Ratification Of The Balance Sheet Of The State Of The Fiscal Year 2011

Original Language Title: Ratification of the Balance Sheet of the State of the fiscal year 2011

Read the untranslated law here: http://www.hellenicparliament.gr/UserFiles/bcc26661-143b-4f2d-8916-0e0e66ba4c50/isologismos-2011.pdf

Article only Ratified the balance sheet µ µ µ of State economic set-up, fre-2011, as follows: GREEK PARLIAMENT EXTRACT Cfi. From the official µ a transcript of RKE΄, 13 February 2013, no. Meeting plenary session of µ, in which Diekp. passed the following draft laws µ th: Ratification of the balance sheet of the State economy µ µ year 2011 2 3 4 5 Athens, 2013 the President of VOULIS EVANGELOS-VASSILIOS i. MEΪMARAKIS the Secretary-General of VOULIS SERVICES O KOINOBOYLEYTIKOY PROJECT MANAGEMENT GENERAL ATHANASIOS d. PAPAIOANNOU ATHANASSIOS K. THEODOROPOULOS