of the Council µ µ school certificate Board of the Municipality of Athens, th µ la µ µ is taken with the majority of a-LU of µ States, allowed the reduction of the level of µ µ µ establishes the programme referred to in paragraph 1 of article 1 beneficiaries who is µ isthwtes µ-ESE. The µ µ µ establishes reduction programme carried out at the request of employees and µ µ may be up to 20% of the batikws µ µ µ ensure definition establishes µ. That decision allowed to determined period, up to a maximum of three years, during which the rent µ µ µ revaluation would not apply.

3 4 5 Article 8 entry into force this, which will be ratified # µ-otheti, in accordance with the µ µ µ defined in paragraph 1 laid down in article 44 of the Constitution, µ begins of µ its publication in Official Journal Gazette µ.