Ratification Of The Donation Contract Between The 1St Health District Of Attica, The "aghioi...

Original Language Title: Ratification of the Donation Contract between the 1st Health District of Attica, the “Aghioi...

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Article first Ratified and has the force of law the µ µ µ Donation contract In e-Tween 1 Health Region Health µ Attikis, Gi-Oncology Hospital Fund µ shorter time Kifissia «the Saints a-nargyroi "and N.P.I.D. µ µ a name with ' ASSOCIATION FRIENDS GENERAL OGKOLOGIKOY at KIFI-SIAS" AGIOI ANARGYROI "', the text of which f µ-winter as follows:" DWREAS CONVENTION PREAMBLE-GENERAL PROVISIONS in Athens today µ NRA , 30/04/2014, Administration 1 Y.P.E. ATTICA, Sakharov Street 3, ATHENS, the Greek ctesias self Published µ St., between on the one hand that µ µ µ Societas Cooperativa: µ e grouping a µ ' ASSOCIATION FRIENDS of GE-NIKOU OGKOLOGIKOY at KIFISIAS ' a-SONS ANARGYROI»», which represented legitimate µ I µ (a) from the President of the Governing Council's Council Maria µ Grigoropoyloy SYZ. George Grigoropoulos, owner of Nos 1 µ. AI 002365 NO. under the µ. CFI.
1472/20.3.2013 Board Minutes µ µ approximation order hereinafter sake Kalou as µ-limit "the giver" AFE-teroy of 1) owner of El. Mpoylia ' a-rith. AI NO 503198, Commander of General Oncology Hospital KIFISIAS Fund µ "AGIOI ANARGYROI" as ex-person under µ EI and of no. 7th I1/29.4.2014 Board Minutes and 2 µ) of µ Kontoza ANI, owner of no.
RA NO. 216501, Commander of the 1st Y.P.E. Attikis, SC-fwnithisan the following: Article 1 PURPOSE and SCOPE of AGREEMENT 1. The donor decided under the following conditions to make his own exclusive µ e costs in special double-deck wind-gersi µ e building underground for the use of patients ' relatives Hostel in th plot-tioned in place in Kato kifisia Kalyftaki, within the space of General Oncology Hospital Kifisias Fund µ "AGIOI ANARGYROI" consisting of the following surfaces: 2nd basement 437.80 µ 2-1st ground floor 437.80 µ 2-ground floor 437.80 µ 2 , 1st floor 437.80 µ 2 and see a µ µ 42.60 2. The free construction of the building will include µ ¢-ment all necessary construction on these sites and it has to do with the subject of µ µ µ construction of I-mentary tasks, as well as their respective ichanologi µ-mentary and electrical installations. The work above, for reasons as µ, hereinafter referred to as ' P-gt», the arrangement of which, as well as the architectural-defeats which already drafts considered by DTY of µ under the YYKA no µ. CFI. DTY 8/b/G.p. 84862 judgment respectively, as suggested in the attached footprints-µ µ µ a study drafts.

2. The project will be erected within the limits of ypodei-chthentos, already depleted land forces µ chwrotheti µ of Nos 1 µ. 16/3.9.2007 Hospital decision, epifa µ-mention of approximately 2,000 t. µ., in accordance with the µ µ µ µ µ attached to an e-leti drafts of below the µ Engineering group. Bal-chitektones Engineers: Fotos baseball PON similarly µ, µ-Antony Public Poulos. Mechanical Engineer: Stylianos Metos. The project, after completion of µ construction, will be delivered to the Hospital Fund, with µ µ to far-reaching-ated the procedures and the conditions for its opening.

VOULI TON ELLINON EXTRACT Cfi. From the official minutes of a KE, µ, 5 August 2014, no. Meeting of t µ or µ interruption of system Diekp. the House, which passed the following draft laws µ th: ratification by µ µ Donation agreement between 1 Health Region Health µ Attikis, of General Oncology Hospital Kifisias Fund µ «Agioi Anargyroi and N.P.I.D. µ µ a name with ' ASSOCIATION FRIENDS at OGKOLOGIKOY GENERAL HOSPITAL KIFISIAS AGIOI ANARGYROI "'" and other provisions 3. The project will integrate administrative and operating at Hospital point, µ, which will perform the necessary information thus µ-supervision, providing the necessary support services, in accordance with and µ µ e terms of paru River-ing. The cost, however, as maintenance of µ building, as well as in general operating expenses, µ d undertaken-can, entirely the donor Club.

4. The Department of health and Hospitals Fund are entitled to attend µ, µ e representative project implementation in line with µ µ e the terms hereof and the study applied µ µ.

Article 2 AMOUNT DWREAS expenditure integration project, in accord-ro, is calculated on the sum of two NRA-µ µ IRIA three hundred thousand (2,300,000) euros, the o-boat, and I expended for the construction of the building and electromechanical (Electromagnetic µ-guidelines) installations, in accordance with the µ µ µ µ attached and legalised µ, from the Directorate-technical services direction of Ministry of health , µ e-leti drafts.
In each case the donor undertakes to µ headgear-year spending for the construction of the building, irrespective of the height-.

Article 3 installation-FACILITIES-at OBLIGATIONS 1. The first (1) Health economic µ Attica region, the-what has the exclusive ownership and # µ or space (article 3, par. 3 of law 3560/2007, as amending paragraph 5 of law 3340/2005) referred to in paragraph 2 of article 1 hereof, consents and agrees to µ execution of this project.

2. The General Oncology Hospital Kifisias Fund ' µ s-sons Anargyroi ", which has the exclusive use of that space, µ e the entry into force of the paru River-ing, in accordance with the µ µ akroteleytio this article, para-during the space use lies that, during construction, to the donor without any Exchange-lag µ for the installation site to which we provide without consideration µ µ d electricity (a) , water, as well as any other necessary-dieykolyn. After the completion of the project, the parachw-feedback of such use.

Article 4 TECHNICAL DATA The project will be constructed on the basis of µ: a) µ µ µ an attached study drafts, which chthike in synta-µ µ e with international standards and the-

What was tested and it was considered from the Technical Serv-co Department of health, (b)) the terms th-µ (Iv 201/26.3.1999) and c) in accordance with the µ µ hip-µ s armed regulation applicants µ µ concrete, ensure antisei-regulation agency µ µ e/m installations and any related-subject existing legislation, according to µ µ µ conformity with specifications-writings of Ministry of health for the electromechanical works and fire provisions.

The study applied µ µ, and any neces-independent Council µ µ µ systematic payments study, considered by the Directorate-direction of technical services of the Ministry of health.
The donor undertakes µ µ still includes the take care of correcting, amending, filling and broadly µ µ µ-ypoballo of µ µ studies data, in line with µ µ with comments, suggestions or instructions of competent µ for the adoption services.

Article 5 LICENSES-APPROVALS 1. The donor will issue the relevant building legal permission from µ intimate engineering µ a kifissia.

2. Any additional studies of any apaiti µ-ated for project completion, will become r µ µ µ tainable to and expenditure of the donor. The adoption of these will become-Tai from the D.T.Y. of the Ministry of health in two (2) µ or-ness of the deposit in the register of Ypoyr-Health geioy, µ after in µ µ the assent of µ-th wants Hospitals which will be given at the latest within ten (10) µ e-projects from the submission of the dossier. In the event that the study returned to the µ µ eletiti for correction or µ-filling, these times will synte µ #-ing in or µ, µ half after the reintroduction of the dossier to the competent services. µ

3. The donor is entitled to during the con-tions, to make minor changes of µ µ studies, Ms.-information «µ erwsews as the representative of the Ypoyr-Health geioy and the representative of Hospital µ wants-th, in accordance and µ µ µ e lowered by the paragraph 4 of article 1 of the present. These ikroal µ-exchanges, µ not may relate to changes materials and would not affect the overall form µ µ and fitting of the building or its functionality, nor would it constitute any extension in space.

4. The donor is obliged during the con-tions to care about taking all of the necessary permits and approvals required for the Manu-General projects, construction, in line with µ µ µ e the legislation, such as permission to seize maintenance pre-Mises from the competent Public µ µ Municipal Authority, compliance with the canoe-Managing Public µ public order etc.

Article 6 PROJECT EQUIPMENT the equipment project number µ I µ µ e become preferable to µ and allowance-ness of the donor. The procedure for the acquisition of the-terest of µ µ employer equipment necessary for its operation must be completed within eighteen (18) months of µ project delivery of the donation to the Hospital Fund, µ provided fulfilment of the requirements laid down in the relevant text of provisions and µ µ e the pH-by reservation EPI extended µ that span cross-Zehlendorf programme µ as a result of the complaint, prosfy-grounds and/or litigation actions for such devices, µ-any third opion predicate, legal interest the µ µ naforika µ (a)-(e) the implementation and completion of the said procedure and action (to obtain the necessary budget for the µ operation of the project, non-µ).

2 Article 7 IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT-COMPLETION DWREAS 1. All necessary for the completion of the Proje-Wu of the donation (e.g., each AMB-bins Sy µ µ assignments, studies and contracts, orders and purchases materials and machinery issues µ µ, which includes control over the representative µ µ, including receiving y-likwn, reception building of the manufacturer) will this-by the Donor or a person or persons Natu-Basic or # legal µ specifically, this (the Giver) Autho-dotithenta and freely revocable.

2. Data that µ the donor undertakes the obligation to µ-reduction to cover the cost of construction of the project of end xartitws ANE-this height, IM µ stitutes explicitly mounted that such necessary (for atopoi µ-Donation project assessment) actions will become, from the Donor without restrictions µ s, procedures and control imposed by law therefor µ the cavens-pre-Kei µ respect building or µ µ d financial supplies-todotoy µ by the authentic µ , or other Public Service Bodies µ µ s, or by legal persons public µ µ law or any other provisions on the supervision and control of expenditure and accounts µ s. In particular, the study and Mrs. µ-taskeyi Donation project (which involves Ms. s basis in the construction of the building and electromechanical e-gkatastasewn), µ until time of delivery of the Hospital Fund, µ is a private project and not have thereon apply the µ provisions of the relevant law, µ s-tag µ, ministerial decisions or other provisions on financial projects funded including µ µ aitw µ the public or public – public Bodies-µ µ.

Article 8 OBLIGATIONS DWREODOChOY 1. The hostel to be erected will operate from-sealing for the purpose of hosting the indigent relatives visiting for many the µ f-hours for exams the Hospital Fund, µ and disabled-noise outside Attica patients #-sileyontai in this.

2. The µ, as represented in this a-INCE 1 RAL of Attica and the Hospital Fund µ is obligated to provide any administrative assistance or µ to the Donor for the project in a short time, µ to grant licenses and permits, to adopt acts, judgment-tions and generally to take any other action the AMM-pensable for promoting and rapid completion of the Donation project , having regard to the imperatives of µ # µ I µ-.

Article 9-CREATION IMPLICATIONS 1. The completion of the project will be carried out µ-maximum timeout period and provided the terms of this filler-within thirty (30) months of µ

the start of work. The tradition in Greek Public µ, and in Hospitals and 1 µ RAL Attikis, we carried out µ µ e delivery protocol-para-grip together by µ design drawings of the electromechanical installations. The delivery will become µ after completion of construction of the building and the apokti-ing the hotel equipment µ.
2. The contractor's under contract will be signed µ within two (2) months of the µ µ µ Journal publication in the journal of Kyberni-suction µ law who will ratify this Convention µ in.
The signing of the contract about in µ I gnwstopoii-nated in Hospital Fund with a µ µ µ e ensure this document to designate the µ µ commencement date of work.

3. The donor undertakes µ takes all the obligations deriving from the relevant provisions on social security of workers of the construction site and fav µ on h-gieinis and safety. The Ministry of health, the Parkinson-Ko and µ 1 RAL Attikis µ a bear not relevant-obligation.

4. The donor responsible for factual deficiencies µ µ effectively a-e µ µ µ kekry Fanny and a or the lack of voice-µ µ property data of the building for two years after µ-conclusion, preliminary in µ µ e restoration costs, if it is in writing and within chroni-Antenna µ µ authority one month inform µ informed by the Parkinson-Ko µ. Liability, however, does not exist if accepted-µ a sampling defects these issues µ come from projects-esses or in General EPE µ µ bases third persons not eh-Hun relationship µ e donor.

5. After the completion of the project and of the/m e-gkatastasewn and its delivery in Hospital-the Hospital µ µ will not fund goes into serious µ EDF-tees, patches, extensions or associated settings 3 µ µ e, without previous written informed Council µ µ donor agreement.

Article 10 LIABILITY DWRITI-DWREODOTOY the donor is obliged to cover any expenditure µ f-f integration of Donation project, even if this exceeds µ proϋpologizo amount. After construction, the manufacture of electromechanical installations, construction, delivery and receipt of (SY-ntasso µ of the Protocol), the donor ' ASSOCIATION FRIENDS GENERAL OGKOLOGIKOY HOSPITAL-MEIOY KIFISIAS "AGIOI ANARGYROI" "is required to cover financial issues µ own and entirely red-operating and maintenance cost of the hostel.

Article 11 SUSPENSION PROCEEDINGS – CONSEQUENCES 1. The giver has the right µ a, µ e written;-land a µ statement, to suspend the progress of EXTEN-implementing measures of this donation, in case the profile for µ-suction, in terms of the µ St., the terms of the µ ¢-suction, µ until the relative difference rate µ purpose (personal-rina or permanently) from the competent courts µ, µ µ in accordance with designated µ from article 13 of the paru River-ing , except if put in danger the µ smooth operation and serve the overall needs of Hospital-µ. In case of unjustified, if wanted, proven suspension, the donor civilly straight-NI against the St. µ.

2. If the progress of the execution of the project of See-reas wanted perchance suspended EC acts or para-public liability µ leipsewn St., the suspension on µ µ a period greater than six the µ-Pty-despite the appeal of the donor in Bal competent bi-3 µ kaiodotika organs-the donor may appeal again in Bal competent, µ under article 13 of this , courts and ask for the discharge of a-any further obligation to INCE integration of donation (construction).

3. Self-evident and Confederation µ units that the donor does not commence a claim µ retains the µ St. (and special-ness at the Hospital and µ of the Ministry of health, the µ and even for the sake of unjust µ on merger du carried µ µ coordination by the donation, th-µ a contribution to the progress of the common good and the service of the public Council µ µ µ interest may be considered as unjustified.

Article 12 SUPREME VIOLENCE the donor is not responsible if the implementation of p-Wu or the completion of this become impossible for reasons of force majeure, it is understood that, as long as through-in µ a permanent force majeure, suspended the execution of the present Council µ. If the force majeure last more than one year or be redrawn µ e-taboli of circumstances, the donor may appeal µ anew in Bal competent, µ in article 13 hereof, judicial bodies and to seek the exemption of a-any further obligation to INCE integration of donation except and if put in danger the µ smooth operations and service function of the overall needs of the Hospital Fund µ.

Article 13 DISPUTE SETTLEMENT any dispute between the µ µ St. (such as, in particular, that in this instance represented by the µ Hospital Fund and 1 µ RAL Attikis) and the donor, on the interpretation or execution-µ or µ of the basis, which is not settled out of court can µ, µ e appeal will be resolved in arbitration, in accordance with µ µ-(e) the conditions and procedure laid down by the provisions of the code of civil procedure µ. Camera-one of the issues µ parties (i.e. the public-as ekprosw µ-peitai herein by 1 RAL of Attica and the Parkinson-µ-Ko Fund means as a part and the donor µ as another µ part) will be set by an Arbitrator, while the third member of the arbitral tribunal µ-the presiding arbitrator-you consistently µ e certain common decision of two Arbitrators. In case-their disagreement, the presiding arbitrator appointed by the President of the Supreme Court and will be either Supreme Court (e.g. Areopagite) or µ State faculty, first degree priority average µ, µ e Professor commercial or civil law.

Article 14 ACCEPTANCE DWREAS The public and µ the Hospital Fund µ and 1 DOE Atti-KIS, through their representatives, accepted as the See-rea, the µ µ subjects above referred terms.

In witness whereof, this was written in three (3) copies, and µ µ µ a Contracting Parties-and-after was read, recorded and was understood and accepted by the usual µ µ, signed everything that follows: the President of the Board of Directors the ASSOCIATION DIOIKITIS FILON GONK GONK "SAINTS" AGIOI ANARGYROI "ANARGYROI" MARIA GRIGOROPOULOU ELEFTHERIOS MPOYLIAS the DIOIKITIS 1 Y.P.E. ATTICA KONTOZAMANIS ' Article second ARAN 1. NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION the Fri. 1 of article 51 of law 3601/1928, as anti-became by Fri. (B) article 58 of Act 1539/1985 (first 64), is replaced by the following: ' 1. The Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association akeytikos µ is a particular # µ µ a legal person of public law, based in Athens and is run by dekapenta µ Adminis-small red µ, Council consisting of the President, three Vice-presidents, a General Secretary µ µ Lines, one per-payer General Secretary µ µ, Line a The µ and eight (8) µ-advisors. The Board members µ µ for the e-klogi should the day of elections to µ are Representative of Pharmaceutical industries Associations µ in Panhellenic Pharmaceutical µ Pharmaceutical Association. The distribution µ or µ µ the responsibilities between the three Represented-edrwn, µ µ Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General µ µ µ and one becomes a decision of the Board of µ-Council directors. "µ

2. SUBSIDIARY DOCTORS a) article 54 of law No. 4272/2014, added despite-release as follows: "the term auxiliary doctors which ended from 1.6.2014 or will expire within three months of the µ µ osieysews hereof, may be extended up to six (6) or µ-Ness if the location has not been announced, under the proϋpothe-there is a similar credit in the budget of the hospital µ µ. ' b) Fri. 3 of article 21 of law No. 4213/2013 (first 221) added µ e on Fri. 2 of article 38 of law No. 4238/2014, is amended as follows: ' 3. the validity of paragraph 1 of this master-ing begins 1.1.2015.»
(C)) in the first paragraph of article 54 of law No. 4272/2014 second is added as follows: 4 "auxiliary physicians who serve and extend their term as above may submit account-fiotita re for auxiliary physician position without resigning their position."

Article third Movement of "Hellenic Society of investment and External trade ' µ e expenditure for external µ movements of CTE-colleagues of" Greek investment company and Exo-terikoy e commerce µ "of n. 2372/1996 (first 29), such as force-EI, does not fall within the scope of µ µ of Fri. 8 article 45 of n.3943/2011 (first 66), µ µ adequately controlled the relevant decisions of the Board of Directors, if kept within the limits of annual approved order pre-ϋpologis µ µ. The previous µ Ciprian applies from issue-in effect of para. 8 article 45 of n.3943/2011 (first 66).

The first subparagraph of article fourth of Fri. 1 of article 7 of law No. 4229/2014 is replaced as follows: ' Owners or µ isthwtes spaces, where given theatri-quential and other audiovisual performances without direct-licence are required by 9.1.2015 µ to obtain temporary or permanent certificate (active) fire from the Fire Department and to submit a request for authorisation-installing and operating space.
This provision applies retroactively legal µ from 9.7.2014. "

Article fifth World avocado µ µ launching Advertising Directly What µ µ insurance including article 12 of law 2328/1995 (first 159) is amended as follows: (a) paragraph 2 is replaced by the following: ' 2. From 1.7.2015 the what µ pricing for the transactions of the PA-ragrafoy 1 carried out exclusively µ µ what route the instrument registers or transmits the µ-µ reputation equal or sponsorship to the promotional fixed µ µ. Exception to the above rule is permitted solely in cases where the advertising regulatory and µ contact-quential actions carried out under contract by µ-in 10 µ tissue and communication view: a. either has concluded at the latest by µ 30.6.2015, under the additional condition that: (i) the relative in µ-BA has been notified in a timely manner to the relevant tax authority, as defined by the relevant provisions and (ii) in any case, the period of validity expires the argote-ro µ until 30.09.2015, b. or awarded by the State or institution of µ EV-ryteroy µ µ revamping public sector to follow-up the tender procedure-of which the Declaration has been published by µ µ 30.6.2015.
If for the repayment of the medium µ µ e opion Beijing-any way promotional participant µ, acting as ekprosw-posh µ µ insurance advertising budget, to whom they are issued and all lawful µ I µ s documents. Extensions complement r µ µ bases included in 3(a) above apagoreyo-ing, while extensions complement r µ µ bases included in 3(b) are allowed under the terms of the principles in community working µ for the promotional campaign of public view µ µ public and institutions of the wider public sector µ µ. "b paragraph 3 is replaced by the following: ' 3. Every radio or television stations and µ etc-journal issues µ journal or magazine , headquartered, µ workers say or Bunny's reven-delivered in any part of the Hellenic Territory µ, µ e freely adopts trade policy for the PA-rochi acts referred to in paragraph 1, compliance with the #-free competition legislation µ µ. Any route that corresponds to µ registration or µ transmission concen-KRI order No 1493/1999 for a µ µ operations referred to in paragraph 1, concen-KRI area including µ or duration for a given policy-KRI µ µ µ insurance advertising limited, in specific a category in µ-lidwn the radio or television programme area µ µ s-Tosh and µ for specific period of time (at least every calendar month µ µ) and it listed the µ or the value of the service provided and any discounts provided by the Instrument. If there has been a Council agreement of purchase µ or µ e-time

Tween µ µ izo advertising and media, then what µ µ Bunny's reven-route delivered the anticipated one in the µ µ proago-tion agreement. In case of existing provisions µ pre-see the free time or space for vi-timed pre-election activity or other purpose of public-public interest µ, µ is calculated based on the time or space required to provide means. "(c). paragraph 4 is replaced by the following: ' 4. (a) a remuneration of advertising µ µ tissues and epicheirise-s that mediate the µ µ realisation of Act-s paragraph 1 is solely the advertising-adjustable µ µ and never the Instrument.

(b) The advertising servers, µ operations that mediate the µ µ constitutive acts of paragraph and any other person that may is under common control with µ µ advertising servers or controlled by them (a)-it is prohibited to take for the actual realisation of µ paragraph 1 any provision of funding or in kind µ or µ and yet free, return, EPI-Award (µ or µ) or another eh µ µ µ FF FF or s a µ-step from the Middle on µ view services provided by any means on adjustable µ µ advertising.

(c) Notwithstanding the above, and µ only after the operations referred to in paragraph 1 have already what position from µ inside the µ µ insurance advertising subjects during the designated in paragraph 2 µ, µ advertising servers or enterprises which mediate the µ µ in carrying out the acts referred to in paragraph 1, we can provide the µ Medium Mrs.-a written agreement µ µ e Council this Ana-ntrwsis services, customers and services ("after sales services"), including collection services and TRANS-embarkation and disembarkation of what paragraph 2 invoices µ of the µ µ terminating insurance advertising, in which case the managing a µ fee will not exceed four per e-harm (4%) a maximum value of exofli-µ µ what data where each fixed µ µ advertising budget per the date-logiako µ year. "d. at the end of paragraph 5 the following is added: ' the free audiovisual transmission the µ µ µ messages sound systems during the digital transition µ µ under article 14 of law 3592/2007 (first 161), for information purposes, µ and correct public information , direct-piretei the public interest µ µ Council and it is the obligation of television and radio stations µ s. The µ-etado of the above issues µ µ messages approved by the General 5 µ µ clubs Line Communications on the basis of specific µ µ µ-Pro limited µ s view, it is not considered advertising µ, apallas-setai payment aggeliosi µ and relieved of any charge, fee or other charge. ' e. paragraph 6 is replaced by the following: "6. The excise the aggeliosi µ, VAT and s-µ µ µ beneficiaries and beneficiaries charges for the transactions referred to in paragraph 1 as well as the special and the aggeliosi µ for spare thou µ µ bases between all kinds of instruments to a mutual view µ, µ is calculated on the basis of what µ or indicated on what tariff µ, µ apparent after deduction of any added µ sponsor discount. In the case of spare parts complement µ ¢-ings µ between Instruments, VAT and direct beneficiaries and µ µ µ µ beneficiaries taxes calculated on the basis of what µ or indicated on what tariff µ, µ apparent after deduction of any added µ sponsor discount, that discount, for the purposes of calculation of these taxes agency µ, µ may not exceed eighty percent (80%) of the original value. The above applied to µ operations referred to in paragraph 1 relating to the e-picheirisewn view on whether any of the instruments is µ µ µ equity participation in the capital or Te-tute under common control with Means µ where µ realised-the above acts classified either belong together with the µ µ up like what µ group enterprises within the meaning of article 42E of codified law 2190/1920 as is true of text added µ #-European Union legislation µ on the integration-legal effective µ µ kono systems companies, as I-are valid. "f. The Fri. 14 article 12 of law 2328/1995, as successively has been replaced and µ µ fulfilled the provisions of para. 5 article 19 of law No. 2644/1998 (1st 233), of article 22 of law 3592/2007 (first 161) and article 31 of law No. 3634/2008 (first 9), is replaced by the following: "e-14. The infringement of this arti-article, in addition to the sanctions and penalties that any pre-lated by other provisions, entail additional and penalties below: a. In the event of a breach by radio or tele-Visual stations µ what imposed the µ by article 4 of this law µ th administrative penalties.
b. In the event of a breach by journal newspapers, industrious Publ µ-biotics or other forms is imposed, decision No. µ µ CK-th Minister assures fine µ µ financing of µ up to fifty thousand (50,000) euros, which may be diplasiaze µ-Tai in the event of recidivism. In particular, for the EFI µ e-rides where repeated c-prevent, µ µ e decision may of the relevant Minister µ to enforce and sanction of removal from the pre-µ in blepo AET. 1 article 2 of law No. 3548/2007 (first 68) Ministerial decision µ e duration by a µ µ month up to a year, depending on the frequency of has been continuously supporting-.
c. in case of violation of advertising client µ µ or µ advertising servers or other businesses that may occur-esola µ for the actual realisation of µ paragraph 1, it must be µ e Act of the Public Economic µ I µ Public-Service provision, financing the µ µ assures fine equal to the pentapla µ-an amount of the infraction, including µ methods if they atone time-stwthei received or benefited µ e any provision of funding or in kind µ , free or µ, returning, reward (µ or µ) or another eh µ µ µ FF FF or s a µ-fee on µ viewing services provided by the-NY Means to advertise µ µ fixed. The above financial IFL µ µ the imposed fines on each of the y-

advertising peythynoys µ or µ fixed µ advertising servers or other com-businesses or surrogate persons any mediate carried µ µ µ realisation of advertising, sponsorship or registration or in contravention of the provisions of this article. "

Article sixth Rate settings on µ µ e operation of electronic Media Information Media 1 µ. In case II, para. 7 article 3 of law 3592/2007 (first 161) second subparagraph is inserted as e-total: ' exceptionally, and µ are without prejudice to the provisions of law No. 3958/2011, µ µ operations Council permitted between undertakings electronic media (µ erwti information-ing or µ) of this form µ (tv or radio) that µ firing in reduction of operating cost µ of the µ prattoyswn µ operations and in fact ATO-poetry µ µ scale economies of scale , in particular through µ pooling financial recourses, µ µ µ technological instruments, means of production and technical equipment µ µ or on the management, production, operation or distribution of ex µ or µ µ µ-pre or µ content, collection, distribution µ or factoring topical material or for the prakto-advertising prohibition µ space or time to master more than one Inside, where they do not have as their object or effect µ µ µ obstruction intervention a. , restricting legal or µ-ify free µ competition. "

2. In article 5 of law 3592/2007 added direc-16 aircraft as follows: ' 16. The Organization and operation, as well as the permissible-INCE µ checking, more of the business economy µ µ µ media awareness and/or electronic information µ µ µ Teletext or the instruments, may take µ µ take place within the ß-µ µ through affiliated Media Lou µ undertakings within the meaning of article 42E of codified law 2190/1920. In the context of the joint address, and provided the violation, µ-ing the provisions of law No. 3958/2011, television or RA-diofwnikoi µ s station located underneath public emphasis-follow-up, in line with µ µ µ e provided in this article, I µ may: a. use of stand-alone µ together or Exchange resources, such as managers and workers estimated potential legal µ µ µ what equipment, technical and other facilities, b. to promote to the public the µ µ, the Serv-services and service activities and activities-of the companies of the group the µ µ through measure freezing his assets-ings self-promotional article 23 para. 3 of presidential decree 109/2010 as valid, c. use µ µ benchmark, common sources of content, what-how in particular audiovisual archive, make thou µ productions and to conclude joint Council agreements µ for the production or use of µ. '

3. a. estimates of µ the provision of article 18 of law No. 4164/2013 (first 252) µ a deadline for impact assess-licensing content providers view µ digital-fiakis eyryekpo µ committal shall be extended from the end of µ f-f 31.12.2014.
b. the publication hereof and µ µ by granting license content provider assessment-µ view digital terrestrial 6 µ eyryekpo emission in accordance with the provisions of law 3592/2007, e-NI µ erotic television stations that µ µ s (e) subject to the provisions of article 18 of law No. 4164/2013, may etabaloyn µ once the nature of the µ µ µ in their briefing µ µ e erotic affirmation of µ µ t th EC-person who lodged at the National Board of radio and Television Council µ (E.S.R.) and accompanied by concise iron pain-nursing presentation of first week adiaioy µ µ µ d programme-Tosh µ e their new character. The µ change applies from the beginning of the calendar month µ µ following the deposit of the Declaration. The E.S.R. record declarations fully and µ µ µ e publish a post on his website. After the µ character of variation µ µ, if these stations µ s preliminary-encouraged to qualify that correspond to the new character of their µ µ.

4. a. µ for the planned provision of article 17 of law No. 4164/2013 period µ for the Edition notice µ µ OSH Eno licensing radio stations-µ s extended from the end of µ until 31.12.2014.
b. the publication hereof and µ µ by granting licences to radio stations move-µ s against the law 3592/2007, information radio station µ µ dialogu s operating law µ I µ a, may etabaloyn µ once the nature of the µ µ µ their right in the information erwti-µ µ e party affirmation of # µ µ t th representative filed in National Board Radiotileora Board µ-ing (E.S.R.) and accompanied by a summary of the first week adiaioy µ µ µ µ system programme with their new character. The µ change applies from the beginning of the date-logiakoy µ µ month following the deposit of the declaration posed in charge and-. The E.S.R. record statements etabo µ-com and µ µ e publish a post on his website. After the µ character of variation µ µ s-dispensing these stations µ s must satisfy the conditions corresponding to the new nature of their µ µ.

5. Article 3 of law 3592/2007 brought about the still-exceed the following modifications: (a) paragraph 1 is replaced by the following: ' 1. the concentration of control in the market means the percentage of public influence from informing µ erotic Means within the meaning of paragraph 5 of article 5 of Act-µ th this, on the basis of µ e ownership or µ µ e-participation in updating this within her erotic µ or µ-CP turns other (tv , radio, journal newspapers and magazines µ) in the relevant market or in individual markets µ-which operates the erotic Medium µ or µ e-rwtika information In information media µ (tv, radio, newspapers-newspapers and magazines µ). "b paragraph 2 is replaced by the following: ' 2. the discovery of concentration control on soil-ro information µ erotic media, within the meaning of para-graph 1 , La µ µ takes place in accordance with the provisions of µ present and µ µ µ atikws payments with the provisions of law No. 3958/2011 (first 93) on free competition, while µ

the determination of the concentration of control over the information µ µ e-rwtika In La µ µ exclusively takes place with the provi-visions of n. 3958/2011. "
c. In the entire article 3 are replaced the words ' µ µ information instrument information "from the words ' inform µ erotic With-CN".

6. final sentence shall be added at the second subpar-graph of Fri. 5 article 5 of law 3592/2007: ' µ µ informing sex Means µ can be general or specific targeting. General targeting means µ µ informing sex Inside of which the µ µ s Sy-gkroteitai from µ µ briefing erotic content µ Eno various kinds, notably by combining what emissions reductions µ µ µ ythopla-tions, general entertainment, short documentary and µ µ sports broadcasts. Targeting means µ µ briefing-sex Inside of which the µ µ µ d comprises the information µ µ Eno content specific erotic µ Limite objec-cheysis including emissions reductions µ ythoplasias µ, µ oysi-KIS, sports broadcasting, µ µ short documentary. "

7. Add a new paragraph 5 to article 21 of the Presidential Decree 109/2010 (first 190) as follows: "5. The µ µ µ providers advertising transmission messages as well as µ µ µ outside telemarketing schemes for Astrology services and/or µ ellontologikwn predictions, only µ µ is permitted between the hours of 9 p.m. and 07.00. The denied-lepwlisi such services through µ slots of article 24(1) of this. "

8. The Fri. 3 article 23 of Decree 109/2010 is replaced by-' as follows: ' communications made by television agency-in µ for the own µ µ and ancillary products directly derived from those programmes µ µ s-the same, as well as for the other activities of the television agency and µ of associated data in µ article 42E of codified law 2190/1920 enterprises involved in media (µ or µ erotic information) , the µ or µ erotic entertainment services through diadikty-th, production and distribution µ µ musical price and/or optikoakoy-characteristics of projects, technical training for the provision of services in the above disciplines, as well as the social message-µ µ, sponsorship announcements and product placement-being, not for µ measured in this promotional master µ time. The notices referred to in this paragraph shall not exceed two-nantai four (4) minutes per hour.
If you are not exhausted the four (4) minutes, be-by the pass-on any unsold minutes µ aytoprobo-bi within the same month µ, provided that the overall duration will not exceed six (6) minutes time. '

Article seventh the rate µ µ for the settings BRING NERIT S.a. and the Special Administration of the estate of the repealed ERT S.a.

1. Following that of the publication ofthis µ µ transferred to BRING NERIT S.a. de jure and without other formality when full ownership, µ or occupation No. µ after of systa-tential and annexes their µ, and of a-LU of cell within these following properties of Ms-targitheisas ERT Sa that µ transferred in Hell-party Public µ µ the Government under para. 1 article 2 of a-rith µ. ECO. 02/11.6.2013 (Ii 1414) joint decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs Deputy µ in Dis-thypoyrgo.
a) µ e KAEK property 050021505001, in the municipality of µ a reference preparation, on mesogeion Avenue 432. A-INCE said right µ s title, # occupation and µ excludes audiovisual, print and photographic archive of the repealed ERT S.a., in which BRING NERIT S.a. reserves the right to use µ, µ and farm management, in line with µ µ (e) the provisions of para. 3 article 16 of law No. 4264/2013 (first 169), as applicable.
(b)) the property e KAEK 05057000108081043 µ, µ o 7 Municipalities in Ilion, on Radio Avenue 51.
c) µ e KAEK property 190444017002, in the municipality of µ the Thes-Salonika, on Army 51 Avenue and Hot-ntzogloy.
d) µ e KAEK property 05009000107550149, in the municipality of µ the Athenians, on Rigillis 4 and Mourouzi 14-16.
e) µ e KAEK property 05009000107550151, in the municipality of µ the Athenians, on 136, Mesogion Avenue µ e e-pifylaxi issues µ rights granted on said property at the Ministry of Public order and µ of citizen protection.
f) µ e KAEK property 050022503013, in the municipality of µ a reference preparation, on mesogeion Avenue 463.
g) µ e KAEK property 061675710024, in the municipality of µ the Pa-trewn, Athena Panachaidos Street 93.
the) property in the Municipality Rhodes µ, Rhodes Street, in the area of Kallithea.
θ) the property in the municipality of µ the Orestiada, on-road Ev-ripidoy and Forty Churches.
j) the property in the Municipalities the µ Zakynthos, Mouza Street-Ki, under Candle.
k) µ e KAEK property 151772402015, in the municipality of µ the Eiffel-Wu, Olympic Street µ piwn 70.
l) µ e KAEK property 201191213008, in the municipality of µ the Jn-anninwn, Smith Street and Vasilissis Olgas.
m) µ e KAEK property 210253827017, in the municipality of µ the Ms-vala, on the road Chrysosto µ yrnis µ and s th Ioka-STIs.
n) the property in the municipality of µ the Larissa, Iroon Polytechniou Street 1.
o) the property in the Municipality µ the Volos, on the square Agi-Constantine th.
p) the property in the Municipality µ µ Ko Komotini, under Maronia.
q) the property in the Municipality µ the Serres, Benize Street-Lu and Iroon Polytechneiou.
r) the property in the Municipality µ the Florina, on the road With-garoboy, the µ onoias square.
s) µ e KAEK property To 501340311024, in the municipality of µ HA-Ed Ellis Street, 40.
k) µ e KAEK property 240460302008, in Municipalities the Coin µ-walk by, under Channels.
These transfers, µ and the goodwill arising, are exempt from any tax, fee, levy, in favour of any. For the above properties, does not require the version of the diapistwtikis Act of the second subparagraph of article 2 (1) of no 1 µ. ECO. 02/11.6.2013 joint decision of h-poyrgoy µ and Financial Secretary in Prwthy-poyrgo.

2. a. Fri. 6 article 8 of n. 4264/2013 is replaced by-' as follows: ' 6. For the filling of posts of members of µ poptikoy µ e-Council of BRING NERIT S.a., published µ from the President and Ceo In µ ceo open Pro-

sklisi expression of interest two (2) months before a µ-ince the expiry of their term of Office. The invitation includes a detailed statement includes µ of typical and essential pre-qualifications which candidates must possess in order to µ-meet the criteria of science-scientific opinion µ-ing and professional vocational µ µ e experience in subject of µ BRING NERIT Sa. After the submission of nominations, transmitted by the Chairman and Managing Director In the Director BRING NERIT µ-Sa the nominations and accompanying items to the Minister responsible for issues µ Bal µ µ Public service broadcasting systems.
b. The members of the Supervisory Council µ µ µ e-approximation selected Tween persons egnws µ view moral, professional and scientific capital µ µ µ e, relevance of the decision of the Conference of Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies, after a suggestion of µ h-poyrgoy Nos issues µ µ responsible for ATA Public public Radiotileora µ-ing. The decision of the Conference of Presidents takes µ ¢ µ e with simple-majority vote of members present at the sitting-µ driasi States and the appointment of µ µ e number carried out a decision of the Minister who is also responsible for issues µ µ µ Public service broadcasting systems. Until the completion of appointments-in the new µ µ µ Council members of the Supervisory Board, para-recommended temperature is the mandate of serving members of µ, TS-any has expired.
c. by a joint decision of the Minister of Economy and Minister of µ that is responsible for issues µ µ µ Public service broadcasting systems, determines the compensation of µ µ µ 's Supervisory Council members on the µ µ their participation at meetings, in accordance with µ µ e the applicable by-classes. ' b. Fri. 7 article 8 of n. 4264/2013 is replaced by-' as follows: ' 7. The term of Office of members of the HS is µ e-xaetis and renewed in a way that diasfalize-ing continued to function. In particular, at the first Assembly of the SCE, in accordance with the µ µ provi-provisions of the above paragraph 6, three (3) of the members are appointed for µ full term, two (2) shall be appointed for a term of four years and two (2) appointed for two-year term, on the basis of µ µ d result Lottery conducted µ e-the decision of the Conference of Presidents of the haunted-file II above paragraph 6 the presence of y-poyrgoy that is responsible for issues µ µ µ public Public schemes Ra-diotileorasis or representative of, and before the decision appointing the µ µ µ 's Supervisory Council members boyli-St. "

3. The provision of para. 9 Article 9 of law No. 4264/2013 shall be replaced by the following: "9. a. For the filling of posts of Chairman and Chief Executive Council officer and other µ µ µ Board members of BRING NERIT S.a., published a µ-ince the Chairman of the Supervisory Council µ Board open call for expressions of interest, two (2) µ months before the expiry of their term of Office. The call peri-la µ takes a breakdown of typical and substance-characteristics, qualifications must be equipped with the Dieythy-managing In counsel and µ µ µ Board members.
The above members selected µ µ between persons egnw-µ view moral, professional and scientific capital µ µ s relevance-Rous, specialising in the µ µ µ related areas with the purpose and responsibilities of µ BRING NERIT S.a., µ e e-poptikoy decision Council Council µ, µ after recommendation from the Committee, composed of a member of the Supreme Council µ µ g-board personnel selection, as President, a member of the National Council µ µ Broadcasting Council and a µ g-Lo of µ µ legal Council of the State designated by the Presidents of these regulations µ. Epitrepe-not the candidature from the same person Fri-rallilws for the position of Council Chief Executive Officer µ and the position of Board Member µ µ. Up to 8 complete definition of µ µ States of Adminis-Ed Council Council µ extended the term of ypiretoy-µ products States that any has expired.
b. By joint decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs of µ µ µ responsible Minister for ATA Public public Radioti µ-accessed by entering the defined estimates information d µ µ-step Executive Council officer, µ µ µ e, according to the example paragraph 1 of this article, as well as the compensation of µ µ µ Board members on the HNS µ µ-start the meetings respectively µ µ, in accordance with the applicable provisions. "

4. paragraph 4 shall be inserted in article 15 of law No. 4264/2013 as follows: ' 4. may not be hired by BRING NERIT S.a.: a. e µ µ µ dependent Convention in work for an indefinite period of time-mind or b. r µ µ µ dependent Convention in work some µ view time-mind able Director or General Manager, a person who, at the date of µ µ reins engagement from the BRING NERIT S.a. or La takes full µ µ or µ a reduced old-age pension or has filed an application for the granting of full or µ µ including reduced old-age pension in the endorsed insurance agency µ. Any Council e µ µ bases covered in SaaS-goreysi and above have signed up to µ entry into force hereof, terminated ipso jure without right of compensation-µ µ d. For assistance µ or µ of AMM-goreysis, the interested party shall lodge a relative in charge and µ-NI statement before joining to the competent organ of µ BRING NERIT Sa. Upon the entry into force of this order, signed the Council submitted a sworn dilw bases µ-by µ-matter concerned within ten (10) days of the µ µ µ µ of date publication of µ. '

5. In the first subparagraph of para. 7 Article 4A of Nos 1 µ. ECO 02/11.6.2013 a joint decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs µ Deputy Prime Minister, as this paragraph added µ e on Fri. 4 Article 24 of law No. 4203/2013 (first 235) and was with the µ Fri. 9 of article 42 of law No. 4091/2014 (Duke 115), the words ' µ up to twelve (12) months ' µ replaced a-INCE ' µ up to fifteen (15) months ' µ.

6. In para. 6 of article 42 of law No. 4091/2014 (first 114) last paragraph is added as follows: "paragraph that recruitment and traineeships-

addressed in specialties relevant µ e production and ex-Po µ µ µ broadcasting programmes broadcast, regarded as a-pascholoy µ in year-round service fi eld.-sitetrawro, all the days of the month µ µ, and Su-riakes and holidays. The submission of oikei s statements provided by insurance and labor legislation, legal µ µ µ µ including consist of the statements in the system lektronikwn-µ s ERGANI, that the Ministry of labour potential-, social security and welfare applies to the above-mentioned personnel from 1 September November 2014 µ. The personnel employed on Sundays and public holidays will be provided anapli-ro the µ µ µ rest day within the next week to inform µ µ s-da. "

7. In para. 3 article 2 of no µ. ECO 02/11.6.2013 a joint decision of the Minister of Economy I µ-ing and the State Secretary to the Prime Minister, like this paragraph added µ e on Fri. 2 of article 42 of law No. 4091/2014 (Duke 115), the words "within one (1) month µ ' shall be replaced by the words" by 31.1.2014 ' µ.

Article eighth Amendments of Decree 75/2011 1. The Fri. 1 article 9 of Presidential Decree 75-2011 is replaced by-' as follows: ' 1. Within the first year of the secondary period µ, µ µ elementary public Council boards each municipality µ, µ after the election of the Bureau of the economic and legal Committee of µ Commission referral quality of life, at the same meeting, elect their representatives in the General Assembly of Peri-NAL Union of Municipalities (P.E.D.) µ µ µ e secret psifofo-RIA. "

2. paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 10 of Presidential Decree 75/2007 shall be replaced by the following: ' 1. The members of the Governing Council µ µ of P.E.D. e-klegontai by the General Assembly, which granted syner-for this purpose µ e invitation and under the pre-edria µ Mayor's Office in the region and of-for whatever reason µ kwlyo view , the Mayor of the higher µ µ of balances in µ population what municipalities-µ, µ at the latest until the 10th of October of the first year of the secondary period µ.
At the same meeting, as defined in previous r µ-# subparagraph, elected representatives of P.E.D. in Ge-Social Meeting of the Central Union of Municipalities µ s Greece (K.E.D.E.).

2. The invitation to representatives of municipalities and their public µ µ århus, which defined the place and the time of convening the general meeting and the issues µ s-µ 's agenda of paragraph 3, apostel-after two (2) µ days at least before the day when µ convened this in public µ århus. Μ archoi municipalities shall communicate a copy of it, to the municipalities swpoys repre-µ th for the General Assembly of the P.E.D. µ µ e all appropriate means, including µ µ µ include and email µ 's Fund. "

3. The Fri. 4 Article 25 of Presidential Decree 75-2011 removes-Tai.

9 Article ninth of this law power µ th beginning of publication in the Journal µ µ Journal Gazette.