Urgent Provisions For Investment Projects Of Law 3908/2011 And Presidential Decree 33/2011

Original Language Title: Urgent provisions for investment projects of Law 3908/2011 and presidential decree 33/2011

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Article Only 1. Article 11 para. 1 case II of n. 3908/2011 (1st 8) "enhancing private investment for economic growth, µ Business effectiveness and µ Regions-regional cohesion ' shall be replaced as follows:" To Address Economic and µ Tourist Development Fund of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace is submitted for certification-ing requests entry of investment projects-Risk clinical Gi µ and regional cohesion, amounting to over three hundred µ µ IRIA (3,000,000) 500 Article 6 cases I and III, which was realised in µ-classified Regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, West Macedonia.
Also, submit applications to join-ing plementing projects technological development article 6 IP-riptwsi II carried out in the regions covered by a µ-natolikis Macedonia and Thrace, Central Makedo-and Western Macedonia.
Where in the µ him and in the acts adopted delegated or relate the µ µ of mentioned as the competent business unit µ Per former Ministry of National Development, Com-ness and shipping, µ is henceforth responsible Directo-Economic direction µ and tourism development of h-poyrgeioy scale. "

2. Article 11 para. (4) case n b΄toy. 3908/2007 is replaced by the following: ' b. From Minister of Macedonia and Thrace for the e-pendytika projects submitted to The Address-kono µ and Tourist development of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace. Decisions on applications and complaints about investment plans that have under-fired to the repealed national business unit of the former Ministry of development, Com-ness and shipping are issued by the Minister But-kedonias and Thrace.»
3. Article 5 of Decree 33/2007 (first 83) paragraphs 6 and 7 are added as follows: ' 6. For the submission of objections against the provisional ranking list of investment projects, especially for b΄exa µ of year 2011, for receiving the-what was the competent Operational µ Bal Expander of the former Ministry of development, competitiveness and shipping, which repealed µ e article 7 of Decree 85/2012 (Α΄ 147) by 21.6.2012 , and already becomes competent address µ Bal Economic and Tourist µ Per-ment Fund of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, from 21.6.2012, the abovementioned period µ µ dekai ERI will begins 10 days of µ µ publication hereof.
The objections that have been submitted to the CCW-µ responsible business unit Development of the former y-poyrgeioy development, competitiveness and Nayti-Lia µ within the time limit referred to in paragraph 3 of article 58-throu this and anyway by µ 21.6.2012, will include specifics in mind and will synexetasthoyn µ e those any sub fired upon within the new, above, time-µ.

7. For the examination of complaints by the competent µ Tue Committee on armed µ µ µ I µ legal systems for heat-ing plans plementing Áñ µ responsibility of operational Twin-GE Growth of former Ministry of development, a-ntagwnistikotitas and shipping, which, in paragraph 2 of this article, is from the Rho µ µ e-submission of the objection µ dekapenthi ERI time limits not-to µ a , specifically for a΄exa µ of the year 2012, the time limits not-to µ a she will starts from the date of issuing date µ µ-pofasis for the establishment of a new competent Commission µ Nos broadcasting, which will be issued within five (5) days of µ µ publication hereof. "

4. Article 4 of Decree 33/2011 added direc-1(2), as follows, and the existing information (2) µ anarith-µ used in paragraph 3.

VOULI TON ELLINON EXTRACT Cfi. From the official tisLE΄ practical µ, µ brioy2012 September 26, no. Meeting plenary session of µ, in which Diekp. passed the following draft laws µ th: Emergency rate settings µ investment plans n. 3908/2011 and Presidential Decree 33/2011 2 ' 2. The time-limits laid down µ µ e paragraphs 1 I 1 II II and x of this article for the evaluation of investment projects, which are carried out on two successive µ stages, namely twenty (20) days for µ OLO-draw of first stage control procedure # µ I µ legitimacy from the closing date of µ µ µ Council date channel-mation of folders and twenty (20) days of Mrs. µ-taliktiki µ a deadline for checking # µ I µ for the completion of the evaluation process of the second stage, which, pursuant to article 241 para. 12 of law 4051/2012 (first 86) defined as exclusive, especially for the evaluation of investment projects of a΄exa months of the year 2012 µ for which it was competent business µ CCW-Deployment Unit Union of former Ministry, national competitiveness and shipping will begin ten (10) days of µ µ publication hereof. "

5. Following that of the publication ofthis µ is deleted from 6.8.2012 Practice # µ µ legislative Content view (first 158/9.8.2012).

6. the validity of this law µ th beginning of µ-osi's commitment in Journal Journal Gazette µ unless otherwise specified in the-µ by provisions.