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Ratification Of The Air Services Agreement Between The Hellenic Republic And The Republic Of

Original Language Title: Ratification of the Air Services Agreement between the Hellenic Republic and the Government of New...

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Article 1

It shall be ratified and shall have the effect of Article 28 (1). 1 of the Constitution, the Agreement between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government of New Zealand, signed in Leipzig on 28 May 2015, the text of which is in Greek and English, The following:


First, From the Official Record of Proceedings, 7 April 2016, Meetings of the Assembly of the House, in which

The following draft law was adopted:

Ratification of the Air Services Agreement between the Hellenic Republic and the Government of New Zealand and other provisions

Article 2 Moves of pupils participating in

Panelladic examinations

1. The candidates for the entrance examinations in tertiary education, who graduate in the year of their participation in these examinations and then apply to another school unit than the one held as an application/declaration of participation because the school This is not used as an examination centre during the examination of the examination, which may be covered by the removal, maintenance and maintenance of these and one of their escorts. This compensation shall be paid in respect of the distance of the school for the submission of the application/declaration of participation in the examinations and examination of the Centre, as well as the transport conditions attached to their residence in the school where they are located. They're unfolding. This expenditure shall be borne by the budget of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. By a joint decision of the Ministers for Economic Affairs and Education, Research and Religion, published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, the specific categories of beneficiaries, the conditions, the conditions, the procedures and the level of Expenditure per day of expenditure per candidate and accompanying and every necessary detail for the implementation of this provision.

2. The par. Point 6 of Article 1 of n. No 2909/2001 (1 90) is delayed.

Article 3

It consists, at the Bank of Greece, a special account for the assistance of refugees. The management of the special account shall be carried out, by way of derogation from the existing provisions on public accounting, public funds, public investments, entrustments, procurement, and any other general or specific provision. By decision of the Minister for Economic Affairs

The institutions and arrangements for the management of the account and any other relevant details for its operation.

Article 4 Setting-up of operational and financing operations

The company "KTIRAKES SA"

1. In par. Article 132 of the EEC Treaty 4199/2013 (A-216), after the first indent, the following is added:

' (aa) To be administered by the Court of Justice of the Court of Justice of the Court of Justice of the Court of Justice. For the manufacture, maintenance-repair of buildings and equipment which cover exclusively the departments of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights. The grant is carried out on the basis of the project budget, which is prepared by the company "KTIRRAKES SA" and is governed by a cash-flow programme, including the amount of the advance and the non-presentals up to and including: The repayment of the contractual price and any unallocated amount of the grant shall be attributed to the 'TRADE'.

2. In par. Article 132 of the EC Treaty 4199/2013 (A΄ 216) paragraph 2.3 is numbered as 2.4 and pre -

New 2.3, as follows: In order to meet needs in buildings,

Positions and equipment of all types of services of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, the Ministry of Health and the Ministries of Education, Research and Religion and the Effects of Legal Persons, submitted a document By the relevant minister to the company "KTIRRAKES SA", in order to become associated with the company's programme and budget. In particular, for the needs of school housing and the emergence of public schools, the company consolidates its programme, taking into account the intentions of the municipalities in the framework of their responsibilities.

3. In par. Article 132 of the EC Treaty Hereby added new paragraphs 6.6. And 6.7. As follows:

' 6.6. Remaining of the grant of the 'PRF' grants. To the 'THEMIS CONSTRUCTURE IE', which came to the "KTIRRAKES SA" after its merger, which have remained unallocated until the publication of the present, remain in place to be used to meet the needs of the services. Of the Ministry of Justice, Lifelong and Human Rights, and is not legally entitled to use them for the same purpose.

6.7. The ownership of the movable equipment of the company "THEMIS CONSTRUCTION ANONYMARE COMPANY", which has been included in the "CHAPTER" in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1. Article 112 of the EC Treaty Having regard to Council Regulation (EEC) No 4055/2012, it shall come to the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights for the purposes of the needs of its departments and the surveillance of individuals, with the exception of electronic, semi-electronic equipment and equipment. Cars with a number of thefts IHI 5505 SKODA OCTAVIA and EEE 1055 AUDI A4 which are the property of the company 'KTI-RIGHTS SA.' '.

Article 5

The par. Article 43 of the EC Treaty Regulation (EEC) No 2773/1999 (2).

Article 6 Amendment of n. 2960/2001 (1st 265) ' National Customs Code and other provisions'

In par. Article 78 of the EEC Treaty 2960/2001, if applicable, with the following content:

(l) From 1 January 2016, the natural gas in the case referred to in Article 73 (1) referred to in Article 73 (1) shall be replaced by industrial or craft industries and is intended to be used exclusively as raw material for the purposes of their products, excluding those of their products. European Economic and Social Committee By joint decision of the Ministers for Economic Affairs and

Environment and Energy set out the specific conditions, conditions, procedures, necessary controls, and any other necessary details of the exemption from excise duty on natural gas, according to the Such a case. Exemption from the exemption of undertakings with a bandit

The deadlines for social security contributions and workers' contributions. '


Article 7

The validity of this law shall start from its publication in the Governing Council of the Government and the Agreement which is ratified by the fulfilment of the conditions laid down in Article 22 thereof.


Athens, 2016