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The Ministry Of Health And

Original Language Title: Regulations of the Ministry of Health and other provisions

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Article 6

A recommendation is permitted in the same area of one or more clinics or dentists, or a polyclinic or polydental clinic with limitless and dietician units and dieticians, without a heretic relationship between beneficiaries. In relation to the technical specifications, it is expressly stated that there will be a common sense of reference to the above-mentioned private operators in exceptional circumstances. For the rest, the conditions and conditions governing the operation and operation of the above private entities (s) (a three-unit, shithole and dietetic units, dietetic offices) providing services of Primary Health Care And the applicable implementing provisions and the relevant building regulations, as appropriate.

Article 2

1. The second subparagraph of paragraph 1. Article 100 of the EEC Treaty 4172/2013 (1 167) is replaced by the following:

' They shall not be recognised and shall not be reimbursed by the IFRIC, expenditure submitted to it after the 20th calendar month. '

2. At the end of par. Article 100 of the EEC Treaty The third and fourth subparagraphs are added as follows: 4172/2013 (1 167).

' As the date for the submission of the July expenditure of the year 2013 and the first six (6) months of the year 2013, it shall be 20 September 2013. By decisions of the Minister of Health, the deadlines of this article may be extended. '

Article 3

The par. Article 29 of the EC Treaty 3918/2011 (1 31) is replaced by the following:

' 4. It is recommended to the Internal Market Committee, in order to negotiate with all the parties involved, their mutual funds, the conditions of the Agency's contracts, the values of a-trotechnological materials and medicines, and to (i) the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the maintenance or modification of all the above. No compensation shall be paid to members of the Commission. With common decisions of the Ministers for Economic and Health, the composition, the setting-up, the procedure for the operation of the Commission shall be adopted, its Rules of Procedure shall be adopted, and any other details necessary for its implementation. This paragraph. '

Article 4

For the payment of the total of the existing in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 of the IFRSs and the Health Branch of the Social Security Institutions that joined the Agency to the pharmacies: a) Not required to be added to the VAT.

(b) The pharmacies are obliged, within the meaning of Article 10 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 519/1999, to ensure that the competent authorities of the Member States comply with the conditions laid down in Article 3 (1) of Regulation (EEC) No 167tus.

The redemption, issue and credit of a credit line to the Agency for the amount of the deposit on the transaction value (asset value before VAT) provided. Payment shall be made by way of a financial audit following a temporary audit carried out by the competent authorities.


First, From the Official Journal of the KC, 5 November 2013, No Meetings of the Assembly of the House, in which

The following draft law was adopted:

Ministry of Health and other provisions

(i) the competent services of the European Parliament or of the bodies of the health sector has been transferred to the European Parliament. If, after payment of the advance, the amount of less than the pre-paid account has been paid, the difference shall be deducted from the following accounts for the pharmacies. In the case of non-submission of a new account within three months of the liquidation, the difference shall be sought by the IFRIC in accordance with the provisions of the amounts unduly paid.


Article 5

It is extended until 31 December 2013 on the adoption of the joint ministerial decisions with which the transfer of applications for the issue or renewal of the authorisation and performance of the relevant documents is carried out The Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Affairs and the Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy and the Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy Article 7 (3) of the Law 4018/2011 (1 215), as applicable. The date of transfer of the relevant powers

At the service of the Central Administration of Attica, which was set up with the No. A joint decision by the Ministers for Economic and Financial Affairs (B΄ 1785) is hereby adopted for 31 December 2013.



Article 6

The par. Article 43 of the EC Treaty No 4049/2012, as was replaced with par. Article 61 of the EC Treaty 4155/2013 (1 120) is replaced by the following:

' 1. For the purpose of cultural events and visits to museums, archaeological sites, historical places and offices outside the pre-determined working hours, as well as the days of rest of their staff, Referred to in Article 46 (1) and (2) of the Treaty. 3028/2002 (A ' 153) shall be presented by the organisers concerned in the Archaeological Resource and Aallotment Fund for the purpose of covering exceptional operating costs and for the compensation of staff employed. The amount of the previous date shall be determined by a joint decision of the Ministers for Economic and Cultural Affairs and Sports. The amount of this amount may be adjusted by a decision. The application of that provision does not cause expenditure to be borne by the State Budget. '


Article 7

1. The validity of the PO box is extended. 41/3.3.1993 (A30) retrospectively from 25.8.1998 to 24.8.2021, with the possibility of further extension for five years if the delay in implementing the objective is due to the fault of the administration.

2. In par. 2B of Article 13 of the Law Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Article 113 thereof,

' The status of the granted areas referred to in the preceding subparagraph shall not be affected by the transfer of concessions or any extensions of such areas as forests, provided that projects have been implemented or are in progress. The building of buildings, buildings or installations or preparatory work for the implementation of the projects which extend to the purpose of legal persons governed by private law in the preceding subparagraph. '



Article 8

1. They are recommended to the Bank of Greece, experts, e-building of a regular budget, accounts for the facilitation of the payment of transfers of police personnel and staff of the Lee Mental Coast-Greek Coast Guard Instead of-storey, within the framework of actions eligible by the European Union to address migration flows. By a joint decision of the Ministers for Economic Affairs, Public Order and the Protection of the Citizen and the Marine and the Marine and the Aegean are regulated, as well as any other details of their accounts.

2. Identifying the tasks and services of the police, serving in the House of Greece and available to the General Secretariat of the Government to cover the general needs of this service, as well as the movement and use of For the purposes of this Regulation, the Court of Justice of the European Union shall act as a member of the General Secretariat of the General Secretariat of the General Secretariat.

Article 9

Article 20 of the n. Regulation (EEC) No 3448/2006 (' 57), as amended by Article 25 of the Law. Regulation (EEC) No 3536/2007 (2), paragraph 6, as follows:

' 6. A. .. The Executive Unit of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection (Certification Authority) is responsible for the certification, the determination of


Guidelines and coordination of bodies and departments within it (Subcontracting authorities) and issuing digital certificates for the provision of services through the network of SYZEYXIS or other public communications networks. By decision of the Ministers for Public Health and

Protection of the Citizen and Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, following a consistent opinion of the European Parliament, steps to the establishment of the Certification Authority, setting out the conditions and conditions for the provision of services. Certification. The Regulation includes provisions in particular on the criteria to be met by the SubContracting Authorities for the issue, revocation and verification of credentials, and provisions on the provision of services, safety mechanisms, Protection of confidentiality and personal data and charges by providers of service providers to end users. C. The determination of the SAs and Services of Y -

The Ministry of Justice and the Protection of the Citizen as a Subtext of the Law shall be made by decision of the Minister of Public Order and Civil Protection. '

Article 10

The par. 5 of Article 10 of the Law. 3387/2005 (A-224) denotes as follows:

' 5. 60 % of the positive results (income on the cost) of the financial management of each use of the Social Security Studies (EMEA) is attributed to the State Budget as a public revenue while the remaining 40 % remains at the EMEA. Part of the last remaining balance may be made available by a decision of the Board of Directors of the EMEA to meet the needs of the Hellenic Police in return of the provided assistance to staff and staff. By decision of the Ministers for Economic and Financial Affairs and Citizen Protection, all necessary measures shall be laid down for the implementation of this provision. '


Article 11

1. Specialties of the Ministry of Justice Department of Tourism for which students were admitted prior to the publication of the n. 4186 /2013 (A΄ 193) continue to operate until the student year 2014-2015, in accordance with the provisions in force at the time of the admission of students to them.

2. The provisions of the last subparagraph of paragraph 1. Article 46 of the EC Treaty 4186/2013 also apply to the NEPs of the Ministry of Tourism.


Article 12

In par. 3, subsection Z5 of the article of the v. 4093/2012 a third subparagraph is added as follows:

' For the purposes of applying the above Decision,

The Secretary-General, the Vice-Minister of State, shall, without delay, decide to make a decision without delay. '

Article 13

After Article 6 of the Law. 4148/2013 "Recommendation for the Hellenic Presidency and other provisions" (1 99), as applicable, Article 6A is added as follows:

" Article 6A Rates for the General Secretariat for the Media and Communication in the context of the Greek Presidency

1. Within the framework of the Greek Presidency of the European Union (EU) and under the coordination of the Office of the Hellenic Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as provided for in Articles 1 and 2 of the Law. (a) the organisation and operation of the Type Centers, (b) the programming, coordination and implementation of the General Secretariat of the General Secretariat of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Communities;

The accreditation procedures of the media representatives of the media (media) at the summits, meetings of Council of Ministers and other meetings and events that are held in Greece in the context of the Greek (c) the definition of the official broadcast in question;

(Host Broadcaster) and the official photographic producer (Host Photographer) and the delegation of powers to them for the broadcasting and photographic coverage of the above events, (d) the Deputy Representative of the Hellenic Republic.

Greek Presidency in Athens, e) managing the official website of Greece

Presidency, in particular the processing of the form and its contents, under the authority of the representative of the Greek Presidency, (f) any communication action relevant to the screening

Of the Greek Presidency in Greek and international affairs; the opinion and coverage of communication policies related to the exercise of the said President, under the authority of the Greek Presidency.

2. For the issues of the preceding paragraph, the EUSG shall cooperate with the competent diplomatic authorities and delegations of Greece abroad and other relevant bodies.

3. In order to meet the needs of the Greek Presidency, the officials of the GEU who are posted or seconded to the Press and Communication Offices (GEN) Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg may remain in their positions in these areas. Up to 31 July 2014, at a maximum of 31 December 2014, a derogation from the existing provisions providing for the limits of a continuous limitation period to the same GTE and its foreign service. For the same reasons, it is also possible to detach employees of the Council of Ministers and the Secretary of State of Communication at the end of the Greek Presidency until the end of the Hellenic Presidency and in any event not later than 31.7.2014.

4. Employees of the Council and the Secretariat of the Council


Communication from the GEU, with a degree of Council (A) or (B), may be seconded to Ministries of Ministers, up to a maximum of 31.7.2014, for the communication support of the work of the Greek Presidency and the relevant competent ministers as President of the Council of the EU The extracts shall be made by a joint decision of the Minister, in which the responsibilities of the General Secretariat of the Media and Communication and of the case-law of the Minister, by way of derogation from the provisions laid down by the Secretary-General, have been inserted; and Without requiring the unanimous opinion of the Staff Councils. The expenditure on salaries of officials seconded shall be borne by the EUSG. '

Article 14 Addendum to Article 4 of the Law 4148/2013

Article 4 of the Law 4148/2013 (1 99), as applicable, paragraph 4 shall be added as follows:

' 4. The Spokesman of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union shall be appointed by decision of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. '

Article 15 Amendment of Article 17 of the Law 3566/2007

(Parliament adopted the resolution) 5 of Article 17 of the Law. Regulation (EC) No 3566/2007 (1 117), as is the case, shall be deleted with the words'with a degree of Communication'.

Article 16 Provisions for the regional type

1. The first subparagraph of paragraph 1. Article 1 (3) of the Law EUR 3548/2007 (' 68) is replaced by the following:

' 3. The provisions of this law shall be subject to all the financial statements of the institutions at the request of the Commission. (Parliament adopted the legislative text) Regulation (EEC) No 1256/1982 (A65), the Court of Justice of the European Communities and the Court of Justice of the European Communities, as amended by Council Regulation (EEC) No 1256/1982 ('), as in the case in question, applies to national and local newspapers where they are provided for by the relevant provisions as mandatory. '

2. A. (Parliament adopted the legislative decision) Article 2 of Article 2 of the Law 3548/2007 (' 68), as it stands after its replacement with the par. Article 2 of the second paragraph of Article 2 3640/2008 (A-22), instead of the date of '31 January', the date of '10 March' is replaced by '10 March'. Specially for the year 2013 provided by the

Par. Article 2 of Article 2 of the Law Regulation (EC) No 3548/2007, as the case may be, for the submission of a file for the verification of the connection of the conditions of the par. Article 2 of the Law Regulation (EC) No 3548/2007 is hereby extended until one (1) month after the entry into force of this law.

3. The first subparagraph of paragraph 3. Article 2 of the Law Regulation (EC) No 3548/2007, as agreed with the second subparagraph of Article 3 (2) of the Treaty, Article 8 (2) of the Law (EC) No 3752/2009 (1) and (a) (a) of the EC Treaty Article 2 of the Law Shall be replaced by the following:

' 1. By decision of the competent Minister, published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, the national and local newspapers which fulfil the conditions for the registration of publications shall be appointed annually in accordance with Article 1 (4) of the Annex. A) For the first entry of the newspapers to the para -

The above decision is required to be issued with the same value over two (2) years, and the weekly times for three (3) years. For each subsequent entry, if it is no longer than two (2) years from the previous accession, it is sufficient to issue the newspapers with the same title for one (1) year. (a) Sales of at least five hundred (500) cards per issue shall be included in the above decision: (a) Have sales at least five hundred (500) sheets per issue. In terms of population less than eighty thousand (80,000) inhabitants, in the last two-year public census, the above ephemeral areas will be sufficient to have a minimum sales of three hundred (350) sheets per issue. '

Article 17 Extension of the time-limit for issuing a notice

Licensing of radio stations

The provisions of this Article shall be replaced by the following: Question No 4, by Mr Desselo: 4038/2012 (A14) deadline for the issue of a contract notice for the granting of licences to be extended from the end of the period until 31 December 2013.

Article 18

Following the completion of the procedure for the allocation of digital terrestrial radio frequencies, in accordance with Article 23 of the Law. In accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 8 of Law No 4070/2012 (' 82), the television stations operating in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of the ar - Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No 4038/2012 (A ' 14), as long as the Latvian programme was adopted on 31.8.2013, they shall be implemented by means of a legal network provider for the digital broadcasting of their programme, until the granting of licences for terrestrial digital net works; In the case of non-member countries, the following shall apply: 3592/2007 should be completed by 30.6.2014 and subject to the conditions laid down in Article 8 of the Law. 4038/2012. The digital version of their programme is subject to the terms and conditions of the paragraph. Amendment No 13 to Article 6 of the Law. NO 3592/2007

Article 19

Paragraph 1 of paragraph IV.6 of the paragraph. Article 1 (1) of the first paragraph of Article 4152/2013 (A-107) is replaced by the following:

' The operating costs shall be borne by the State budget. The necessary appropriations shall be entered in the budget of the Minister for Economic Affairs each year. The Chief Authorizing Officer of the appropriations shall be appointed by the National Coordinator against Corruption, who shall take into account the relevant sub-charges. '

Article 20 National Coordinator for Management

Of drugs;

Article 49 of the EEC Treaty 4139/2013 (1 74) is replaced by the following:


' 1) The National Coordinator for Drug Treatment is appointed by the Prime Minister, with a five-year term, and is a specialist in the field of competence from the area of health or social and humanitarian attacks.

2) The National Coordinator has the following responsibilities: It shall preside and head it in accordance with Article 50

The Committee of the Regions and the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. Represents the country in international institutions with relevant

To be used. In the event of a coma, it shall appoint an agent for participation in the international bodies. It monitors the progress of the national development plan;

The Action Plan, setting out clearly the principles, objectives, actions, actions, measures, timetable and economic items (costs) to cover actions. D. It coordinates all the services and bodies that

They are involved in the implementation of the National Strategy for Drug Addiction. E. It shall evaluate the implementation and progress of the National

Strategic guidelines. He is working with the Ministers who are in agreement with the

The Committee of the Regions calls on the Commission to submit proposals to the Council and to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. It shall take an advisory and supportive basis;

To the Committee of the Regions. It shall cooperate with the agencies and organisations;

The Committee of the European People's Party calls on the Commission and the Member States to ensure that they are involved in the anti-drug policy and coordinate their actions. It may request from the competent administrative authorities -

(i) economic, statistical and administrative data, and information on their action to deal with drugs. Information and awareness-raising

Mr President, I would like to thank the Commissioner for the work he has done. It shall inform the Prime Minister and the Chamber of Deputies;

The report is presented in the first trimester of each of them and contains the course and evaluation of the National Action Plan. The National Coordinator shall establish a Advisory Committee.

(5) to 9 (9) to 9 µ m. Members of the Commission shall be designated persons with special

Knowledge and experience in the management of narcotic drugs such as university professors and experts with relevant cognitive objects, persons who have experience in questions of anti-comics. The task of the Advisory Committee shall be to:

Put recommendations to the National Coordinator on issues of drug trafficking policy, with a view to helping his work.

3) By means of a joint decision of the Ministers for Health and Administration Reform and Electronic Governance, the administrative support structure is determined by the National Coordinator in his work and any other relevant detail.

(4) The operating costs of the service record;

The Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Affairs and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy The project costs of the service, such as vibrations, conferences, etc. are carried out by the Directorate-General for Financial Services of the Ministry of Health. With the decision of the Ministers for Health and Finance, the transfer of any partner to the interior or abroad, in accordance with the provisions of the Law, is a decision of the Ministers of Health and Finance. 2685/1999. The National Coordinator receives Special Pay

Department of Ministry. '

Article 21 Control of hospital infections

1. The control of infections associated with the disease of patients in the Health Areas is a fundamental responsibility and responsibility of these Administrations. The effectiveness and efficiency of the Administrations in the field of disease-related infections will be based on monitoring the development of specific studies of infectious infections.

2. The determination of disease control markers is defined following the recommendation of the CDC, which is the responsible organisation for the supervision of hospital infections.

3. These indicators are calculated on the basis of data that are required to be collected from the health structures attributed to the Competent Bodies, notified to the Ministry and the ESU-NET and are a key assessment criterion. Quality of the health services provided for each hospital.

4. Each Health Unit is required to communicate to the Ministry of Health and to submit to the ESA-NET: a) the total annual expenditure on the limited number of hospital infections in this hospital, b) the total annual expenditure for Treatment of diabetes nurse infections in the treated patients in this particular nursing institution.

5. A Committee of Hospital Infections (ENA) is recommended in each Health Unit, which will receive information from the CDC as a competent body for the prevention of disease infections. The presence of a nurse is considered to be mandatory. With decisions of the Ministry of Health they specialize

The issues provided for in this Article. 6. In par. Article 6 ' audit procedure '

Of n. 2920/2001 (1 131) 'Body of Health and Welfare Inspectors', as amended and applies, the last paragraph shall be added as follows:

" The Legal Persons of Public Law (NITD) and the Legal People Private Law (NIS), which are supervised by a supervised entities of the Ministry of Justice, are subject to management control solely by the General Inspectorate of the SCIF. And Under the mandate of the Secretary of State, Homeland Security."


Article 22

1. In par. 1 of Article 8 of the Law 3366/1955 (1 258), as amended and valid, is completed as follows:

' d. Establishment of a rural service or a legal exemption from it, administered by the Health Minister. '

2. The par. Article 28 of the EC Treaty 4025/2011 (A-228) denotes as follows:

' 6. The positions of doctors in the countryside shall be opened five months before the end of the term of office of the doctors, which shall be taken into account. After the final results of the contract notice, which are not covered and which are situated in insular areas, or arid and problematical according to paragraph 131/1987 (' 73), as well as in the case of major regional inclinations, recoveries; A call for expressions of interest to which applicants for the treatment of a class of class have priority. The invitation to tender shall respect the horizontal

In number. Council Regulation (EEC) No 18757/1911 Ministerial Decision (Bl 311), procedure for the execution, the adoption of the results and the establishment of agricultural doctors. If the position to be opened is not covered, it may

To extend the term of office of the doctor, serving in the Health Care Centre, or to a Regional Clinic or a Polydidyna Regional Clinic of responsibility. If there is no interest from the practitioner, the term of office of another doctor may be extended after a hospital report, which is subject to the Health Centre or the Regional Medical Center or Polyvalent Peripheral Hospital. This extension is approved by a decision of the Minister of

For health reasons, it has a maximum duration of 12 months and ends with the taking of a service by the doctor on the basis of the contract notice. In addition, in the arid or remote or insular -

In the case of the United States, the United States and the United States, Japan and the United States of America. (B 1145) if the post to be opened is not covered, the term of office of a doctor, serving in the Health Centre or on a Regional Medical Centre or a Regional Medical Centre of his/her office, may be extended beyond the twelve months and until a good time; The position is broken. If the position is covered, it may be extended for an additional period of time during the term of office, by extension, by a doctor to another Regional Medical Center or a Multinue Medical Association of the Health Centre, which has remained vacant. The same applies to the coverage of posts which, while having been invited by a contract notice, have become vacant following a sudden notice of the medical practitioner in the countryside, but the time conditions for a vacancy notice are not fulfilled. Provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article. Rural areas, which cover positions in arid or remote island or problem areas in the Zone as above, will be serving in the Health Centre, or in a Peripheral Medical Center or a Polyvalent Medical School of responsibility, Have been appointed and authorised to transfer to other Peripheral Surgeries or to Polyvala Medical Liability only in cases of extreme urgency and after a decision of the Governor of

Hospital, coming down. 3. Article 2 of v. 3754/2009 (1 43) is fulfilled

After the word "university" and after "week" as follows:

" The official hours of hospital doctors are seven hours, continuous, morning and five days from Monday to Friday. After each active duty, the doctor, nurse or rural service, on a working day, 24-hour rest, which does not exceed one week from the day of operation of the operation, is held by the doctor, hospital or public service in the country. Inventions.

4. For the takeover of a branch of a medical profession or recruitment to the European Medicines Agency, the experience of the rural physician in the arid or localised or island or problem areas in the Zone as a-above is recognised and calculated They are five-year-old in relation to the experience of other doctors in List I.

5. For recruitment to the IFRIC or the conclusion of an agreement with the IFRSs for the provision of services, doctors are required to provide an attestation of rural or legal service from it.

6. The validity of paragraphs 1, 4 and 5 begins with the publication of this law and takes over the doctors, who will graduate with the entry into force of the law.

Article 23 Extension of project contracts

Medical examiner

1. You ended up, in the year 2013 in accordance with article 27 par. 5 of n. 3232/2004 (Part II-48), as amended and applied, contracts for the work of doctors and dental practitioners of the EEA are extended with this legal relationship until 31 December 2013.

2. You have closed until the current date of the year 2012 or in the year 2013, the settlement of the work of the medical practitioners of the Insurance Entities, extended until 31 December 2013. These doctors will provide their services as medical practitioners of the S.W.A.T. and not as medical doctors in the Agency's Health Units.

3. The contractual arrangements provided for in the provisions of Article 27 (1). 5 of n. 3232/2004 (A-48), as is the case, the contracts for a project set out in the provision of the para. 8 (a) in Article 19 of the Law Regulation (EC) No 3846/2010, as well as the contracts for the operation of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, for the operational needs of the Hellenic Republic, shall not apply to the restrictions in Articles 5 and 6 of paragraph 164/2004 (1 134) and paragraphs 1, 2 and the first paragraph of this Article. Paragraph of paragraph Article 6 of the Law (') SEE PART ONE.

Article 24

1. Transfers of primary and secondary education contracts concluded during the 2012-2013 school year by the Regions, according to


Paragraph 3 of, from 4.9.2012, Act No Contents (1 171), which was ratified by Article 1 of Law No 4089/2012 (A΄ 206), without complying with the procedure. Article 278 of the EC Treaty 3852/2010 (' 87), as replaced by par. That is not the case, Mr President. In accordance with Article 100 (1) of Regulation (EEC) No 4071/2012 (A-85), they are considered to be legal tender and may be extended in accordance with Article 100 of the Law. 4182/2013 (185).

2. The validity of the provision of the para. 1 a. Article 47 of the Law Regulation (EC) No 4141/2013 is hereby extended until 30.6.2013, including the clearance of the expenditure for the first quarter of 2013.

Article 25

At the end of Article 16 of n. Paragraph 4, paragraph 4, is added as follows:

' 4. (a) The employment of workers in commercial shops operating in accordance with the above conditions is permitted. The employment of workers in these cases is legitimate and shall be paid in accordance with the common provisions of the labour legislation which have an additional payment for work on Sundays. To the workers who will be employed during the

(b) The validity of this Decision shall be initiated by the adoption of the second subparagraph of paragraph 1 of paragraph 1.

From the Greek Parliament."

Article 26

Property and land ownership of the Greek Public sector, other housing programmes, the management of which belonged to the former Ministry of Health and Social Sequence, managed by 30.6.2012 under the management of Ministry of Health. Where the words'the Minister for Social Services', 'the Minister for Social Welfare', 'the Minister for Social Care', 'the Minister for Social Care', 'the Minister for Health, Welfare and Social Security', hereinafter 'the Minister for Social Welfare', 'the Minister for Social Welfare', hereinafter 'the Minister for Social Security', hereinafter referred to as the Minister for Health. The management and recovery of these events shall be carried out by a joint decision of the Ministers for Health and Labour, Social Welfare and Social Affairs, in response to the opinion of the Council of Ministers for Social Welfare and Utilization of Persia.

Article 27 High-speed craft licence

By decision of the Minister of Health, the requirement for the grant of a high-speed vessel for health-care is provided for patients, according to the specifications laid down by the CNAV.

Article 28

By decision of the Administrative Board of the Hospital, the specialist doctors of the Hospital one day per month will visit the Health Centers within the Hospital, in order to provide their services to the patients' own problems. Health Centers.


Article 29 Entry into force

The provisions of this law shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Government of the Government of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and if otherwise specified in the relevant provisions.


Athens, 2013